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Need Synonyms in English with Examples

Need Synonyms in English with Examples
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Hello, students! In today’s lesson, we’ll look at synonyms for the word “need” in English. Consider synonyms to be your language buddies, assisting you to articulate thoughts with flair. This customized lesson is intended to expand your vocabulary and improve your communication skills. By experimenting with other words instead of “Need,” you will not only improve your word power but also the appeal of your discussions and writing. Prepare for an exciting voyage as we reveal these word replacements, accompanied by easy examples to help your language abilities shine. Let’s dive into the exciting world of synonyms together!

Need Definition & Meaning

Definition: “Need” refers to the state of requiring something important for one’s well-being, fulfillment, or the accomplishment of a certain goal. It denotes a necessity or duty, implying that something is necessary, crucial, or necessary for a given circumstance or individual. A need is anything critical or required or sought for a specific purpose or to satisfy a basic demand.

Meaning: The word “need” refers to a necessity or requirement, signifying that something is vital or required for a certain purpose or to meet a specific condition. It denotes a state of lacking or requiring something essential for one’s well-being, survival, or completion of a job. In essence, a need is anything that is required or vital for a specific circumstance or individual.

Other Words for “Need”

Require Demand
Desire Lack
Want Crave
Necessitate Yearn
Long for Seek
Hunger for Wish for
Depend on Hope for
Have to Must
Oblige Prerequisite
Compel Urgent
Essential Essentiality
Vital Necessity
Essential requirement Indispensable
Requisite Lack of
Absence Require urgently
Cry out for Call for
Implore Entreat
Petition Sufficient
Imperative Compulsory
Compulsion Indigence
Impoverishment Penury
Destitution Strive for
Aspiration Wish
Desperation Must-have
Urgency Yearning
Deficiency Scarcity
Inadequacy Famine
Starvation Requirement
Claim Request
Pray for Implore
Impetration Want for
Be in want of Requirement
Indigency Privation
Hunger Craving
Essential condition Yearning for

Synonyms for “Need” with Examples

Require: to need or demand

  • Example: The job will require you to have strong communication skills.

Demand: to request with authority

  • Example: The protesters demanded justice for all citizens.

Desire: a strong wish or craving

  • Example: His desire for success motivated him to work hard.

Lack: the state of being without or not having enough

  • Example: The team’s lack of experience led to their defeat.

Want: to have a need or desire for something

  • Example: She wants a new book to read during the vacation.

Crave: to have an intense desire for

  • Example: After the workout, he craved a refreshing drink.

Necessitate: to make necessary

  • Example: The complex project necessitated careful planning.

Yearn: to have a strong longing or desire

  • Example: She yearned for the return of warm summer days.

Long for: to have a deep desire for something

  • Example: The child longed for a pet to play with.

Seek: to look for or search for

  • Example: They sought advice from experienced professionals.

Hunger for: to have a strong desire or craving for

  • Example: The chef’s creations made the guests hunger for more.

Wish for: to express a desire for something

  • Example: On her birthday, she wished for happiness for everyone.

Depend on: to rely on or trust in

  • Example: Teamwork is crucial; success often depends on it.

Hope for: to have an optimistic desire for something

  • Example: The community hoped for a brighter future.

Have to: to be obligated or required to do something

  • Example: Students have to complete their assignments on time.

Must: to be required to do something

  • Example: You must follow the safety guidelines in the laboratory.

Oblige: to bind or compel someone to do something

  • Example: The invitation obliges you to RSVP by a certain date.

Prerequisite: a necessary condition or requirement

  • Example: Meeting the prerequisites is essential for enrollment.

Compel: to force or drive someone to do something

  • Example: The evidence was compelling, and he confessed.

Urgent: requiring immediate attention or action

  • Example: The situation is urgent; we need to act quickly.

Essential: necessary or crucial

  • Example: Good communication is essential for a healthy relationship.

Essentiality: the quality of being essential

  • Example: The essentiality of water for life cannot be overstated.

Vital: necessary for life or existence

  • Example: Sleep is vital for overall health and well-being.

Necessity: something that is necessary or required

  • Example: Food is a basic necessity for human survival.

Essential requirement: a necessary condition or qualification

  • Example: Meeting the essential requirements is key to success.

Indispensable: necessary and cannot be done without

  • Example: The internet has become indispensable in our daily lives.

Requisite: required or necessary for a particular purpose

  • Example: Meeting the requisite qualifications is essential for the job.

Lack of: the state of being without or not having enough of something

  • Example: The project failed due to a lack of funding.

Absence: the state of being away or not present

  • Example: His absence at the meeting was noticed by everyone.

Require urgently: to need something immediately

  • Example: The medical emergency required urgent attention.

Cry out for too strongly demand or need something

  • Example: The dilapidated building cries out for renovation.

Call for: to demand or require something

  • Example: The challenging situation calls for innovative solutions.

Implore: to beg or plead earnestly

  • Example: She implored him to reconsider his decision.

Entreat: to ask earnestly or beg for something

  • Example: The child entered for one more story before bedtime.

Petition: a formal request for something

  • Example: The citizens signed a petition for improved public services.

Sufficient: enough to meet a particular need or requirement

  • Example: A sufficient amount of data is needed for accurate analysis.

Imperative: crucial or extremely important

  • Example: It is imperative to address the environmental issues we face.

Compulsory: required by law or rule

  • Example: Wearing a seatbelt is compulsory for all passengers.

Compulsion: a strong, irresistible urge to do something

  • Example: His compulsion to check his phone constantly affected his work.

Indigence: extreme poverty or need

  • Example: The organization aimed to alleviate the poverty in the community.

Other Terms for “Need” with its Types

Essential Synonyms

  • Require
  • Necessitate
  • Compel
  • Oblige
  • Prerequisite
  • Indispensable

Urgent Synonyms

  • Urgent
  • Imperative
  • Compulsory
  • Essential
  • Pressing

Desire Synonyms

  • Crave
  • Desire
  • Wish for
  • Long for
  • Yearn
  • Hunger for

Necessity Synonyms

  • Necessity
  • Requirement
  • Prerequisite
  • Essential
  • Requisite
  • Indispensable

Want Synonyms

  • Want
  • Lack
  • Absence
  • Deficiency
  • Scarcity
  • Insufficiency

Demand Synonyms

  • Demand
  • Require
  • Compel
  • Oblige
  • Request
  • Call for

Implore Synonyms

  • Implore
  • Entreat
  • Petition
  • Pray for
  • Beseech
  • Plead

Yearning Synonyms

  • Yearn
  • Long for
  • Crave
  • Wish for
  • Aspire
  • Pine for

Immediate Synonyms

  • Require urgently
  • Cry out for
  • Urgent
  • Imperative
  • Pressing
  • Immediate

Must-have Synonyms

  • Must
  • Essential
  • Indispensable
  • Required
  • Necessary
  • Compulsory

Examples of “Need” Synonyms in Many Contexts

Basic Requirement

  • Synonyms: Requirement, Essential, Necessity
  • Example: Water is a basic necessity for human survival.


  • Synonyms: Urgent, Imperative, Critical
  • Example: Your immediate attention to this matter is imperative.


  • Synonyms: Crave, Long for, Yearn
  • Example: After a long day, I crave some quiet time to relax.

Lack of Scarcity

  • Synonyms: Lack, Insufficiency, Scarcity
  • Example: The lack of resources hindered the project’s progress.


  • Synonyms: Demand, Require, Request
  • Example: The customer may demand a refund for unsatisfactory service.


  • Synonyms: Compulsion, Obligation, Requirement
  • Example: There is a legal compulsion to wear a seatbelt while driving.

Yearning or Aspiration

  • Synonyms: Yearning, Aspiration, Wish
  • Example: Her yearning for knowledge led her to pursue higher education.


  • Synonyms: Emergency, Crisis, Urgency
  • Example: Call 911 in case of a medical emergency.


  • Synonyms: Dependence, Reliance, Neediness
  • Example: The success of the project depends on effective teamwork.


  • Synonyms: Mandatory, Compulsory, Required
  • Example: Attendance at the safety briefing is mandatory for all employees.

Crucial Element

  • Synonyms: Crucial, Vital, Indispensable
  • Example: Clear communication is a vital element in any relationship.


  • Synonyms: Longing, Craving, Desiring
  • Example: The traveler felt a deep longing for home during the journey.

Petition or Plea

  • Synonyms: Petition, Plea, Entreaty
  • Example: The community submitted a petition for a new playground.


  • Synonyms: Sufficient, Adequate, Enough
  • Example: Ensure you have a sufficient amount of time to complete the task.

Essential Component

  • Synonyms: Essential, Integral, Fundamental
  • Example: Patience is an essential component of good leadership.

Commonly Asked Questions

1. What are synonyms for the word “need”?

Synonyms for “need” include require, demand, desire, lack, want, crave, necessitate, yearn, long for, seek, hunger for, wish for, depend on, hope for, have to, must, oblige, prerequisite, compel, urgent, essential, indispensable, requisite, absence, and many more.

2. When should I use “require” instead of “need”?

“Require” is often used in more formal or specific contexts, such as when there are explicit conditions or specifications. “Need” is generally more versatile and commonly used in everyday language.

3. What is the difference between “crave” and “long for” as synonyms for “need”?

While both convey a strong desire, “crave” implies an intense, sometimes urgent, longing for something specific. “Long for” suggests a more sustained and deep desire over time.

4. Are there synonyms for “need” that emphasize urgency?

Yes, synonyms like “urgent,” “imperative,” and “compulsory” can emphasize the urgent or mandatory nature of a need.

5. Can “want” be used interchangeably with “need”?

While “want” and “need” both imply a desire for something, “need” generally conveys a stronger sense of necessity or requirement, often related to essential requirements for survival or achievement.

6. Are there synonyms for “need” that express a strong emotional desire?

Yes, synonyms like “crave,” “yearn,” and “long for” can express a strong emotional or passionate desire.

7. In what contexts should I use “essential” as a synonym for “need”?

“Essential” is often used when referring to something necessary or fundamental, emphasizing its importance in a particular context.

8. Are there synonyms for “need” that convey a lack or absence?

Yes, “lack,” “absence,” “deficiency,” and “scarcity” are synonyms for “need” that highlight the absence or insufficiency of something.

9. When is “compel” used as a synonym for “need”?

“Compel” is used when there is a sense of force or obligation, suggesting a compelling reason or requirement to do something.

10. Can “yearning” and “aspiration” be used interchangeably with “need”?

While they convey a strong desire, “yearning” and “aspiration” are more about longing or striving for goals, whereas “need” often implies a more immediate or essential requirement.

Synonym Words for “Need” | Infographic

Need Synonyms in English with Examples

Need Synonyms in English

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