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Table Types with Images and Examples | Types of Tables

30+ Table Types with Images and Examples
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“Hi learners, In this lesson we are going to learn, different types of tables with useful images and example sentences.” Tables are pieces of furniture that come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each designed for a certain purpose. We’ll use pictures and examples to help you understand. Let’s start with some common types of tables you can face in your regular life.”

List of Table Names

  1. Dining Table
  2. Coffee Table
  3. End Table
  4. Console Table
  5. Kitchen Table
  6. Picnic Table
  7. Bar Table
  8. Workbench
  9. Drafting Table
  10. Poker Table
  11. Conference Table
  12. Folding Table
  13. Vanity Table
  14. Writing Desk
  15. Ping Pong Table
  16. Billiards Table
  17. Massage Table
  18. Sewing Table
  19. Outdoor Dining Table
  20. Farmhouse Table
  21. Bedside Table
  22. Inversion Table
  23. Dressing Table
  24. Trestle Table
  25. Aquarium Table
  26. Changing Table
  27. Bedside Locker Table
  28. Massage Bed Table
  29. Card Table
  30. Picnic Bench Table
  31. Laboratory Workbench
  32. Computer Desk
  33. Diner Booth Table

Table Types with Useful Images

Writing Desk
Bedside Table
Card Table
Conference Table
Computer Desk
Work Table
End Table
Dining Room Table
Dressing Table
Patio Table
Bar Table
Picnic Table
Table Tennis Table
Coffee Table
Console Table
Side Table
Folding Table
Drafting Table
Game Table
Vanity Table

Types of Tables with Example Sentences

  • Dining Table: A table used for meals and dining as a family or with guests.

Example 1: The family gathered around the dining table to enjoy a hearty Sunday brunch.

Example 2: The dining table was beautifully set with fine china and elegant silverware for the dinner party.

  • Coffee Table: A low table placed in a living room for serving coffee and snacks, and often used for decorative purposes.

Example 1: The coffee table in the center of the room held a stack of magazines and a vase of fresh flowers.

Example 2: Guests can comfortably reach for their coffee cups and pastries from the coffee table while watching TV.

  • End Table: A small table typically placed next to a sofa or chair to hold items like lamps, books, or drinks.

Example 1: The end table featured a stylish reading lamp and a coaster for placing beverages.

Example 2: She reached for her book on the end table, enjoying a peaceful evening of reading.

  • Console Table: A narrow, often decorative table used in entryways or hallways for display and storage.

Example 1: The console table in the foyer showcased a collection of vintage vases and family photos.

Example 2: Keys, mail, and other essentials were neatly organized on the console table near the front door.

  • Kitchen Table: A table in the kitchen where meals are prepared and family members often gather.

Example 1: The kitchen table was the heart of the home, where they shared breakfast and discussed their day.

Example 2: Preparing dinner together at the kitchen table had become a cherished family tradition.

  • Picnic Table: A sturdy outdoor table with attached benches, often used for picnics and outdoor dining.

Example 1: Families enjoyed a picnic in the park, sitting at the rustic picnic table.

Example 2: The picnic table by the lake was the perfect spot to enjoy sandwiches and the view.

  • Bar Table: A high table often found in bars and pubs for patrons to enjoy drinks and socialize.

Example 1: Friends gathered around the bar table, sipping cocktails and sharing stories.

Example 2: The bar table had a row of barstools for customers to sit and chat with the bartender.

  • Workbench: A sturdy table used in workshops or garages for various types of work and projects.

Example 1: The carpenter’s workbench was cluttered with tools and wood, ready for the day’s projects.

Example 2: The mechanic used the workbench to repair and fine-tune the engine of the vintage car.

  • Drafting Table: A specialized table used by artists and architects for creating detailed drawings and designs.

Example 1: The artist adjusted the angle of the drafting table to sketch intricate architectural plans.

Example 2: The drafting table featured a large drawing surface, ideal for precise technical illustrations.

  • Poker Table: A table designed for playing card games, such as poker, with designated spaces for players.

Example 1: The friends gathered around the poker table, placing their bets and enjoying a game.

Example 2: The poker table had a green felt surface, creating an authentic casino atmosphere.

  • Conference Table: A large table used in meetings and conferences to accommodate multiple participants.

Example 1: The board members discussed the company’s future around the conference table.

Example 2: The spacious conference table allowed for productive discussions among the team.

  • Folding Table: A portable table that can be easily folded and stored, suitable for various temporary uses.

Example 1: They set up a folding table in the backyard for the neighborhood barbecue.

Example 2: The event organizer arranged several folding tables for the craft fair’s vendors.

  • Vanity Table: A table often used in bedrooms for personal grooming and makeup application.

Example 1: She sat at the vanity table, meticulously applying her makeup before the evening event.

Example 2: The vanity table had a mirror and multiple drawers for organizing beauty products.

  • Writing Desk: A table with a writing surface used for tasks such as writing, studying, or working.

Example 1: The novelist spent hours at the writing desk, crafting the next chapter of the book.

Example 2: The student’s writing desk was covered in textbooks and study materials.

  • Ping Pong Table: A table designed for playing ping pong, also known as table tennis.

Example 1: Friends engaged in an intense match on the ping pong table in the basement.

Example 2: The ping pong table was set up in the recreation room for leisure and competition.

  • Billiards Table: A large table used for playing billiards, snooker, or pool.

Example 1: The billiards enthusiasts spent their evenings practicing their shots at the billiards table.

Example 2: The billiards table was the centerpiece of the game room, inviting friendly competition.

  • Massage Table: A padded table used in massage therapy for clients to lie on comfortably.

Example 1: The massage therapist prepared the massage table with soft linens and soothing music.

Example 2: Clients found relaxation and relief on the comfortable massage table during their sessions.

  • Sewing Table: A table designed for sewing and crafting, often equipped with storage for sewing supplies.

Example 1: The seamstress meticulously worked at the sewing table, creating a custom wedding dress.

Example 2: The sewing table had compartments for thread, needles, and fabric, keeping everything organized.

  • Outdoor Dining Table: A table placed in outdoor spaces like patios or gardens for al fresco dining.

Example 1: They enjoyed a summer barbecue at the outdoor dining table, surrounded by nature.

Example 2: The spacious outdoor dining table accommodated a large group for an evening dinner party.

  • Farmhouse Table: A rustic and sturdy table often used in country-style or farmhouse-themed interiors.

Example 1: The farmhouse table with a distressed finish gave the dining room a cozy, vintage charm.

Example 2: The family gathered around the farmhouse table, sharing stories and a home-cooked meal.

  • Bedside Table: A small table placed next to a bed for holding items like lamps, books, or personal items.

Example 1: The bedside table had a reading lamp and a glass of water for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Example 2: She reached for her phone from the bedside table to check the time before getting up.

  • Inversion Table: A specialized table used for inversion therapy, which involves hanging upside down for health benefits.

Example 1: The athlete used an inversion table to relieve back pain and improve flexibility.

Example 2: The inversion table was recommended by the chiropractor as part of a wellness routine.

  • Dressing Table: A table used for dressing and personal grooming, often equipped with a mirror and drawers.

Example 1: The actress prepared for the red carpet event at her elegant dressing table.

Example 2: The dressing table held an array of cosmetics and jewelry for the daily routine.

  • Trestle Table: A table with a horizontal bar and support legs, often used for dining or as a work surface.

Example 1: The rustic trestle table in the garden provided a charming setting for a picnic.

Example 2: The artist set up a trestle table in the studio for her painting projects.

  • Aquarium Table: A unique table with a built-in aquarium, used for decoration and as a conversation piece.

Example 1: The living room was adorned with an aquarium table, featuring colorful fish and aquatic plants.

Example 2: Guests were mesmerized by the underwater world within the aquarium table during gatherings.

  • Changing Table: A table used for changing diapers and dressing infants, typically found in nurseries.

Example 1: The parents stocked the changing table with diapers and baby essentials for quick changes.

Example 2: The changing table had safety rails to keep the baby secure during diaper changes.

  • Bedside Locker Table: A table or cabinet typically used in healthcare settings to store personal belongings next to a patient’s bed.

Example 1: The hospital room was equipped with a bedside locker table for patients to keep their belongings.

Example 2: The nursing home residents appreciated having a bedside locker table for their items.

  • Massage Bed Table: A specialized table used in massage therapy, designed for clients to lie comfortably.

Example 1: The spa’s massage bed table was designed for ultimate relaxation during massages.

Example 2: Clients raved about the comfort of the massage bed table and the skill of the masseuse.

  • Card Table: A table designed for playing card games and board games, often with a foldable design.

Example 1: The family gathered around the card table for a friendly game of poker on game night.

Example 2: The card table was easy to set up and put away, making it perfect for casual game gatherings.

  • Picnic Bench Table: A combination of a picnic table and benches, designed for outdoor picnics and gatherings.

Example 1: The picnic bench table in the park provided ample seating for a group of friends.

Example 2: Families enjoyed a picnic on the spacious picnic bench table, surrounded by nature.

  • Laboratory Workbench: A table used in scientific laboratories for conducting experiments and research.

Example 1: The scientist meticulously worked at the laboratory workbench, analyzing samples and recording data.

Example 2: The laboratory workbench was equipped with specialized equipment for cutting-edge research.

  • Computer Desk: A desk equipped for computer work, often with space for a computer monitor, keyboard, and peripherals.

Example 1: The office employee sat at the computer desk, working on reports and communicating with colleagues.

Example 2: The computer desk was neatly organized with cables and accessories for efficient work.

  • Diner Booth Table: A table typically found in diners and restaurants, often with attached seating booths.

Example 1: The diner booth table provided a cozy and nostalgic dining experience for customers.

Example 2: Friends enjoyed milkshakes and burgers at the retro diner booth table with red vinyl seating.

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30+ Table Types with Images and Examples

Types of Tables with Images and Examples

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