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40+ Shapes Names in English With Useful Images

40+ Shapes Names in English With Useful Images
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Learn the names of all the various shapes in English with images. English names for 2D, 3D, and Geometric Shapes. Imagine a colorful canvas covered in geometric marvels, each shape a unique work of art. While the strong square emanates stability, the graceful circle speaks of unity. Pentagons conjure intrigue with their intriguing angles, while triangles stand ready for adventure. The octagon entices with its captivating symmetry, while the hexagon creates a tapestry of harmonious faces. The star shines with brilliance, while the shape of a heart symbolizes affection. The diamond sparkles like a gem of nature, and crescents dance with the moon’s majesty. Each shape tells a tale of form and purpose, from the firm embrace of a sphere to the lofty aspirations of a pyramid. Together, they create the kaleidoscope of visual delight that is the world we see.

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Shapes Name With Images

Sr No.      Shapes Name    Shapes Image
1. Circle
2. Square
3. Rectangle
4. Triangle
5. Pentagon
6. Hexagon
7. Octagon
8. Rhombus
9. Trapezoid
10. Parallelogram
11. Oval
12. Ellipse
13. Heart
14. Star
15. Crescent
16. Diamond
17. Sphere
18. Cube
19. Cylinder
20. Cone
21. Pyramid
22. Prism
23. Torus
24. Tetrahedron
25. Dodecahedron
26. Icosahedron
27. Crescent
28. Cross
29. Arrow
30. Arrowhead
31. Semicircle
32. Annulus
33. Rhomboid
34. Kite
35. Heptagon
36. Nonagon
37. Decagon
38. Enneagon



The embodiment of perfection, the circle is a continuous curve with no corners. It symbolizes unity, wholeness, and infinity, often found in celestial bodies and serene ponds.


A steadfast symbol of stability, the square boasts four equal sides and angles. It exudes reliability and balance, adorning architectural wonders and orderly designs.


Triangles stand tall as the embodiment of strength and versatility. With three sides of varying lengths, they evoke a sense of motion and purpose, prevalent in modern structures and artistic compositions.


The embodiment of practicality, the rectangle features four straight sides and right angles. It is the foundation of many structures, representing organization and functional design.


Five sides come together in the pentagon, a shape that exudes mystery and allure. It’s often associated with secret societies and geometric intrigue.


A symmetrical wonder with six sides, the hexagon radiates harmony and efficiency. It tessellates effortlessly, gracing beehives and technological marvels alike.


The octagon commands attention with its eight sides, each angle mirroring determination and strength. It’s a captivating shape often seen in significant buildings and ceremonial spaces.


The heart shape is the epitome of emotion and love. Its two curves meet at the bottom, forming a symbol cherished across cultures for its representation of affection.


Stars ignite the night sky with their radiant points, symbolizing aspiration and guidance. They evoke a sense of wonder and exploration that’s embedded in human spirit.


The crescent shape is synonymous with the moon’s ethereal glow. It’s a whisper of elegance and grace, often seen in jewelry and celestial-inspired art.


A diamond’s facets capture light with brilliance, mirroring strength and resilience. It’s a jewel of endurance, found in both precious stones and creative designs.


The sphere’s flawless curvature reflects unity and harmony. It encapsulates balance and encapsulation, defining planets and contemplative sculptures.


With a solid base and converging lines, the pyramid signifies stability and aspiration. It’s an architectural wonder and a symbol of achievement and growth.


The cylinder’s gentle curves suggest efficiency and practicality. It’s a versatile shape seen in columns, containers, and machines, embodying utility.


Cones taper to a single point from a circular base, representing direction and evolution. They’re an emblem of change and creativity, seen in ice cream treats and towering mountains.

40+ Shapes Names in English With Useful Images

40+ Shapes Names

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