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20 Useful English Idioms About Health With Meanings

20 Useful English Idioms About Health With Meanings
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Idioms About Health! Hi lovely learners, in today’s lesson we will learn 20 useful English sayings about health in this lesson. These sayings are like shortcuts for presenting health-related topics in a colorful and concise manner. They facilitate conversations about how we feel, how we face obstacles, and how we stay healthy. Whether describing someone as “fit as a fiddle” or talking about being brave in the face of adversity with the phrase “biting the bullet,” these phrases make our conversations about our health more engaging and easier to grasp.

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Idioms About Health With Images

Fit as a fiddle
Bite the bullet
In the pink
Under the weather
Catch one’s breath
In the same boat
Have a frog in one’s throat
Burn the candle at both ends
Run a temperature
In the clear
Jump through hoops
On the mend
A clean bill of health
Back on one’s feet
A taste of one’s own medicine
Cast in stone
Go under the knife
Up in the air
Blow one’s top
On the edge
In a nutshell
Butterflies in one’s stomach

Idioms About Health With Meanings and Examples

1. Fit as a fiddle

  • Meaning: In excellent health
  • Example: After regular exercise, he feels fit as a fiddle.

2. Bite the bullet

  • Meaning: Face a difficult situation with courage
  • Example: She had to bite the bullet and get the surgery done.

3. In the pink

  • Meaning: In good health
  • Example: Her healthy lifestyle keeps her always in the pink.

4. Under the weather

  • Meaning: Feeling unwell or slightly ill
  • Example: I can’t come to work today; I’m under the weather.

5. Catch one’s breath

  • Meaning: Pause to recover from physical exertion
  • Example: After climbing the hill, I needed to catch my breath.

6. In the same boat

  • Meaning: In a similar situation as others
  • Example: We’re all in the same boat when it comes to the flu.

7. Have a frog in one’s throat

  • Meaning: Have a hoarse voice
  • Example: She can’t sing tonight; she has a frog in her throat.

8. Burn the candle at both ends

  • Meaning: Work excessively or stay up late
  • Example: Burning the candle at both ends led to exhaustion.

9. Run a temperature

  • Meaning: Have a fever
  • Example: He can’t go to school today; he’s running a temperature.

10. In the clear

  • Meaning: Free from illness or trouble
  • Example: After the check-up, the doctor said I was in the clear.

11. Jump through hoops

  • Meaning: Go through a lot of difficult steps
  • Example: She had to jump through hoops to get the promotion.

12. On the mend

  • Meaning: In the process of recovery
  • Example: After the surgery, he’s on the mend and feeling better.

13. A clean bill of health

  • Meaning: A medical report stating good health
  • Example: The doctor gave her a clean bill of health.

14. Back on one’s feet

  • Meaning: Recovered from an illness or setback
  • Example: After the flu, she’s finally back on her feet.

15. A taste of one’s own medicine

  • Meaning: Experience negative treatment given to others
  • Example: He got a taste of his own medicine when criticized.

16. Cast in stone

  • Meaning: Unchangeable or not subject to alteration
  • Example: His diagnosis is cast in stone; there’s no cure.

17. Go under the knife

  • Meaning: Have surgery
  • Example: She had to go under the knife for her knee injury.

18. Up in the air

  • Meaning: Uncertain or undecided
  • Example: The results of the test are still up in the air.

19. Blow one’s top

  • Meaning: Lose one’s temper or become angry
  • Example: He blew his top when he heard the bad news.

20. On the edge

  • Meaning: Anxious or irritable
  • Example: Due to stress, she’s been on the edge lately.

21. In a nutshell

  • Meaning: In a few words or in summary
  • Example: To put it in a nutshell, the project was a success.

22. On thin ice

  • Meaning: In a risky or precarious situation
  • Example: With his behavior, he’s on thin ice with the boss.

23. Butterflies in one’s stomach

  • Meaning: Nervous or anxious
  • Example: Before the speech, she had butterflies in her stomach.
20 Useful English Idioms About Health With Meanings

Useful English Idioms About Health With Meanings

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