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48 Important Road Signs With Names in English | Road Signs

48 Important Road Signs With Names in English | Road Signs
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Important Traffic/Road Signs

Greetings and welcome to a crucial Lesson for all road users! You will learn to recognize and comprehend 48 important Road Signs, each of which has its name in English, as we lead you through the world of road signs in this thorough tutorial. This lesson is intended to arm you with the information you need to stay safe and self-assured on the road, whether you’re a novice driver, getting ready for your driving test, or you’re just curious about road safety.

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You’ll be able to recognize and decipher 48 significant Traffic Signs with their names in English at the end of this lesson. This information will be useful to you whether you’re a rookie or seasoned driver or simply someone who wishes to increase their awareness of traffic safety. As you embark on this educational tour of the world of traffic signs, let’s make sure you have the knowledge and assurance necessary to travel the roads sensibly and safely.

Traffic/Road Signs With Images

01. The road narrows on both sides
02. Hump
03. Slippery road
04. Uneven road
05. Wild animals
06. Roundabout ahead
07. Crossroads ahead
08. Pedestrian crossing ahead
09. One-way traffic
10. Dead end Street
11. No goods vehicle
12. No parking
13. No smoking
14. Weight limit
15. Height limit
16. Fuel station
17. Green traffic light
18. Traffic lights
19. Red Light
20. Yellow light
21. Keep right
22. Keep left
23. Steep ascent
24. Steep descent
25. Bend to right
26. Double bend
27. Falling rocks
28. School crossing
29. Road work
30. Give way
31. Traffic signs ahead
32. Parking lot
33. Roundabout
34. No motor vehicles
35. No cycling
36. No left turn
37. No U-turn
38. No overtaking
39. No blowing of the horn
40. Two-way traffic ahead
41. Ahead only
42. Turn left ahead
43. Turn left
44. Minimum speed
45. Maximum speed
46. No waiting
47. No stopping
48. No entry
48 Important Road Signs With Names in English | Road Signs

Traffic Signs

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