Silent Letters Vocabulary

Words With Silent Letter “D” With Useful Examples Sentences

Words With Silent Letter "D" With Useful Examples Sentences
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Words With Silent Letter D! Silent letters in English refer to letters that are not pronounced when a word is spoken. In the words we examined in this Lesson, we have a silent letter “D” that appears in written form but is not audibly uttered when you speak the word out loud.

This lesson focused on words with the Silent Letter “D.” These words are fascinating illustrations of how difficult it is to pronounce certain words in English since the “D” appears in the written version but is silent when spoken. These words demonstrate the nuances of our language, from the understated charm of “Handsome” to the calm firmness of “Hedge” and the subtle elegance of “Handkerchief.”

We learned that silent letters expand our Vocabulary and improve our ability to communicate subtly and subtly as we dug more into the world of Silent letters.

Words with Silent Letter “D”

  • Badge
  • Edge
  • Handkerchief
  • Handsome
  • Hedge
  • Sandwich
  • Wedge
  • Wednesday

For example, the “D” in the word “handkerchief,” which has a silent “D,” is pronounced “han-ker-chief.” The “d” is silent in “handsome,” and the word is pronounced “han-sum.”

Silent Letter “D” With Example Sentences

  • Badge – She wore her police badge proudly, displaying her dedication to the force.
  • Edge – The athlete carefully balanced on the narrow beam, inching closer to the edge.
  • Handkerchief – He reached for a handkerchief to discreetly wipe his nose during the somber ceremony.
  • Handsome – The young actor was incredibly handsome, causing a stir wherever he went.
  • Hedge – The secret garden was hidden behind a tall, overgrown hedge.
  • Sandwich – She prepared a delicious ham and cheese sandwich for her lunch.
  • Wedge – He used a wedge to prop open the door, allowing fresh air to flow into the room.
  • WednesdayWednesday is the middle of the workweek, a day when many people look forward to the weekend.

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Words With Silent Letter "D" With Useful Examples Sentences

Words With Silent Letter D

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