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Stationery Items List in English With Images

Stationery Items List in English With Images
Written by Abdul

Stationery Items! Hi lovely learners, A list of practical stationery products with images and usage examples. When working with colleagues who understand English, being able to discuss and refer to various office products in the language can be extremely helpful. It can also come in very handy for those of you who are in school and need to request various supplies like pens, pencils, paper, printers, etc.

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This vocabulary will assist you with finding what you’re looking for in the event that a store assistant is needed to assist you while you’re out purchasing office supplies.

List of Stationery Items With Pictures

1 Marker
2 Eraser
3 Monitor
4 Sticky Notes
5 Push-pin
6 Filing Cabinet
7 Stapler
8 Label
9 Rubber Stamp
10 Sharpener
11 Paper
12 Swivel Chair
13 Envelope
14 Calculator
15 Fax
16 Ballpoint
17 Paper Clip
18 Folder
19 Highlighter
20 Telephone
21 Keyboard
22 Desk
23 Fountain Pen
24 Wastebasket
25 Clipboard
26 Scissors
27 Arrow
28 Notebook
29 Pencil

List of Stationery Items With Useful Examples

  • Marker: She used a red marker to highlight important sections in her notes.
  • Eraser: I need an eraser to correct this mistake in my drawing.
  • Monitor: The computer monitor displayed a sharp and clear image.
  • Sticky Notes: I left a sticky note on the fridge to remind me of the meeting.
  • Push-pin: He attached the document to the bulletin board with a push-pin.
  • Filing Cabinet: The important documents are stored in the filing cabinet.
  • Stapler: Can you pass me the stapler to bind these papers together?
  • Label: She put a label on each folder for easy identification.
  • Rubber Stamp: The company’s logo is imprinted with a rubber stamp.
  • Sharpener: I need to sharpen my pencil before I can continue writing.
  • Paper: Do we have enough paper for the presentation?
  • Swivel Chair: The ergonomic swivel chair provides excellent comfort.
  • Envelope: Please seal the document in an envelope before mailing it.
  • Calculator: I’ll use the calculator to double-check the numbers.
  • Fax: He sent the contract via fax for a quick review.
  • Ballpoint: A ballpoint pen is perfect for taking notes during the meeting.
  • Paper Clip: Use a paper clip to keep these pages together.
  • Folder: All the important documents are neatly organized in the folder.
  • Highlighter: She used a yellow highlighter to mark the key points.
  • Telephone: I’ll call you on the telephone to discuss the details.
  • Keyboard: The keyboard is an essential tool for typing documents.
  • Desk: Her desk is clutter-free, providing a productive workspace.
  • Fountain Pen: He prefers writing with a classic fountain pen.
  • Wastebasket: Dispose of the old papers in the wastebasket.
  • Clipboard: The nurse carried the patient’s chart on a clipboard.
  • Scissors: Please hand me the scissors to cut this ribbon.
  • Arrow: Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to navigate.
  • Notebook: I always carry a notebook to jot down ideas.
  • Pencil: Can I borrow a pencil to complete my crossword?

Stationery Items | Image

Stationery Items List in English With Images

Stationery Items List in English

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