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Silent Words with The Letter L with Examples | Silent L

Silent Words with The Letter L with Examples | Silent L
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In this lesson, we’ll learn about silent words with the letter L in English with useful example sentences.”Silent words are those where a specific letter is written but not pronounced when we say the word. In these examples, the letter “L” is silent, meaning we don’t say it out loud. Let’s go through some words to understand how to pronounce them correctly, taking into account the silent “L.”

Silent Words with “L”

  • Almond
  • Balm
  • Calf
  • Calm
  • Chalk
  • Could
  • Folk
  • Half
  • Palm
  • Salmon
  • Should
  • Talk
  • Walk
  • Would
  • Yolk

Silent Words with “L” with Pronunciation

  • Almond: /ˈɑːlmənd/ (ahl-muhnd)
  • Balm: /bɑːlm/ (bahlm)
  • Calf: /kælf/ (kalf)
  • Calm: /kɑːlm/ (kahlm)
  • Chalk: /tʃɔːlk/ (chawk)
  • Could: /kʊld/ (kould)
  • Folk: /foʊk/ (foh-k)
  • Half: /hælf/ (haf)
  • Palm: /pɑːlm/ (pahlm)
  • Salmon: /ˈsæmən/ (sam-uhn)
  • Should: /ʃʊld/ (shoold)
  • Talk: /tɔːlk/ (tawk)
  • Walk: /wɔːlk/ (wawk)
  • Would: /wʊd/ (wood)
  • Yolk: /joʊk/ (yohk)

Words with Silent “L” with Examples

Almond: A type of nut


  • She ate a handful of almonds.
  • Almond milk is a popular alternative.

Balm: Soothing ointment or healing influence.


  • Apply balm to relieve the pain.
  • Kind words acted as a balm.

Calf: Young cow or the back of the leg.


  • The calf followed its mother.
  • My calf muscles are sore.

Calm: Peaceful and free from disturbance.


  • Find calm in nature.
  • Stay calm under pressure.

Chalk: Soft, white, or colored limestone.


  • Write on the board with chalk.
  • The sidewalk was chalked.

Could: Past tense of “can,” indicating ability.


  • She could swim effortlessly.
  • I could hear the music.

Folk: People in general.


  • Folk gathered for the festival.
  • Old folk tales endure.

Half: One of two equal parts.


  • Share the pizza, half each.
  • The journey is half-complete.

Palm: Inner surface of the hand.


  • Hold it in your palm.
  • The palm tree swayed.

Salmon: A type of fish.


  • Grilled salmon is delicious.
  • The river teems with salmon.

Should: Ought to; indicating obligation.


  • You should study more.
  • He should apologize.

Talk: Communicate through speech.


  • Let’s talk tomorrow.
  • They talk for hours.

Walk: Move on foot.


  • I prefer to walk.
  • Let’s take a walk.

Would: Past tense of “will.


  • She said she would come.
  • Would you like some tea?

Yolk: Yellow part of an egg.


  • Separate egg white from yolk.
  • The omelet had a rich yolk.
Silent Words with The Letter L with Examples | Silent L

Silent Words With The Letter L

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