Synonyms Words For Kids | Download PDF

Synonyms Words For Kids | Download PDF
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What are synonyms in English?

Synonyms are words with similar definitions that provide other ways to describe the same idea or concept. They offer language flexibility, allowing you to select the phrase that most accurately expresses the situation or emotion you want to portray. Synonyms enhance communication, making speeches and writing more interesting, evocative, and subtle. Download complete PDF Book from the bottom of this page.

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What is the benefit of using synonyms?

The advantage of utilizing synonyms is that it helps us avoid using the same words repeatedly in our writing and speech.

100+ List of Synonyms Words For Kids | Download PDF

List of Synonyms Words For Kids | Download PDF

Synonym Words list For Kids

Words Synonyms
Happy Joyful, Content, Merry, Delighted
Sad Unhappy, Miserable, Gloomy, Downcast
Big Large, Huge, Enormous, Massive
Small Tiny, Little, Miniature, Petite
Fast Quick, Swift, Rapid, Speedy
Slow Languid, Sluggish, Leisurely, Crawl
Hot Warm, Heated, Scorching, Sizzling
Cold Chilly, Icy, Frosty, Frigid
Bright Shining, Radiant, Glowing, Luminous
Dark Dim, Shadowy, Gloomy, Obscure
Funny Hilarious, Amusing, Comical, Humorous
Serious Grave, Solemn, Earnest, Thoughtful
Brave Courageous, Bold, Fearless, Valiant
Scared Afraid, Frightened, Terrified, Panicked
Strong Powerful, Mighty, Robust, Sturdy
Weak Feeble, Fragile, Frail, Debilitated
Loud Noisy, Boisterous, Raucous, Clamorous
Quiet Silent, Hushed, Tranquil, Peaceful
Smart Intelligent, Clever, Bright, Sharp
Dumb Silly, Stupid, Witless, Ignorant
Beautiful Gorgeous, Pretty, Lovely, Stunning
Ugly Hideous, Unattractive, Repulsive, Plain
Tasty Delicious, Yummy, Savory, Delectable
Gross Disgusting, Revolting, Nasty, Repugnant
Clean Neat, Tidy, Spotless, Immaculate
Dirty Filthy, Grimy, Muddy, Unclean

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