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68 Adjectives To Describe A Person in English With Urdu Meanings

68 Adjectives To Describe A Person in English With Urdu Meanings
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Describe A Person! Learn 68 Adjectives to describe a person in English With Urdu meanings. In this lesson you will find a list of words to describe someone in English with Urdu. With the help of these words you can describe different types of peoples. If you want to download a complete PDF Book for this lesson, then go to the bottom of this page.

Describe A Person in English

Describing a person goes beyond physical appearance; it involves capturing their essence, character and unique qualities in words. Whether you’re writing character sketches, writing a personal essay, or simply want to convey someone’s presence, being able to describe a person can bring that person to life in the reader’s imagination. In this descriptive journey, we explore the complexities of describing a person, focusing not only on their physical characteristics, but also on their personality and inner qualities.

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Personality and Characters! A person’s personality and character are the aspects that really define them. We explore how descriptive language reflects their temperament, values ​​and behavior. Whether they have a charismatic presence, a gentle nature or an infectious sense of humor, we discuss how these qualities can be conveyed through vivid descriptions and anecdotes that describe their behavior and interactions.

Portraying a person is an art that combines observation, empathy and eloquence. By skillfully creating descriptions of physical appearance, personality traits, emotions, relationships and influences, we can bring a person to life on the page. With carefully chosen words and vivid images, we can create a lasting impression that allows readers to relate and connect with the person featured. So embark on this journey to capture the essence of individuals through descriptive writing and reveal the power of words to breathe life into people.

Adjectives To Describe A Person

Busy Masroof مصروف
Mean Kameena کمینہ
Useful Mufeed مفید
Dishonest Bay Iman بے ایمان
Narcissistic Khud Parast خود پرست
Crazy Pagal پاگل
Serious Sanjeeda سنجیدہ
Emotional Jazbati جزباتی
Carefree La Parwah لاپرواہ
Sensitive Hassas حساس
Benevolent Kheir Khwaah خیر خواہ
Obedient Farman Birdar فرمانبر دار
Romantic Roomanwi رومانوی
Fearless Bay Khouf بے خوف
Rude Badtameeze بد تمیز
Gorgeous Shandar شاندار
Dangerous Khatar Nak خطرناک
Anxious Fikar Mund فکر مند
Blessed Mubarak مبارک
Stubborn Ziddi ضدی۔ ڈھیٹ
Heart-warming Dil Kash دل کش
Hypocritical Munafiq منافق
Charming Dilkash دلکش
Brave Bahadur بہادر
68 Adjectives To Describe A Person in English With Urdu Meanings

Adjectives To Describe A Person

Kind Naik نیک
Cheerful Khush Mizaj خوش مزاج
Polite Shaista شائستہ
Beautiful Khubsurat خوبصورت
Humorous Mazahya مزاحیہ
Noble Shareef شریف
Affable Daljeewi دلجوئی
Faithful Wafa Dar وفا دار
Kind-hearted Meharban مہربان
Intelligent Zaheen ذہین
Creative Takhleeqi تخلیقی
Compassionate Hamdard ہمدرد
Powerful Taqatwar طاقتور
Brave Shuja شجاع
Flawless Bay Losh بے لوث
Lively Zindah Dil زندہ دل
Splendid Shandar شاندار
Joyful Farhat Bakhash فرحت بخش
Formal Pur Takalluf پرتکلف
Silent Khamosh خاموش
Kind Meharbaan مہر بان
Lively Zindah Dil زندہ دل
68 Adjectives To Describe A Person in English With Urdu Meanings

Describe A Person in English With Urdu Meanings

Great Azeem عظیم
Worthy Shayan شایان
Straightforward Raast Baaz راست باز
Poetic Shaerana شاعرانہ
Exhausted Thaka Hara تھکا ہارا
Lovely Pyaara پیارا
Good-hearted Dil Rakhny Wala اچھا دل رکھنےولا
Self-centered Khud Passand خود پسند
Courageous Dalair دلیر
Jealous Haasid حاسد
Pleasant Khush Gawaar خوشگوار
Forgiving Bakshany Wala بخشنے والا
Nervous Ghabraya Hua گھبرایا ہوا
Corrupt Kharaab خراب
Friendly Dostana دوستانہ
Active Chust چست
Attractive Pur Kashish  پر کشش
Humble Aajiz عاجز
Priceless Anmol انمول
Selfish Khud Gharz خود غرض
Impatient Bey Sabra بے صبرا
Effective Mosawir موثر
Smart Hoshyar ہوشیار
68 Adjectives To Describe A Person in English With Urdu Meanings

Adjectives To Describe A Person in English With Urdu Meanings

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