111 Most Used Daily English Phrases | Phrases For Everyday Used

Phrases For Everyday Used

Hi learners, in this Lesson we are going to learn the most commonly used English phrases. Effective communication requires the usage of frequently used English Phrases. They are typical phrases that individuals use in casual discussions to convey ideas, exhibit feelings, and connect with others. These expressions cover a wide range of contexts, from salutations like “Hello” and “How are you?” to expressions of appreciation like “Thank you” and “You’re welcome.” Furthermore, words like “I don’t know” and “I’m sorry” support the communication of uncertainty and regret. In social settings, greetings and casual conversations are facilitated by statements like “Nice to meet you” and “What’s up?”

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Overall, commonly used English expressions act as the foundation of communication, allowing people to connect and move easily through a variety of social and professional circumstances.

111 Most Used Daily English Phrases | Phrases For Everyday Used
Most Used Daily English Phrases

English Phrases Used in Daily Life

It’s time to play. Not necessarily
My hands are tied. I really admire you sir.
You’re very impatient. How much does it cost?
Drop me home. Make up your mind.
Put off the stove. Not in my books.
Keep the bicycle on stand. Do not delay.
Send someone. Do not favor me.
Do not show off. It’s alright.
Don’t oppose. Do not make excuses.
As you like. Call me on reaching home.
It was by my mistake. Nothing like that.
As soon as possible. I wish you all the best.
No problem. My bag is so heavy.
Try again. What is on TV?
Now, you ask. Let me tell you.
I need your help. You are second to none.
How terrible! Wait for me.
Don’t mind my words. Go and study.
Promise me. You could have talked to me lovingly.
Don’t daydream. Listen to me.
Look properly. Believe me.
I am stuck. Do not shed your tears.
Wait for a while. You need to take precautions.
I hope you are enjoying yourself. Ask someone else.
Please continue. Drop me home.
Never give up. Market will remain open by 10.
Believe in yourself. We are not on speaking terms.
I can’t step back now. Don’t abuse in front of child.
Don’t be silly. Be regular in future.
You have become so arrogant. Put out the lamp.
Go there immediately. Pack the luggage.
Write legibly. Learn something new.
Don’t tease the girls. Convey my apologies.
Don’t play with bad boys. Read again.
Keep standing there. Write it down.
I beg your pardon. Stay inside.
Glad to see you here. Don’t panic.
Don’t show me tantrums. Go ahead.
What did you say? Introduce yourself.
I’m coming from Lahore. He is no more.
Give up laziness. I’m extremely sorry.
This is for you. I made a huge mistake.
Come with me. Don’t use abusive language.
Respect your elders. I’m obliged to you.
I also feel the same. I’m getting nervous.
Don’t jeer at me. Health is wealth.
Shame on you. Why do you look sullen today?
Are you feeling sleepy? It is your greatness.
What does your father do? Where was your attention?
How do you know me? He is grief-stricken.
Read out this line to me. Exchange this.
Some guests have come home. Love your parents.
I love my work. You left me for nothing.
Pay attention to yourself. Speak again.
111 Most Used Daily English Phrases | Phrases For Everyday Used
Phrases For Everyday Used

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