Synonyms For “Explain” in English With Useful Examples

Hi lovely learners, In this lesson, we will learn synonyms for “Explain” in English with their example sentences. Here we are providing the best series of words that have a similar meaning to “Explain.” It’s like having a big toolbox full of different words to help you tell people what you want to say. So when you want to clarify something, whether it’s sharing a story, making an idea easier to understand, or breaking down complex things into simple parts, you’ll have a lot of words in your mouth. bag to do the job. These words are like a set of keys to open the door of understanding, and you can choose the key that best suits you! It will be an interesting and useful journey through the world of words.

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List of Synonyms For “Explain”

  • Clarify
  • Elaborate
  • Describe
  • Define
  • Expound
  • Illustrate
  • Present
  • Interpret
  • Express
  • Break down
  • Demonstrate
  • Outline
  • Detail
  • Narrate
  • Specify
  • Reveal
  • Teach
  • Inform
  • Dissect
  • Make clear
  • Educate
  • Decipher
  • Break it down
  • Spell out
  • In formulate
  • Lay out
  • Enumerate
  • Explicate
  • Unfold
  • Unravel
  • Delineate
  • Expose
  • Specify
  • Spell it out
  • Make plain
  • Illustrate
  • Comment
  • Broadcast
  • Voice
  • Relate
  • Unpack
  • Rationalize
  • Decode
  • Untangle
  • Flesh out
  • Justify
  • Inform
  • Break it to
  • Depict
  • Simplify
  • Make known
  • Report
  • Narrate
  • Reiterate
  • Propound
  • Amplify
  • Disentangle
  • Decant
  • Disrobe
  • Disclose
  • Illuminate
  • Lay it out
  • Make explicit
  • Open up
  • Reveal
  • Communicate

Other Words For “Explain” With Examples


  • Please clarify your stance on this issue.
  • The teacher clarified the concept with a simple analogy.


  • Can you elaborate on your plans for the project?
  • The author elaborated on the protagonist’s backstory.


  • Could you describe the painting in detail?
  • She described the taste of the exotic dish.


  • Let’s define the key terms in this equation.
  • The dictionary can help you define unfamiliar words.


  • He expounded on the advantages of renewable energy.
  • The speaker expounded upon the historical context.


  • Use examples to illustrate your point.
  • The diagrams illustrate the engineering principles.


  • Please present your findings from the experiment.
  • He presented the main arguments in his speech.


  • You can interpret the data in various ways.
  • She interpreted the dream’s symbolism.


  • Express your thoughts on the matter.
  • His artistry allows him to express complex emotions.

Break down

  • Let’s break down the problem into smaller parts.
  • The infographic breaks down the statistics.


  • You can demonstrate the technique to the class.
  • The experiment demonstrated the law of gravity.


  • Can you outline the steps for this process?
  • The report outlines the company’s goals.


  • Detail your reasons for choosing this option.
  • The book details the character’s transformation.


  • Please narrate your experience at the conference.
  • He began to narrate an exciting adventure.


  • Be sure to specify your preferences.
  • She specified the exact measurements.


  • The documents will reveal the truth.
  • The investigation revealed unexpected connections.


  • Could you teach me how to do this?
  • The mentor teaches valuable life lessons.


  • Please inform me of the latest updates.
  • The news anchor informed the viewers about the event.


  • Let’s dissect the problem to understand it better.
  • The detective dissected the clues in the case.

Make clear

  • Your instructions should make the process clear.
  • The professor made clear the assignment guidelines.


  • Schools educate students on various subjects.
  • The documentary seeks to educate the public about climate change.


  • We need to decipher this ancient text.
  • He managed to decipher the secret code.

Break it down

  • Can you break it down for me step by step?
  • The analyst will break down the financial data.

Spell out

  • Please spell out the implications of your decision.
  • The contract spells out the terms and conditions.


  • Formulate the reasons behind your choice.
  • The scientist formulated a new hypothesis.

Lay out

  • Lay out the plan for the project.
  • The architect laid out the building’s design.


  • Enumerate the key points in your argument.
  • She enumerated the ingredients for the recipe.


  • Can you explicate this philosophical theory?
  • The professor explicated the poem’s symbolism.


  • Please unfold your ideas about the topic.
  • The history book unfolds the events of the past.


  • Let’s unravel the mystery behind these events.
  • The detective slowly unraveled the crime.


  • Delineate the boundaries of the project.
  • The artist delineated the landscape with precision.


  • The documentary aims to expose corruption.
  • The journalist exposed the truth behind the scandal.


  • Specify your expectations for the meeting.
  • The contract specifies the terms and conditions.

Spell it out

  • Can you spell it out clearly for us?
  • The manual spells out the assembly instructions.

Make plain

  • Make plain the significance of this discovery.
  • The professor made plain the historical context.


  • Use visuals to illustrate the concept.
  • The author illustrated the story with vivid descriptions.


  • Can you comment on your reasons for this choice?
  • The expert commented on the economic trends.


  • The news will broadcast the latest developments.
  • The radio host broadcasted the live event.


  • Voice your thoughts on the matter.
  • She voiced her concerns during the meeting.


  • Relate your experiences in the foreign country.
  • The storyteller related a fascinating legend.


  • Let’s unpack the meaning of this poem.
  • The speaker unpacked the complex issues.


  • Try to rationalize your decision.
  • He rationalized the company’s budget.


  • Decode the message hidden in the text.
  • The cryptographer decoded the encrypted file.


  • We need to untangle the web of misinformation.
  • She untangled the knots in the shoelaces.

Flesh out

  • Can you flesh out the characters in your story?
  • The artist fleshed out the sketch with more details.


  • Please justify your conclusion with evidence.
  • The lawyer justified the defendant’s actions.


  • Inform the audience about the new policies.
  • The documentary aims to inform viewers about wildlife.

Break it to

  • I need to break it to you gently.
  • She broke it to her parents that she was moving.


  • Depict the scene as vividly as possible.
  • The mural depicts the city’s history.


  • Can you simplify this complex concept for me?
  • The app is designed to simplify your daily tasks.

Make known

  • Make known your intentions for the project.
  • The artist aims to make known social issues.


  • Report the findings of the investigation.
  • The journalist reported on the unfolding events.


  • Narrate the story in your own words.
  • The author narrated an adventure tale.


  • I’ll reiterate the main points of the presentation.
  • She reiterates her commitment to the cause.


  • Propound your theory to the scientific community.
  • The philosopher propounded a new ethical framework.


  • Amplify your argument with supporting evidence.
  • The microphone amplifies the speaker’s voice.


  • We must disentangle the complex legal issues.
  • The therapist helped disentangle his thoughts.


  • Decant the liquid into a separate container.
  • The sommelier decanted the wine.


  • She disrobed in preparation for the shower.
  • The actor disrobed for the scene.


  • Disclose the confidential information to the team.
  • The whistleblower disclosed corporate wrongdoing.


  • Illuminate the room with more lamps.
  • The documentary illuminates the dark history.

Lay it out

  • Lay it out in a step-by-step guide.
  • The teacher laid out the syllabus for the semester.

Make explicit

  • Make explicit the rules of the game.
  • The contract makes explicit the payment terms.

Open up

  • Open up about your feelings.
  • He opened up about his struggles.


  • Reveal the hidden truth behind the mystery.
  • The magician revealed the chosen card.


  • Communicate your thoughts clearly.
  • Effective leaders communicate their vision.

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Synonyms For EXPLAIN With Useful Examples
Synonyms For EXPLAIN

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