Synonyms Words in English With Urdu Meanings | Download PDF

Synonyms Words in English With Urdu Meanings | Download PDF
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Synonyms Words! Are you ready to expand your English Vocabulary and express yourself more clearly? There is no need to look any further! Our post is a thorough guide of English Synonyms, complete with Urdu meanings, providing you with a wonderful tool to improve your language skills. Each Synonym is accompanied by its Urdu equivalent, helping Urdu speakers to overcome the language gap and increase their English proficiency in an effortless manner. You will not only expand your vocabulary, but you will also develop a better knowledge of the intricacies of language and how words can create meaning.

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Note: This article will contain a detailed list of English synonyms as well as their Urdu equivalents, as well as examples and usage guidelines to aid understanding and implementation in ordinary discussions and written communication.

List of Synonyms

Abandon دست بردار ہونا ، ساتھ چھوڑ دینا Leave, desert
Abbreviate مختصر کرنا ، خلاصہ کرنا Shorten, abridge
Abundant کثیر ، وافر Plentiful, ample
Adore بڑی عقیدت کے ساتھ پرستش کرنا Worship, idolize
Agree اتفاق کرنا ، راضی ہونا Consent, assent
Announce اعلان کرنا Declare, proclaim
Answer جواب دینا Reply, respond
Bad بُرا،بد Evil, wicked
Bear برداشت کرنا ، سہنا Endure, tolerate
Behavior رویہ Conduct
Beautiful خوبصورت Lovely, pretty
Begin شروع کرنا ، آغاز کرنا Commence, start
Blame الزام تہمت ، تصور Censure, reprove
Blend ملانا ، یک جان کرنا Mix, mingle
Bold بہادر، دلیر Valiant, daring
Bright چمکدار Brilliant, intelligent
Busy مصروف Active, alert, Diligent
Calm پر امن Quiet, peaceful
Careful محتاط Cautious
Catch پکڑنا Capture, seize
Synonyms Words in English With Urdu Meanings | Download PDF

Synonyms Words List

Cause کاز Reason
Choose چوز Select
Clever ہوشیار Ordinary
Common عام Finish
Complete مکمل Smart, intelligent
Conduct انتظام کرنا Manage, control
Confess اقرار کرنا Admit, acknowledge
Confusion تذبذب کرنا، اعتراف کرنا muddle chaos
Constant مسلسل، مستقل Perpetual, Continuous
Correct درست ، صحیح Right, exact
Comprehend پوری طرح سمجھنا Understand, grasp
Conquer فتح کرنا Overcome, defeat
Dangerous خطرناک Risky, perilous
Decide فیصلہ کرنا Determine, resolve
Decrease کم کرنا Reduce, lessen
Disaster تباہی ، بربادی Calamity, adversity
Good اچھا، نیک Virtuous, upright
Grand پرشکوہ، بہت بڑا splendid, magnificent
Greedy لالچی، حریص Covet our, avaricious
Hard سخت، مشکل Difficult, tough
Synonyms Words in English With Urdu Meanings | Download PDF

Synonyms and Their Meanings

Haste جلدی، تیزی Hurry, speed
Hate نفرت Scorn, dislike
High لمبا، اونچا، بلند Tall, lofty
Hinder روکنا، آڑے آنا Prevent, obstruct
Honor عزت، وقار، توقیر Respect, regard
Humble عاجز، انکسار پسند Meek, modest
Idle سست، کاہل، غبی Lazy, sluggish
Infinite لامحدود Endless, limitless
Injure زخمی کرنا Hurt, harm
Insolvent دیوالیہ Bankrupt
Intention نیت، منشا Aim, object
Invasion حملہ، یلغار، دھاوا Attack, raid
Join ملنا، متحد ہونا Unite, combine
Joy خوشی Pleasure, mirth
Just مبنی بر انصاف، غیر جانبدار Fair, impartial
Kind مہربان، شفیق Tender, good
Labor کام Work, toil
Liberty آزادی Freedom, independence
Limit محدود کرنا، حد بندی کرنا Confine, restrict
Lonely تنہا Solitary
Synonyms Words in English With Urdu Meanings | Download PDF

Synonyms in English With Urdu

Love محبت، پیار Fondness, liking
Loyal وفادار، نمک حلال True, faithful
Mad پاگل، دیوانہ، مجنوں Insane, crazy
Marriage شادی، بیاہ wedding, matrimony
Method طور، طریقہ، ڈھنگ Manner, way
Miraculous حیران کن، حیرت انگیز wonderful, marvelous
Mute خاموش، گونگا Dumb, silent
Necessary ضروری، لازمی Needful, essential
Necessity ضرورت Need, want
Odd عجیب Strange, peculiar
Orderly ترتیب وار، قرینے سے systematic
Perfect بے عیب، کامل Faultless, complete
Proud مغرور، گھمنڈی Arrogant, haughty
Quarrel جھگڑا، فساد Dispute, feud
Rash ناعاقبت اندیشانہ Careless, reckless
Real حقیقی، سچی True, genuine
Remark رائے، تبصرہ comment
Remember یاد کرنا، یاد رکھنا Recollect, recall
Result نتیجہ Consequence, outcome
Reveal ظاہر کرنا، منکشف کرنا Disclose, divulge
Synonyms Words in English With Urdu Meanings | Download PDF

List of Synonyms

Rude اکھڑ، بدتمییز Impolite, offensive
Sad اداس، ملول، غمگین Gloomy, sorrowful
Safe محفوظ Secure, protected
See دیکھنا Behold, look
Serious سنجیدہ Sober, solemn
Shame شرم Disgrace, dishonor
Shy شرمیلا Bashful, coy
Slender پتلا، نازک Thin, lean
Sly مکار، عیار Cunning, shrewd
Small چھوٹا Tiny, little
Speak بولنا Talk say, chat
Spread پھیلانا Scatter, disperse
Stern کرخت، جابر Strict, stiff
Strong مضبوط Powerful, stalwart
Suitable مناسب، معقول Appropriate
Surprise حیران کرنا، حیرت میں ڈالنا Amaze, astonish
Think سوچنا Ponder, reflect
Thrift کفایت شعاری، کنجوسی Economy, frugality
Thrive پھلنا پھولنا Prosper, flourish
Timid ڈرپوک، بزدل Cowardly
Synonyms Words in English With Urdu Meanings | Download PDF

Different Words in English

Tradition روایت، رواج Custom, convention
Trust اعتماد، یقین Believe, rely
Try کوشش کرنا Attempt
Ugly بھدا، برا Hideous
Ultimate قطعی، حتمی Final, last
Usual عام، معمولی Common, ordinary
Vacant خالی Empty
Verdict فیصلہ، قول Judgement
Victory فتح Success, triumph
Villain بدمعاش، لچا، غنڈا Rogue, rascal
Vulgar غیر مہذب، ناشائستہ Indecent
Weak کمزور Feeble, frail
Wise عقل مند Prudent
Witty خوش گپ، بذلہ سنج Humorous
Yield دینا ، حوالے کرنا Submit
Synonyms Words in English With Urdu Meanings | Download PDF

List of Synonyms

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