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Different Types of Weather | Weather Vocabulary

Different Types of Weather | Weather Vocabulary
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Word definitions for Weather! How is today’s weather? For better and more extensive Vocabulary development in English, learn practical weather phrases with illustrations and examples. You will find it useful in many Conversations if you know how to discuss the weather in English. For instance, you might like to talk about your travels and vacations while describing the weather you experienced, or you might like to discuss the weather in relation to any plans you are making (will it rain when you go to the beach, for instance) You’ll also be able to comprehend English weather forecasts, which can be quite helpful, if you can recognize the phrases used to describe the weather.

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Weather Vocabulary Words List

  • Weather
  • Temperature
  • Climate
  • Humidity
  • Precipitation
  • Rain
  • Snow
  • Sleet
  • Hail
  • Cloud
  • Fog
  • Wind
  • Breeze
  • Gale
  • Tornado
  • Hurricane
  • Thunderstorm
  • Lightning
  • Thunder
  • Barometer
  • Forecast
  • Clear Sky
  • Overcast
  • Sunrise
  • Sunset
  • UV Index
  • Drought
  • Blizzard
  • Tropical Storm
  • Heatwave
Different Types of Weather | Weather Vocabulary

Weather Vocabulary

Weather Words With Sentences

  • Weather: The weather today is sunny and warm.
  • Temperature: The temperature is expected to drop below freezing tonight.
  • Climate: The climate in this region is characterized by hot summers and mild winters.
  • Humidity: The high humidity makes the air feel muggy.
  • Precipitation: The forecast predicts heavy precipitation in the form of snow.
  • Rain: I’ll need an umbrella because it’s going to rain later.
  • Snow: The kids are excited about the possibility of snow tomorrow.
  • Sleet: The sleet made the roads slippery and dangerous.
  • Hail: The storm produced hailstones the size of golf balls.
  • Cloud: The sky is covered with fluffy white clouds today.
  • Fog: Dense fog rolled in from the coast this morning.
  • Wind: The wind is blowing gently, rustling the leaves.
  • Breeze: The cool ocean breeze makes the heat more bearable.
  • Gale: A gale warning has been issued for the coastal areas.
  • Tornado: The tornado caused significant damage to the town.
  • Hurricane : Residents are preparing for the incoming hurricane.
  • Thunderstorm: The thunderstorm brought heavy rain and lightning.
  • Lightning: The lightning illuminated the sky during the storm.
  • Thunder: The loud clap of thunder startled everyone.
  • Barometer: The barometer indicates that the pressure is dropping.
  • Forecast: The weather forecast calls for clear skies tomorrow.
  • Clear Sky: We’re lucky to have a clear sky for the outdoor event.
  • Overcast: The sky is overcast, so we might not see the sunset tonight.
  • Sunrise: I love watching the sunrise over the mountains.
  • Sunset: The colors of the sunset are breathtaking.
  • UV Index: The UV index is high today, so remember to use sunscreen.
  • Drought: The region is experiencing a severe drought this year.
  • Blizzard: The blizzard brought heavy snow and strong winds.
  • Tropical Storm: A tropical storm is approaching the coastline.
  • Heatwave: The heatwave is making it unbearable to be outside.

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