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44 Other Words For FAR AWAY | Far Away Synonyms

44 Other Words For FAR AWAY | Far Away Synonyms
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In this lesson, we’ll discuss the many ways to say “Far Away” in English. We’ll share with you at least 44 different terms or phrases to express varying distances. From basic terms like “remote” and “isolated” to more dynamic ones like “beyond one’s grasp” and “out of the picture,” this lesson will help you increase your vocabulary and understand how to communicate about different levels of distance. Join us on this language adventure to learn fresh words and enhance your communication skills!

What is ‘Far Away’?

“Far away” refers to a place or distance that is not close or nearby. It’s a way to describe something that is located at a considerable distance from your current location. For example, if a friend lives in another city, you might say their home is far away. It’s the opposite of being close or nearby.

Another Words For “Far Away”

Isolated Far-reaching
Remote Sequestered
Out of touch Deep-seated
Withdrawn Far-off
Unattainable Beyond
Extensive Far-flung
In a remote location Beyond the horizon
Absentee Unreachable
Distantiated Off the beaten path
Unreached Off the radar
Out of sight Out of the picture
Absent Unapproachable
Out of the loop Out of range
Unreachable Distant
Far-away Outlying
Removed Farthest
Far-removed Off the grid
Beyond one’s grasp Faraway
At arm’s length Secluded
Out of earshot Out of the way
At a considerable distance Isolated
Beyond the pale Away
Out of the question Out of the running

Types of Synonyms For “Far Away”


  • Distant
  • Remote
  • Far-off
  • Far-flung
  • Long-distance


  • Outlying
  • Farthest
  • Removed
  • Inaccessible


  • Beyond (in a temporal sense)
  • Away (temporally)


  • Far removed
  • Exotic
  • Unreachable

Other Words For “Far Away” with Examples

Isolated: Alone or separated from others.
Example: The cabin was isolated, surrounded by dense forest.

Far-reaching: Extensive in influence or impact.
Example: His ideas had far-reaching consequences.

Remote: Distant or secluded.
Example: The village was remote, accessible only by a narrow path.

Sequestered: Hidden or isolated.
Example: The cottage was sequestered in the hills.

Out of touch: Uninformed or unaware.
Example: He felt out of touch with the latest trends.

Deep-seated: Firmly established or ingrained.
Example: The issue had deep-seated cultural roots.

Withdrawn: Reserved or socially distant.
Example: She was withdrawn, preferring solitude.

Far-off: Distant in space or time.
Example: The far-off mountains were covered in snow.

Unattainable: Impossible to reach or achieve.
Example: His dream seemed unattainable at that moment.

Beyond: Surpassing or exceeding.
Example: His skills were beyond ordinary expectations.

Extensive: Large in scope or range.
Example: The library had an extensive collection of books.

Far-flung: Spread over a wide area.
Example: The company had far-flung operations globally.

In a remote location: Secluded or far away.
Example: The research station was in a remote location.

Beyond the horizon: Out of sight or far away.
Example: Ships disappeared beyond the horizon.

Absentee: Not present or missing.
Example: The absentee manager caused delays in the project.

Unreachable: Impossible to attain or contact.
Example: The summit seemed unreachable due to the harsh weather.

Distantiated: Physically or emotionally separated.
Example: The distantiated couple struggled with a long-distance relationship.

Off the beaten path: Away from the main route or popular area.
Example: The hidden waterfall was off the beaten path.

Unreached: Not reached or achieved.
Example: Despite efforts, the goal remained unreached.

Off the radar: Not within awareness or attention.
Example: The small town was off the radar for most tourists.

Out of sight: Not visible or unnoticed.
Example: The shy animal remained out of sight in the dense foliage.

Absent: Not present or lacking.
Example: The absent student missed an important lecture.

Unapproachable: Not easily approached or contacted.
Example: His stern expression made him seem unapproachable.

Out of the loop: Uninformed or excluded from information.
Example: Being on vacation, she was out of the loop about recent events.

Out of range: Beyond the limits or reach.
Example: The radio signal was out of range in the remote area.

Unreachable: Not able to be reached or attained.
Example: The mountain peak seemed unreachable to the climbers.

Distant: Far away in space or time.
Example: The distant city lights shimmered in the night sky.

Far-away: At a considerable distance.
Example: The far-away mountains were covered in mist.

Outlying: Located far from the center or main area.
Example: The outlying villages lacked access to modern amenities.

Unattainable: Impossible to achieve or obtain.
Example: The unattainable goal motivated him to work harder.

Removed: Taken away or placed at a distance.
Example: The removed outpost was no longer strategically important.

Farthest: Most distant in space or time.
Example: The farthest star in the galaxy fascinated astronomers.

Unapproachable: Not open or friendly; difficult to approach.
Example: Her unapproachable demeanor made coworkers hesitant to talk to her.

Far-removed: Distant or detached in relation or connection.
Example: The decision was far removed from the local community’s concerns.

Off the grid: Not connected to public utilities or mainstream society.
Example: The off-the-grid cabin relied on solar power and rainwater.

Beyond one’s grasp: Impossible to attain or understand.
Example: The concept was beyond his grasp, leading to confusion.

Faraway: Distant in space or time; remote.
Example: The faraway mountains created a picturesque backdrop.

At arm’s length: Kept at a distance; not closely involved.
Example: He kept relationships at arm’s length to avoid emotional entanglements.

Secluded: Sheltered or private; kept away from others.
Example: The secluded beach was a perfect spot for a peaceful vacation.

Out of earshot: Beyond the range of hearing.
Example: They spoke in whispers, ensuring it was out of earshot.

Out of the way: Not in the usual path or location.
Example: The quaint village was charming but slightly out of the way.

At a considerable distance: Far away in space or time.
Example: The city lights were at a considerable distance from the rural area.

Beyond the pale: Outside the bounds of acceptable behavior.
Example: His actions were beyond the pale and raised eyebrows.

Away: Far from a particular place or person.
Example: She moved away from her hometown to pursue new opportunities.

Out of the question: Not a possibility or not feasible.
Example: Going on vacation during the busy season was out of the question.

Out of the running: No longer in contention or competition.
Example: After the injury, he was out of the running for the championship.

Out of the picture: Not involved or considered.
Example: With the new leadership, the old policies were out of the picture.

44 Other Words For FAR AWAY | Far Away Synonyms

Other Words For FAR AWAY

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