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Silent Words with The Letters N and P | Silent N and P

Silent Words with The Letters N and P | Silent N and P
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Learn about the silent words, specifically those with the letters ‘N’ and ‘P.’ Silent words are words where certain letters are not pronounced. We’ll explore examples of such words to better understand how they work. By the end of this lesson, you’ll be able to identify and use silent words with ‘N’ and ‘P’ in everyday language.

Silent Words with The Letters N and P | Silent N and P

Silent N and P

Silent Words with “N”

  • Autumn
  • Column
  • Damn
  • Hymn

List of Words With A Silent “N” With Pronunciation 

Autumn: aw-tuhm

Column: kah-luhm

Damn: dam

Hymn: him

Silent Words with “N” with Examples

Autumn: The season between summer and winter, characterized by falling leaves.

Example Sentences

  • “The trees shed their leaves during autumn.”
  • “Autumn brings cooler temperatures and vibrant foliage.”

Column: A vertical arrangement of items or elements.

Example Sentences

  • “The newspaper has a regular opinion column.”
  • “The building’s architecture features classical columns.”

Damn: To express strong disapproval or annoyance.

Example Sentences

  • “He muttered a damn under his breath.”
  • “She damn near missed the bus.”

Hymn: A religious song or poem of praise.

Example Sentences

  • “The congregation sang a beautiful hymn.”
  • “The choir performed a traditional hymn during the ceremony.”

Silent Words with “P”

  • Coup
  • Cupboard
  • Pneumonia
  • Pseudo
  • Psychiatrist
  • Psychic
  • Psychology
  • Psychotherapy
  • Psychotic
  • Raspberry
  • Receipt

List of Words With A Silent “P” With Pronunciation 

Coup: coo

Cupboard: cuhb-erd

Pneumonia: noo-MOH-nee-uh

Pseudo: soo-doh

Psychiatrist: sigh-kai-uh-trist

Psychic: sahy-kik

Psychology: sahy-KOL-uh-jee

Psychotherapy: sahy-koh-ther-uh-pee

Psychotic: sahy-KOT-ik

Raspberry: RAZ-ber-ee

Receipt: ri-seet

Silent Words with “P” with Examples

Coup: A sudden, violent, and illegal seizure of power.

Example Sentences

  • “The rebels planned a coup to overthrow the government.”
  • “The military staged a successful coup d’état.”

Cupboard: A cabinet or enclosed storage space, typically in a kitchen.

Example Sentences

  • “She stored her dishes in the kitchen cupboard.”
  • “The cupboard was filled with canned goods.”

Pneumonia: Inflammation of the lungs with symptoms of cough and fever.

Example Sentences

  • “He was hospitalized for severe pneumonia.”
  • “Untreated, pneumonia can be a serious illness.”

Pseudo: Not genuine; false or pretended.

Example Sentences

  • “His so-called expertise was just pseudo-knowledge.”
  • “Beware of pseudo intellectuals spreading misinformation.”

Psychiatrist: A medical doctor specializing in mental health and disorders.

Example Sentences

  • “The psychiatrist prescribed medication for anxiety.”
  • “Patients consult a psychiatrist for mental health issues.”

Psychic: Relating to abilities beyond natural laws, often associated with paranormal phenomena.

Example Sentences

  • “She claimed to have psychic powers, predicting the future.”
  • “Many people are skeptical about psychic readings.”

Psychology: The scientific study of the mind and behavior.

Example Sentences

  • “He pursued a degree in psychology to understand human behavior.”
  • Psychology explores the complexities of the human mind.”

Psychotherapy: Treatment of mental disorders through psychological methods.

Example Sentences

  • Psychotherapy sessions helped him cope with anxiety.”
  • “Many seek psychotherapy for emotional well-being.”

Psychotic: Having a severe mental disorder with a loss of contact with reality.

Example Sentences

  • “The patient exhibited psychotic symptoms, hearing voices.”
  • “Medication is often prescribed for psychotic episodes.”

Raspberry: A small, red, edible fruit or a sound of derision.

Example Sentences

  • “She enjoyed a bowl of fresh raspberries for breakfast.”
  • “The audience responded with a loud raspberry when the joke fell flat.”

Receipt: A written acknowledgment of receiving something.

Example Sentences

  • “Always keep your receipt as proof of purchase.”
  • “The cashier handed her a receipt for the returned item.”

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