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Words with Silent Letter ‘B’ with Reasons | Download PDF

Words with Silent Letter 'B' with Reasons | Download PDF
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Learn English words with their silent letter ‘B’ with reasons, information, and also their example sentences in English. In this lesson, we are going to cover the silent letter ‘B’ in English. Don’t forget to learn the entire lesson. This lesson is going to strengthen your English language skills.

Words with Silent Letter ‘B’

Take a look at the English words with their silent letter ‘B’:

  1. Aplomb
  2. Bomb
  3. Climb
  4. Comb
  5. Coulomb
  6. Crumb
  7. Debt
  8. Doubt
  9. Dumb
  10. Jamb
  11. Lamb
  12. Limb
  13. Numb
  14. Plumber
  15. Subtle
  16. Succumb
  17. Thumb
  18. Tomb
  19. Womb

These above words belong to Silent Letter ‘B’ in the English language.

Words With Silent Letter ‘A’ with Reasons | Download PDF

 Silent Letter ‘B’ Example Sentences:

Here are sentences that use each of the words from the silent letter ‘B’:

  • Aplomb: Despite the challenging situation, she handled it with remarkable aplomb, displaying confidence and composure.
  • Bomb: The bomb disposal unit carefully defused the explosive device, preventing a potential disaster.
  • Climb: With determination, he began to climb the steep mountain, inching his way toward the summit.
  • Comb: She used a fine-toothed comb to detangle her hair after a windy day.
  • Coulomb: The concept of the coulomb, a unit of electric charge, is fundamental to understanding electromagnetism.
  • Debt: He struggled to manage his debt after his college years, working diligently to pay it off.
  • Doubt: Despite his initial doubt, he eventually realized that taking risks could lead to great rewards.
  • Subtle: The artist added subtle shades of blue to the painting, giving it a sense of depth and atmosphere.
  • Succumb: After a valiant effort, the team finally had to succumb to defeat in the final moments of the game.
  • Thumb: She quickly pressed the button with her thumb to capture the perfect picture.
  • Womb: The baby developed and grew within the protective confines of its mother’s womb.
  • Tomb: Visitors gathered around the ancient tomb, reflecting on the history and stories it held.
  • Lamb: The young lamb frolicked in the meadow, its innocence bringing smiles to those who watched.
  • Numb: His fingers became numb from the cold winter air as he waited for the bus.
  • Plumber: The skilled plumber fixed the leak in the pipe, ensuring that water flowed smoothly again.
  • Subtle: Her subtle smile suggested that she knew more than she was letting on.
  • Succumb: Despite his best efforts, he couldn’t resist the temptation and eventually succumbed to his cravings.
  • Thumb: She scrolled through the webpage using her thumb to navigate on her phone.
  • Tomb: The archaeologists uncovered an ancient tomb filled with artifacts from a forgotten civilization.
  • Womb: The ultrasound revealed a tiny life growing within her womb, filling her with joy and anticipation.
Words with Silent Letter 'B' with Reasons | Download PDF

Words with Silent Letter ‘B’ with Reasons

Despite the silent ‘B’ being absent from spoken utterances, it is nonetheless very important. It gives words a second dimension by giving them a hint of intricacy, historical context, and hidden meaning. The silent “B” contributes to the complex fabric of language, influencing our expressions and perceptions in ways that frequently go unnoticed, much as a talented artist adds subtle strokes to a masterpiece.

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