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100+ Synonyms For SMALL with Examples | Small Synonyms

100+ Synonyms For SMALL with Examples | Small Synonyms
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Hi lovely learners! Today we’re going to learn 100+ synonyms for “Small” with useful example sentences.” We often use the word “small” to describe something, but there are many synonyms that can convey the idea of smallness with greater precision and style. By expanding our vocabulary and using different words, we can better express our observations.

List of Another Words “Small”

Tiny Fun-size Microscopic
Miniature Dinky Teensy
Petite Slight Wee
Compact Slim Bitty
Minuscule Short Lanky
Diminutive Midget Stunted
Micro Dwarf Infant
Lilliputian Baby Pee-wee
Nano Pocket-sized Fun-size
Minikin Littleneck Mini
Teensy Micro Subatomic
Wee Subtle Inconsequential
Puny Insignificant Negligible
Dinky Scant Modest
Slight Sparse Lacking
Slim Reduced Weeny
Short Slender Eensy-weensy
Lanky Negligible Meager
Bitty Modest Limited
Midget Modest Sparse
Stunted Paltry Trifling
Dwarf Lacking Shortened
Infant Reduced Shrunk
Baby Shrunken Slender
Pee-wee Slightest Slighter
Pocket-sized Narrow Weeny
Fun-size Weensy Teensy-weensy
Littleneck Teeny Teeny-weeny
Mini Itty-bitty Itsy-bitsy
Micro Bitsy Cramped
Subatomic Eensy Eensy-weensy
Subtle Elfin Half-pint
Inconsequential Homuncular Ickle
Insignificant Inadequate Inappreciable
Minikin Inconsiderable Insufficient
Dinky Little-bitty Measly
Midget Mingy Minor
Dwarf Minute Nugatory
Infant Pathetic Pint-sized (informal)
Vest-pocket Poky Portable
Pee-wee Pygmy or pigmy Slightly built
Littleneck Small-boned Small-scale
Micro Squat Stingy
Subtle Stubby Teeny (informal)
Insignificant Tiddly Titchy
Negligible Trivial Undersized
Scant Ungenerous Unimportant

Synonyms For “Small” with Examples


  • The tiny kitten fit into the palm.
  • His tiny apartment felt cozy and warm.


  • She painted a miniature landscape on canvas.
  • The artist crafted a detailed miniature castle.


  • The boutique specializes in petite clothing.
  • Despite her petite stature, she had a strong presence.


  • The compact car easily navigated city streets.
  • The compact kitchen had clever storage solutions.


  • The minuscule print was hard to read.
  • Their contribution was minuscule but meaningful.


  • The diminutive puppy quickly stole hearts.
  • The actress was known for her diminutive figure.


  • Microscopic organisms thrive in pond water.
  • The scientist studied the microscopic details.


  • The Lilliputian village was whimsically detailed.
  • The watch had a Lilliputian-sized face.


  • Nanoparticles are used in cutting-edge technology.
  • The team worked on a nano-level experiment.


  • She made a teensy mistake in the calculation.
  • The teensy plant struggled to survive.


  • A wee bit of honey-sweetened the tea.
  • The wee hours of the morning were silent.


  • The puny flame flickered in the wind.
  • The puny stream flowed gently through the meadow.


  • The dinky toy car collection delighted children.
  • Their office was in a dinky, old building.


  • A slight smile played on her lips.
  • There was a slight improvement in the weather.


  • The chances of success were slim.
  • She had a slim and elegant figure.


  • The short story captivated readers quickly.
  • He took a short break to recharge.


  • The bitty details made the artwork exceptional.
  • A bitty amount of salt enhanced the flavor.


  • The circus featured a talented midget performer.
  • The garden gnome was designed to look midget-sized.


  • The stunted tree struggled to grow.
  • The project’s progress was stunted by setbacks.


  • The garden featured colorful dwarf flowers.
  • A dwarf planet orbits beyond Neptune.


  • The infant slept peacefully in the crib.
  • The company was still in its infant stage.


  • The baby bunny hopped around the garden.
  • They received a baby gift for the newborn.


  • The pee-wee soccer team celebrated their win.
  • The pee-wee football league attracted young players.


  • The pocket-sized camera captured stunning photos.
  • She carried a pocket-sized notebook for ideas.


  • The candy bar was in a fun-size wrapper.
  • The team enjoyed fun-size snacks during breaks.


  • The littleneck clams were a seafood delicacy.
  • The beachcomber discovered a littleneck shell.


  • The mini cupcakes were a hit at the party.
  • They bought a mini refrigerator for the dorm.


  • The microprocessor powered the computer.
  • The organization had a micro-budget for the event.


  • Subatomic particles play a crucial role in physics.
  • The scientist researched subatomic interactions.


  • Her subtle hint went unnoticed.
  • The painting had subtle shades of blue.


  • His role was inconsequential in the play.
  • The error was inconsequential in the final result.


  • The issue seemed insignificant at the time.
  • The scratch on the car was insignificant.


  • The cost difference was negligible.
  • The impact of the change was negligible.


  • The evidence was scant and inconclusive.
  • The rainfall provided scant relief to drought.


  • She lived in a modest house.
  • His request was modest and reasonable.


  • The forest floor was covered in sparse vegetation.
  • The crowd was sparse at the early morning event.


  • The report was lacking in details.
  • Her speech was lacking in enthusiasm.


  • The price was reduced for clearance.
  • The reduced workload allowed more time.


  • The slender birch tree swayed in the breeze.
  • She had a slender figure and graceful movements.


  • A weeny mistake led to big consequences.
  • The weeny creature hid in the grass.


  • The eensy-weensy spider climbed up the spout.
  • He made an eensy-weensy error in his calculations.


  • The family survived on a meager income.
  • The meager harvest disappointed the farmers.


  • The limited edition book sold out quickly.
  • They had limited resources for the project.


  • The paltry sum was not enough.
  • Their efforts resulted in a paltry reward.


  • The issue seemed trifling at first.
  • The argument was about trifling matters.


  • The shortened version of the article was concise.
  • The meeting was shortened due to time constraints.


  • The shirt shrunk in the wash.
  • The industry shrunk after the recession.


  • She didn’t show the slightest hesitation.
  • There was not the slightest doubt in his mind.


  • The narrow path led to a hidden waterfall.
  • The bridge had a narrow walkway.


  • A weird error affected the calculations.
  • The weensy flowers added charm to the garden.


  • The teensy-weensy print required a magnifying glass.
  • He found a teensy-weensy bug crawling on the desk.


  • The teeny kitten purred in her lap.
  • The portion size was teeny but delicious.


  • The room was teeny-weeny but cozy.
  • She wore a teeny-weeny bikini at the beach.


  • The itty-bitty puppy wagged its tail.
  • The earrings were shiny and itty-bitty.


  • The itsy-bitsy spider crawled up the wall.
  • She wore an itsy-bitsy dress to the party.


  • The bitsy details made a big difference.
  • A bitsy amount of effort can go a long way.


  • The cramped room felt claustrophobic.
  • The cramped elevator made them uncomfortable.


  • Her elfin features charmed everyone.
  • The garden was populated with elfin figurines.


  • The ickle baby slept soundly.
  • The ickle kitten purred softly.


  • The supplies were inadequate for the task.
  • His explanation was inadequate for the complex topic.


  • The difference was inappreciable to most.
  • The change had an inappreciable impact.


  • The delay was inconsiderable and easily forgiven.
  • The cost difference was inconsiderable.


  • The data provided was insufficient for analysis.
  • The allocated time proved insufficient for completion.


  • The little-bitty house had a big heart.
  • She carried a little-bitty purse to the party.


  • He received a measly portion of the cake.
  • The offer was a measly attempt to appease.


  • The issue was a minor concern.
  • He faced minor setbacks but persevered.


  • The minute details were crucial to success.
  • A minute fraction of the population attended.


  • The argument was nugatory and irrelevant.
  • The nugatory evidence was dismissed.


  • His attempt at an apology was pathetic.
  • The abandoned puppy looked pathetic.


  • The poky apartment lacked space.
  • The poky cafe had a cozy atmosphere.


  • The portable speaker provided the music on the go.
  • Portable devices have become indispensable.

Pygmy or pigmy

  • The forest was home to pygmy elephants.
  • The exhibit featured pygmy goats.

Slightly built

  • Despite being slightly built, she was strong.
  • The structure was slightly built but sturdy.


  • Her small-boned frame was delicate.
  • Small-boned individuals may be prone to fractures.


  • The small-scale bakery focused on quality.
  • The project started as a small-scale initiative.


  • The squat building had a unique design.
  • He had a squat stature and broad shoulders.


  • The boss was stingy with compliments.
  • The restaurant was stingy with portion sizes.


  • The stubby pencil was still usable.
  • He had a stubby beard and a big smile.


  • The argument was trivial and unimportant.
  • Trivial details should not distract from the main point.


  • The undersized backpack couldn’t hold much.
  • He played well despite being undersized for the position.


  • The meeting discussed unimportant matters.
  • The issue was deemed unimportant by the team.


  • He carried a vest pocket dictionary.
  • The vest-pocket camera captured spontaneous moments.

Small Synonyms in Multiple Contexts

Small vs Little

“Small” and “little” are frequently used interchangeably, and they can be regarded as synonyms in many circumstances. However, there are small distinctions in their usage, and one may be more acceptable than the other at times. Following are some general guidelines:


Small: It tends to refer more to physical size or dimensions.

  • Example: The small box fits neatly on the shelf.

Little: It can refer to size as well, but it’s often used more informally or endearingly.

  • Example: The little cottage by the lake was charming.

Degree or Amount

Small: It is often used to describe a limited degree or amount.

  • Example: He had a small amount of money left.

Little: It can also be used to describe a small degree or amount, and is sometimes used in a more informal or diminutive sense.

  • Example: She had a little time to spare.

Scope or Importance

Small: It can be used to indicate size or significance.

  • Example: The small details made a big difference.

Little: It’s sometimes used to convey a sense of insignificance or triviality.

  • Example: It’s just a little problem; don’t worry about it.
Small vs Slight

“Small” and “slight” are similar in meaning but are used in different contexts and convey slightly different nuances:

Size or Dimension

Small: Refers to physical size or dimensions and can be used in various contexts.

  • Example: He bought a small car for city driving.

Slight: More often used to describe something small or of a lesser degree, especially when the difference is subtle.

  • Example: There was a slight difference in the colors of the two paintings.

Degree or Amount

Small: Generally used to describe the size, quantity, or amount of something.

  • Example: She had a small portion of the cake.

Slight: Used to convey a small or minimal degree, often in the context of differences, changes, or variations.

  • Example: He noticed a slight improvement in his health.

Importance or Significance

Small: Can indicate both physical size and a limited degree of importance.

  • Example: Despite its small size, the town has a rich history.

Slight: Often conveys a sense of something being minor, subtle, or not very significant.

  • Example: She felt a slight disappointment when her plans changed.

Difference or Change

Small: This can be used to describe any diminutive size or quantity.

  • Example: He found a small error in the document.

Slight: Often used when talking about a minor or subtle difference.

  • Example: There was a slight change in the schedule.

Synonyms For “Small” | Pictures

100+ Synonyms For SMALL with Examples | Small Synonyms

Synonyms For “Small”

100+ Synonyms For SMALL with Examples | Small Synonyms

Another Words For “Small”

100+ Synonyms For SMALL with Examples | Small Synonyms

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