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English Word ‘Which’ Used in Sentences | Example Sentences

English Word 'Which' Used in Sentences | Example Sentences
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Learn 50 example sentences of the English word “Which”. Here, we are going to learn English sentences with the use of “Which”. These sentences are going to enhance your daily life conversation and communication skills. Let’s begin with our today’s lesson:

“Which” Used in Sentences

The English language has a diverse vocabulary with many words that can be used in numerous contexts to create coherent sentences. One of these adaptable words is “which,” an essential part of relative and interrogative phrases. Let’s explore the variety of “which” and its usage using 50 examples from the English language:

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General Interrogative Sentences

  1. Which color do you prefer for the walls?
  2. Which way should we go to reach the museum?
  3. Which book are you planning to read next?
  4. Which restaurant serves the best sushi in town?
  5. Which candidate won the election in your district?

Interrogative Sentences with Prepositions

  1. On which shelf did you keep the photo album?
  2. To which university did she apply for her master’s degree?
  3. From which country did this dish originate?
  4. With which tools can we fix this broken chair?
  5. For which occasion are you planning this surprise party?

Sentences Demonstrating Choices or Preferences

  1. I enjoy both comedies and thrillers, but I’m not sure which to watch tonight.
  2. The menu offers a variety of desserts, among which the chocolate cake is the most popular.
  3. She had to choose between two job offers, both of which were enticing in their own ways.
  4. There are many paths to choose from; however, it’s difficult to decide which one to take.
  5. Among all the paintings, she couldn’t decide which one to purchase for her living room.

Sentences Demonstrating Comparison

  1. The blue dress, which she wore to the party, matched her eyes perfectly.
  2. The sports car, which he bought last month, is faster than the one he previously owned.
  3. The first movie, which we watched last night, was more entertaining than the second one.
  4. The new smartphone, which was released recently, has a better camera than its predecessor.
  5. The renovated apartment, which overlooks the park, is more expensive than the one on the lower floor.

Sentences with Clauses Depicting Explanation

  1. He bought a new laptop, which was necessary for his online work.
  2. She visited the art gallery, which had a remarkable collection of Renaissance paintings.
  3. They decided to cancel the trip, which disappointed everyone in the group.
  4. The event was postponed, which gave us more time to prepare our presentations.
  5. The guests arrived late, which delayed the start of the ceremony.

Sentences with Restrictive Clauses

  1. She found the keys, which she had lost yesterday, under the sofa.
  2. He wore the shirt, which he had bought on his vacation to Paris, for the party.
  3. The recipe requires fresh herbs, which you can find in the garden.
  4. The store sells organic produce, which is grown locally.
  5. She needs a laptop, which can handle graphic design software smoothly.

Sentences Introducing Essential Information

  1. The statue, which stood in the courtyard, was a symbol of peace.
  2. The assignment, which is due next week, requires extensive research.
  3. The report, which summarizes the project’s findings, will be presented tomorrow.
  4. The policy, which was implemented last year, has had a positive impact on the environment.
  5. The exhibition, which opens tomorrow, showcases contemporary art from various regions.

Sentences Demonstrating Relative Clauses

  1. The house, which is located near the river, offers a stunning view.
  2. The car, which was parked outside, had a flat tire.
  3. The dog, which barked all night, kept the neighbors awake.
  4. The tree, which provides ample shade, is a favorite spot for picnics.
  5. The bridge, which connects the two islands, is a significant engineering marvel.

Sentences Depicting Contrast or Comparison

  1. She likes coffee, which keeps her awake, unlike tea, which relaxes her.
  2. He enjoys fiction, which allows him to escape reality, more than non-fiction, which educates him.
  3. The old house, which has a lot of character, is more appealing than the modern one, which lacks charm.
  4. The coastal town, which is bustling with tourists, is more vibrant than the rural village, which is serene.
  5. The summer season, which brings warmth and vibrancy, contrasts with the winter, which brings snow and cold.

Sentences Demonstrating Indirect Questions

  1. She asked me which movie I wanted to watch that evening.
  2. He inquired about which restaurant serves the best pasta in the city.
  3. They wondered which route was the quickest to reach the airport.
  4. I’m not sure which option he would prefer for his birthday gift.
  5. She wanted to know which book I recommended for her to read this summer.

50 Example Sentences of “Which”

  1. Which way is the nearest gas station?
  2. Tell me which book you want for your birthday.
  3. The blue shirt, which I bought last week, is now on sale.
  4. She couldn’t decide which flavor of ice cream to choose.
  5. This is the path which leads to the secret garden.
  6. The laptop, which was expensive, stopped working suddenly.
  7. Tell me which movie you want to watch tonight.
  8. He asked me which restaurant I preferred for dinner.
  9. The museum, which we visited last month, was fascinating.
  10. Which team won the championship last year?
  11. Please choose which color you want for the bedroom walls.
  12. The new car, which was parked outside, caught everyone’s attention.
  13. Which of the two options do you think is more viable?
  14. They couldn’t remember which street the party was on.
  15. She had to decide which college to attend in the fall.
  16. The cat, which had been missing, finally returned home.
  17. Tell me which song you want to play at the party.
  18. The necklace, which she wore to the event, was stunning.
  19. Which of the desserts do you recommend trying first?
  20. The laptop, which I use for work, is quite reliable.
  21. She wasn’t sure which bus would take her to the station.
  22. He couldn’t recall which phone number was the correct one.
  23. Tell me which dish you want to order from the menu.
  24. The project, which was completed on time, impressed everyone.
  25. Which of the two paintings do you think is more valuable?
  26. The phone, which he had just bought, suddenly started ringing.
  27. She asked me which route was the shortest to get to the airport.
  28. The dress, which she wore to the party, received many compliments.
  29. Tell me which of these books you want me to bring home.
  30. The museum, which houses ancient artifacts, is open to the public.
  31. Which flower do you think would look best in the vase?
  32. He asked me which restaurant serves the best pizza in town.
  33. The park, which we visited yesterday, was teeming with families.
  34. She couldn’t remember which password she had used for the account.
  35. The laptop, which I bought online, was delivered earlier than expected.
  36. Tell me which type of coffee you prefer for your morning routine.
  37. The dog, which was barking all night, finally quieted down.
  38. Which one of these options do you think is the most cost-effective?
  39. The book, which she had borrowed from the library, was overdue.
  40. He couldn’t remember which of the keys was for the front door.
  41. Tell me which fruit you want me to buy from the grocery store.
  42. The car, which he had rented for the trip, had excellent mileage.
  43. Which of the movies you watched last night did you enjoy the most?
  44. She couldn’t decide which of the two dresses she should wear to the party.
  45. The restaurant, which is famous for its seafood, is always crowded.
  46. Tell me which song you want me to play at the wedding reception.
  47. The laptop, which he used for his presentations, suddenly shut down.
  48. Which of the two options do you think is the better choice for us?
  49. She couldn’t remember which date the meeting was scheduled for.
  50. The hotel, which they stayed in during their vacation, had a breathtaking view.

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50 Example Sentences of “Which” | Images

English Word 'Which' Used in Sentences | Example Sentences

English Word ‘Which’ Used in Sentences | Example Sentences

English Word 'Which' Used in Sentences | Example Sentences

Which Used in Sentences

English Word 'Which' Used in Sentences | Example Sentences

Example Sentences of Which

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