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Technology and Gadgets Vocabulary List in English

Technology Vocabulary and Tech Gadgets List in English
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Technology and Gadgets! Learn all about Technology vocabulary and list of Tech Gadgets in English with helpful explanation. In this lesson, we are going to explore 30+ Technology Gadgets names in English. Learn the entire lesson and enhance your knowledge about Technology Gadgets.

Learn these technology vocabulary words to improve your English. We live in a world which centers around various types of tech and these words are definitely needed in our day to day lives. After reading through this section, you will confidently be able to refer to a variety of technology related things in English.

Technology Vocabulary

Tech Gadgets List

  • Mouse
  • MP3 player
  • Webcam
  • Hard drive
  • Microphone
  • Digital camera
  • Headphones
  • Memory stick
  • Floppy disc
  • Router
  • Computer
  • Laptop
  • Memory card
  • Printer

Technology Vocabulary Words with Examples


– In her work she cannot do without a computer.


– This kind of laptop doesn’t come cheap.

Memory card

– The memory card still works okay in the camera.


– Can I connect my printer to your computer?


– Click on the printer icon with the mouse.

MP3 player

– I’ve recently bought an MP3 player.


– You could even watch her on the webcam.

Hard drive

– You’ll need to upgrade your hard drive to 4Mb before running this software.


– We need a microphone so that people in the back can hear us.

Digital camera

– He’s just bought a new digital camera.


– He’s wearing headphones, an infraction of school rules.

Memory stick

– I have a WinTV nova-t memory stick.

Floppy disc

– Standard letters can be stored on floppy discs.


– I’ve been thinking about buying a router for years.

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Technology Vocabulary and Tech Gadgets List in English

Technology Vocabulary and Tech Gadgets List in English

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