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Words With The Silent Letter G in English

Words With Silent Letter "G" in English
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Greetings and Welcome to our English lesson on silent Words With the Silent Letter “G”. We’ll look at words with a sneaky ‘G’ that doesn’t make any noise when we utter them in this class. We’ll uncover why this occurs and several popular words in which the ‘G’ remains silent. By the end of this session, you will have a better understanding of these words, which will improve your English pronunciation and spelling. Come along as we help you better understand the silent “G” and improve your mastery of the English language.

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What is a silent letter?

A silent letter is a letter in a word that is not spoken. It appears in the spelling but has no sound. Many words in English are like this, with some letters tagging along discreetly. These silent letters are frequently present as a result of the evolution of the language or when we adopt words from other languages. They can appear at the beginning, middle, or end of words and can make English spelling and pronunciation difficult. Understanding silent letters is essential for correctly expressing and writing words in English.

Silent Words With The Letter “G”

  • Align
  • Assign
  • Benign
  • Campaign
  • Champagne
  • Cologne
  • Consign
  • Design
  • Feign
  • Foreign
  • Gnarl
  • Gnarly
  • Gnome
  • Reign
  • Resign
  • Sign

Words With Silent “G” With Useful Examples


  • Align your text.
  • Please align the chairs in a row.


  • Assign the tasks
  • I will assign seats for the event.


  • The tumor was benign.
  • Her smile is so benign.


  • The election campaign was intense.
  • Let’s launch a new marketing campaign.


  • Let’s celebrate with champagne.
  • Champagne is a sparkling wine.


  • He wore a refreshing cologne.
  • Cologne can be a great gift.


  • Consign the package for delivery.
  • You should consign your old books.


  • She’s a talented design artist.
  • We need to design a new website.


  • Don’t feign ignorance.
  • She had to feign interest.


  • Learning a foreign language is challenging.
  • He has a foreign accent.


  • The old tree had a gnarled trunk.
  • His hands were gnarled from hard work.


  • That’s a gnarly skateboard trick.
  • The hiking trail is full of gnarly obstacles.


  • The garden gnome adds charm.
  • She collects decorative gnomes.


  • The king’s reign was long.
  • She will reign as the champion.


  • He decided to resign from his job.
  • Resigning can be a tough decision.


  • Please sign the document.
  • The sign says “No Parking.”

Words With Silent “G” | Picture

Words With Silent Letter "G" in English

Words With Silent Letter “G” in English

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