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80+ Collocations With “In” and “On” Examples | PDF

80+ Collocations With "In" and "On" Examples | PDF
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Collocations With “In”

Collocations with “in” are like word friends who frequently work together to make our language more expressive. They’re sentences in which “in” and another word go together organically, such as “in love” or “in trouble.” These pairs assist us in conveying thoughts more precisely, whether they be about sentiments, events, or even just where something is located. They function as shortcuts for speaking in a more colorful manner.

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Collocations With “On”

Collocations with “on” are similar to word pairings that help us articulate things more effectively. They are sentences in which “on” and another word naturally go together, such as “on fire” or “on vacation.” These pairs provide significance to our words and make our narrative more fascinating. It’s like adding flavor to our language, and it makes it easier for us to discuss various topics.

Collocations List With In

Here are some collocations with “In”

  • In love – She’s deeply in love with him.
  • In trouble – If you don’t study, you’ll be in trouble.
  • In pain – He’s in excruciating pain after the fall.
  • In a hurry – We need to get there quickly; we’re in a hurry.
  • In agreement – They are in agreement on the project’s goals.
  • In danger – They found themselves in danger during the storm.
  • In Charge – She’s the one in charge of the team.
  • In the mood – I’m not in the mood for socializing tonight.
  • In the middle – He was sitting right in the middle of the room.
  • In the way – Your bags are in the way; please move them.
  • In the past – In the past, people relied on handwritten letters.
  • In the future – Let’s plan for success in the future.
  • In a rush – I had to eat breakfast in a rush this morning.
  • In a good/bad mood – She’s usually in a good mood in the morning.
  • In a meeting – He’s currently in a meeting; can I take a message?
  • In a relationship – They’ve been in a relationship for five years now.
  • In debt – After buying a new car, he found himself in debt.
  • In the spotlight – The actor enjoys being in the spotlight.
  • In the dark – They were kept in the dark about the surprise party.
  • In the beginning – In the beginning, I struggled to learn the language.
  • In the end – In the end, they all agreed to the plan.
  • In the meantime – In the meantime, I’ll prepare some snacks.
  • In the know – He’s always in the know about the latest trends.
  • In the loop – Make sure to keep me in the loop about the project.
  • In the mood for – I’m in the mood for some ice cream.
  • In the nick of time – They arrived just in the nick of time.
  • In the process of – We are currently in the process of hiring new employees.
  • In the spotlight – The athlete was in the spotlight after winning the championship.
  • In the wrong – You’re in the wrong if you think I said that.
  • In the zone – When he’s on the court, he’s in the zone.
  • In deep thought – She sat there in deep thought for hours.
  • In high demand – This product is currently in high demand.
  • In short supply – Clean water is in short supply in some regions.
  • In one’s element – When he’s on stage, he’s in his element.
  • In full swing – The party is in full swing now.
  • In the spotlight – The company’s success has put it in the spotlight.
  • In high spirits – After the victory, everyone was in high spirits.
  • In the same boat – We’re all in the same boat when it comes to the deadline.
  • In the long run – In the long run, it’s better to invest wisely.
  • In the spotlight – The actress found herself in the spotlight at a young age.
  • In a tough spot – I’m in a tough spot right now; I need some help.
  • In deep water – He got himself in deep water with that risky decision.

Collocations With In | Picture

80+ Collocations With "In" and "On" Examples | PDF

Collocations With “In” and Examples

Collocations List With On

Here are some collocations with “On”

  • On fire – The building was on fire, and firefighters rushed to the scene.
  • On time – Make sure you arrive on time for the meeting.
  • On purpose – He tripped on purpose to make her laugh.
  • On the other hand – I want to go out, but on the other hand, I need to study.
  • On the phone – I’m on the phone with a client; can I call you back later?
  • On vacation – They are on vacation in Hawaii, enjoying the sun and beaches.
  • On the way – I’m on the way to the store; do you need anything?
  • On the spot – The witness identified the suspect on the spot.
  • On the street – There’s a great food festival happening on the street.
  • On the news – Did you hear about the earthquake on the news?
  • On the radio – They played your favorite song on the radio today.
  • On the Internet – You can find a lot of information on the Internet.
  • On the menu – What’s on the menu for tonight’s dinner?
  • On the shelf – The book you’re looking for is on the shelf over there.
  • On the table – The keys are on the table; don’t forget them.
  • On the horizon – There are exciting opportunities on the horizon.
  • On the weekend – We like to go hiking on the weekend.
  • On the phone – She spends a lot of time on the phone with her friends.
  • On a diet – I’m on a diet, so I can’t eat that cake.
  • On the lookout – The security guard is on the lookout for any suspicious activity.
  • On a mission – They’re on a mission to clean up the park.
  • On a budget – We need to plan this trip carefully; we’re on a budget.
  • On the surface – On the surface, everything seems fine.
  • On the way out – I’m just on the way out, but we can talk later.
  • On the bright side – On the bright side, we finished the project early.
  • On the agenda – What’s on the agenda for the team meeting?
  • On the clock – We need to finish this task; we’re on the clock.
  • On the line – His job is on the line if he doesn’t meet the deadline.
  • On the path to – She’s on the path to success with her hard work.
  • On the lookout for – We’re on the lookout for a new apartment.
  • On the verge of – They are on the verge of making a major announcement.
  • On the rise – Housing prices are on the rise in this city.
  • On the decline – Sales have been on the decline for the past few months.
  • On the mend – After a week of rest, he’s finally on the mend.
  • On the brink of – They were on the brink of bankruptcy before the deal.
  • On the line – His reputation is on the line with this decision.
  • On the front lines – The doctors and nurses are on the front lines of the pandemic.
  • On the go – I’m always on the go, traveling for work.
  • On the back burner – We’ll put that project on the back burner for now.
  • On the wrong track – He realized he was on the wrong track with his career.
  • On the same page – It’s important that we’re all on the same page for the project.
  • On the fence – She’s still on the fence about whether to go to the party.

Collocations With On | Picture

80+ Collocations With "In" and "On" Examples | PDF

Collocations With “On” and Examples

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