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300+ Things That Start with D in English

300+ Things that start with D in English
Written by Abdul

This lesson is a valuable resource for anyone looking to expand their vocabulary or plan activities related to the letter D. It contains a comprehensive list of over 300+ items that begin with the letter D in English, ranging from delicious foods like Danish delights and dark chocolate to Household items like Doorbells and Dusters. The list is so versatile that it can be used for creating alphabet activities for preschoolers or poetry practice for 5th graders. Therefore, I highly recommend this list to anyone who wants to improve their understanding of the letter D.

300+ Things that start with D in English

Cool Things that start with D

Animals that start with D

Doe Desert tortoise
Deer Diamondback
Dove Doberman
Dog Dorkie
Dodo Desert locust
Dogfish Damselfly
Dalmatian Dhole
Dachshund Dire wolf
Duck Donkey
Dolphin Dragonfly
Dalmadoodle Dubai cockroach
Deathwatch beetle Dwarf crocodile
Deer tick Dung beetle
Diamond python Dwarf hamster
Dingo Dragonfish
Death adder Dwarf boa
Desert kingsnake Dabra goby
Desert tortoise Damselfish
Dark-eyed junco Dassie rat
Degu Dipper
Dik-dik Discuss
Dire wolf Dogo Argentino
Dormouse Dotterel
Dromedary camel Drongo
Dugong Duiker
Dunlin Dusky dolphin

Household items that start with D

Dish Dishpan
Dinner fork Dishrag
Dinner plate Drain plug
Dinner knife Dinnerware
Doorknob Dessert plate
Dustpan Dishtowel
Door lock Doorstopper
Dishcloth Door knocker
Dish soap Dicer
Drinking glass Dishwasher
Dish rack Doily
Duvet Down comforter
Detergent Down Pillow
Drain plug Drapes
Dinnerware Decanter
Dessert plate Diffuser
Dishtowel Drill
Doorstopper Dryer
Door knocker Dictionary
Dicer Dehumidifier
Dishwasher Deadbolt
Doily Deep freezer
Down comforter Drop cloth
Down Pillow Drip pan
Drapes Demitasse cup
Decanter Drainpipe
Diffuser Disposal
Drill Distiller
Dryer Dehydrator

Daily used Things that start with D

Deodorant Doorbell
Desktop computer Diary
Dresser Dish rack
Drinking glass Dish soap
Dining table Dustpan
Dryer Duvet
Daily planner Door lock
Dishtowel Dustbin
Digital clock Doormat
Dress shoes Dining chair
Dishwasher Dog leash
Drumstick Drawer
Diary Drapes
Driving license Dog Bowl
Daily newspaper Dustcloth
Dish rack Dining set
Daylight lamp Dental floss
Doorstopper Desk lamp
DVD player Dish drainer
Dining plate Dish rack
Dress shirt Drain cleaner
Desktop calendar Dog food
Dust mask Dish scrubber
Dishware Daybed
Door hinge Digital camera
Dishcloth Detergent

List of Fruits that start with D

Date Damson
Dragon Fruit Durian
Date Plum Dewberry
Date Palm Double Coconut
Desert Fig Donut Peach
Dwarf Mulberry Date Berry
Duku Langsat Dillenia
Dewfruit Diva Cucumber
Dabai Diospyros
Dovyalis Davidson’s Plum
Draksha Downy Serviceberry
Delight Melon Dragonfruit

Clothes & Accessories starting with D

Daisy dukes Draped turban
Dance shoes Deerstalker
Dancewear Dinner jacket
Day dress Dockers
Demi bra Doublet
Denim Dressing gown
Denim shirt Denim jacket
Denim shorts Duster
Dungarees Doll hat
Diaper dress Derby hat
Deck shoes Dress

Winter items that start with D

Down jacket Dog booties
Downhill skis Drawstring pants
Down vest Deerstalker hat
Down comforter Dressing gown
Double-layered socks Dog jacket
Dry gloves Dog scarf
Driftwood De-icer
Duffel coat Digital thermometer
Dog sled Dashiki

Toys that start with D

Doll Dice
Dinosaur figurines Dump truck toy
Dominoes Drum
Drawing pad Disc launcher
Doctor kit Dragon action figure
Dartboard Dollhouse
Die-cast cars Digging toys
Disc golf set Detective kit
Dog plush toy Doll stroller
Drum set Doodle pad
Dragon kite Digital pet
Dice game Doll stroller
Doctor playset Dog plush toy
Dump truck Dolphin stuffed animal
Diabolo (Chinese yo-yo) Dora the Explorer toys
Drumstick Diaper dress
Double-decker bus toy Dinky toys
Doraemon toys Domino rally set
Disco ball Die-cast airplanes
Duck toy Drumstick
Duckling plush Dolly
Dog robot toy Detective kit
Dollhouse Domino rally set

Electronic Devices that start with D

DVD Discman
DVD player Disc player
Desktop Digital video recorder (DVR)
Digital camera Disk drive
Disc Dreamcast
Drone Droid
Digital watch Dictaphone
Discman Digital scale
Disc player Docking station

Other Things that start with D

Dye Decal
Dew Daisy
Daffodil Dagger
Dahlia Damask
Diary Danewort
Darkroom Dandelion
Decongestant Defibrillator
Door handle Doorbell
Dumbbell Diffuser
Door jamb Doorstep
Drainpipe Drywall
Diamond Debit card
Duffle Dump truck
Diesel Diaper

Examples of the Most Common Things Starting with D

Dog: A domesticated carnivorous mammal.

  • Example: The dog barked loudly in the yard.
  • Example: She adopted a cute dog from the shelter.

Door: A hinged barrier at the entrance.

  • Example: Please close the front door behind you.
  • Example: The door creaked open slowly.

Day: A unit of time, 24 hours.

  • Example: We’ll meet tomorrow during the day.
  • Example: The sun rises every day in the east.

Dance: To move rhythmically to music.

  • Example: They decided to dance at the wedding.
  • Example: The ballerina performed a graceful dance.

Dream: A series of thoughts during sleep.

  • Example: Last night, I had a vivid dream.
  • Example: Achieving your goals requires hard work and dreams.

Drink: Consume liquid through the mouth.

  • Example: I like to drink water with meals.
  • Example: They decided to drink coffee at the cafe.

Drive: Operate and control a vehicle.

  • Example: She learned to drive a car.
  • Example: They plan to drive cross-country.

Dinner: The main meal of the day.

  • Example: Let’s have dinner together tonight.
  • Example: She prepared a delicious dinner.

Dress: A piece of clothing for the body.

  • Example: She wore a beautiful dress to the party.
  • Example: In formal events, men usually wear a suit and dress shoes.

Doctor: A person qualified to treat illnesses.

  • Example: The doctor prescribed medicine for the flu.
  • Example: She visited the doctor for a check-up.

Desk: A piece of furniture for work or study.

  • Example: The laptop is on the desk in the office.
  • Example: He organized papers on his cluttered desk.

Dollar: The standard currency in the U.S.

  • Example: The item costs ten dollars.
  • Example: She gave him a five-dollar bill.

Dictionary: A book containing words and definitions.

  • Example: I looked up the word in the dictionary.
  • Example: A good dictionary is essential for writers.

Distance: The amount of space between two points.

  • Example: The distance between the cities is 100 miles.
  • Example: They measured the distance using a map.

Dark: Lacking light, gloomy.

  • Example: It’s dark outside; turn on the lights.
  • Example: The room was too dark to see.

Dust: Fine, dry particles in the air.

  • Example: She wiped away the dust from the shelf.
  • Example: The old books were covered in dust.

Drive: Motivation or ambition.

  • Example: His strong drive led to success.
  • Example: Lack of drive can hinder progress.

Diamond: A precious gemstone.

  • Example: She wore a stunning diamond necklace.
  • Example: The ring had a sparkling diamond.

Decision: A conclusion reached after consideration.

  • Example: Making the right decision is crucial.
  • Example: He struggled with a tough decision.

Dolphin: A marine mammal.

  • Example: We saw a playful dolphin in the ocean.
  • Example: Dolphins are known for their intelligence.

Drama: A play for theater, TV, or radio.

  • Example: The play was a gripping drama.
  • Example: They watched a thrilling TV drama.

Document: A written or printed record.

  • Example: Please sign the document on the dotted line.
  • Example: The important document was carefully filed.

Decoration: Items used to beautify a space.

  • Example: She added some decorations to the room.
  • Example: The tree was covered in festive decorations.

Desk: A flat surface for work or writing.

  • Example: He sat at his desk to complete the assignment.
  • Example: The desk was cluttered with papers.

Dragon: Mythical fire-breathing creature.

  • Example: The knight fought a fierce dragon.
  • Example: Dragons are often depicted in fantasy stories.

Delight: A high degree of pleasure.

  • Example: The news brought her great delight.
  • Example: The children’s laughter was a source of delight.

Divide: Separate into parts.

  • Example: The river divides the city in two.
  • Example: They decided to divide the tasks evenly.

Dresser: A piece of furniture for storing clothes.

  • Example: She placed her clothes in the dresser.
  • Example: The bedroom had a spacious wooden dresser.

Dew: Moisture condensed from the air.

  • Example: The morning dew covered the grass.
  • Example: The flowers sparkled with morning dew.

Disco: A style of dance music.

  • Example: They danced to the energetic disco beat.
  • Example: The party featured a live disco band.

Design: A plan or drawing.

  • Example: The architect created a detailed design.
  • Example: She sketched the design for the new logo.

Disk: A flat, thin, round object.

  • Example: Save the data on the computer disk.
  • Example: The old computer used floppy disks.

Direction: The path along which something moves.

  • Example: Follow the direction of the arrow.
  • Example: The map provides clear directions.

Demonstrate: Show clearly and deliberately.

  • Example: He tried to demonstrate the correct technique.
  • Example: The teacher asked her to demonstrate her understanding.

Dinnerware: Plates, bowls, and utensils for dining.

  • Example: The elegant dinnerware was set on the table.
  • Example: She collected antique dinnerware.

Diploma: A certificate awarded for achievement.

  • Example: He received a diploma for completing the course.
  • Example: Her wall displayed several academic diplomas.

Drive: An organized effort to accomplish a goal.

  • Example: The team has a strong drive to win.
  • Example: Motivation is a key factor in achieving drive.

Diskette: A small, flexible magnetic disk.

  • Example: The data was stored on a computer diskette.
  • Example: Diskettes were commonly used for data storage.

Downpour: Heavy rainfall.

  • Example: The sudden downpour caught them off guard.
  • Example: They waited indoors for the downpour to end.

Dim: Lacking brightness or clarity.

  • Example: The room was dim, with only a small lamp.
  • Example: The fading light created a dim atmosphere.

Dentist: A medical professional for oral care.

  • Example: She visited the dentist for a check-up.
  • Example: The dentist recommended regular brushing.

Digital: Relating to electronic technology.

  • Example: The camera captured digital images.
  • Example: Digital devices have become ubiquitous.

Dressy: Suitable for formal occasions.

  • Example: She chose a dressy outfit for the party.
  • Example: The event requires a dressy dress code.

Draft: A preliminary version of a document.

  • Example: Please review the initial draft of the report.
  • Example: The writer made corrections to the draft.

Donate: Give to a cause or organization.

  • Example: They decided to donate to a charity.
  • Example: Many people donate blood regularly.

Distract: Prevent from concentrating.

  • Example: The noise outside distracted her from work.
  • Example: It’s important not to let emotions distract you.

Diligent: Showing care in one’s work.

  • Example: A diligent student completes assignments on time.
  • Example: Diligent employees contribute to success.

Dense: Closely compacted, crowded.

  • Example: The forest was dense with tall trees.
  • Example: The city had a dense population.

Dive: Plunge headfirst into water.

  • Example: They decided to dive into the pool.
  • Example: The athlete executed a perfect high dive.

Draw: Create a picture with a pencil or pen.

  • Example: She likes to draw landscapes in her sketchbook.
  • Example: Children often draw with crayons.

Things that start with D | Infographics

300+ Things that start with D in English

300+ Things that start with D in English

300+ Things that start with D in English

Useful things starting with D

300+ Things that start with D in English

Cool things that start with D

300+ Things that start with D in English

Easy things that start with D

300+ Things that start with D in English

Household Items that start with D

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