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Commonly Used Words in English Language With Urdu Meanings

Most Commonly Used English Words With Urdu Meanings | PDF
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Words With Meanings! Hi, in this lesson you will learn the Daily Use of English Words With Urdu Meanings. Everyday English words are words that we use regularly in our daily life. These words are used frequently in conversation and are necessary for effective communication. If you want to download a complete PDF Book for this lesson then go to the bottom of this page.

Most Used Words in English Language

The English language has a large vocabulary, but among this rich vocabulary, some terms stand out as the most frequently used. These words form the backbone of English communication and allow us to express thoughts, share ideas and communicate with others. In this description, we present the most commonly used words in the English language, highlight their meaning and provide an overview of their use and versatility.

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Articles and pronouns! Articles and pronouns are central to the use of the English language. We will study the words ‘you’, ‘a’, ‘an’, ‘me’, ‘you’, ‘he’, ‘him’, ‘it’, ‘we’ and ‘they’. These words help create clarity, specificity and context in our conversations and written communication, allowing us to navigate the complexities of grammar and sentence structure.

Common Verbs! Verbs are the engines that drive language. We will look at commonly used verbs such as “be”, “is”, “do”, “say”, “do”, “go”, “get”, “see”, “know” and “take”. These versatile words provide action, space and substance to our sentences, allowing us to express various actions, thoughts and experiences.

The most commonly used English words form the basis of effective communication. From articles and pronouns to verbs, nouns, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, e.g.

Commonly Used Words in English

Hello سلام
Goodbye الوداع
Please براہ کرم
Thank you شکریہ
Sorry معذرت، معاف کرنا
Yes جی ہاں
No نہیں
Maybe شاید
Okay ٹھیک ہے
Hi ہیلو
How are you? آپ کیسے ہیں؟
Fine ٹھیک ہوں
Great زبردست
Excellent عمدہ
Wonderful شاندار
Good اچھا
Bad برا
Sad افسردہ
Happy خوش
Love محبت
Hate نفرت
Like پسند کرنا
Dislike ناپسندیدگی
Want چاہنا
Need ضرورت ہونا
Most Commonly Used English Words With Urdu Meanings | PDF

Most Commonly Used English Words With Urdu Meanings | PDF

English Words With Urdu Meanings

Have رکھنا
Own اپنا، خود کا
Use استعمال کرنا
Take لینا
Give دینا
Receive وصول کرنا
Buy خریدنا
Sell فروخت کرنا
Eat کھانا
Drink پینا
Sleep سونا
Wake up جاگنا
Get up اٹھنا
Go جانا
Come آنا
Arrive پہنچنا
Leave چھوڑنا
Stay ٹھہرنا
Sit بیٹھنا
Stand کھڑا ہونا
Walk چلنا
Run دوڑنا
Jump کودنا
Dance ناچنا
Sing گانا
Most Commonly Used English Words With Urdu Meanings | PDF

Most Commonly Used English Words With Urdu Meanings

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