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List of Adjective Collocations with AT | Adjective + At

List of Adjective Collocations with AT | Adjective + At
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In this lesson, we’ll look at some adjective collocations with “at.” These word combinations work together like partners in a dance to create vibrant and expressive language. These word pairs let us express emotions and events more clearly, from being “amazed at” something amazing to feeling “angry at” an injustice. Understanding these adjective collocations will improve your ability to communicate effectively in regular discussions and writing, whether you’re “excited at” good news or “appalled at” something shocking. So, let’s get started and discover the power of words “at” their most powerful!

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What Is Collocation?

Collocation occurs when specific words prefer to be used together because it sounds natural in a language. For example, we say “heavy rain” rather than “strong rain” since “heavy” and “rain” go together naturally. Collocations help our language seem proper and understandable.

Adjective Collocations List with AT

  • Puzzled at
  • Furious at
  • Skilled at
  • Thrilled at
  • Terrified at
  • Proficient at
  • Disgusted at
  • Delighted at
  • Skeptical at
  • Enraged at
  • Stunned at
  • Overjoyed at
  • Awed at
  • Amazed at
  • Appalled at
  • Adept at
  • Aimed at
  • Amused at
  • Incredulous at
  • Bewildered at
  • Awful at
  • Bad at
  • Brilliant at
  • Clever at
  • Disappointed at
  • Good at
  • Successful at

Collocations with AT | Picture

List of Adjective Collocations with AT | Adjective + At

List of Adjective Collocations with AT

Adjective + At Collocations with Useful Examples

Puzzled at

  • She was puzzled at the mysterious disappearance of her keys.
  • He looked puzzled at the unexpected question during the interview.

Furious at

  • They were furious at the unfair treatment they received.
  • She became furious at the reckless driver who cut her off in traffic.

Thrilled at

  • They were thrilled at the news of their engagement.
  • She was thrilled at the opportunity to travel abroad for work.

Terrified at

  • The children were terrified at the sight of the thunderstorm.
  • He was terrified at the thought of speaking in front of a large audience.

Proficient at

  • She is proficient at speaking multiple languages fluently.
  • He’s proficient at using various software programs for data analysis.

Disgusted at

  • She was disgusted at the sight of the spoiled food in the fridge.
  • They were disgusted at the unethical behavior of their coworker.

Delighted at

  • The guests were delighted at the delicious homemade meal.
  • She was delighted at the unexpected compliment from her boss.

Skeptical at

  • He was skeptical of the claims of the miracle weight-loss product.
  • She remained skeptical at the prospect of the project’s success.

Enraged at

  • He was enraged at the injustice he witnessed in the news.
  • She became enraged at the rude comments made about her family.

Stunned at

  • The audience was stunned at the breathtaking performance.
  • He was stunned at the surprising turn of events in the movie.

Skilled at

  • They are skilled at creating stunning digital artwork.
  • He’s skilled at fixing mechanical problems in old cars.

Overjoyed at

  • They were overjoyed at the birth of their first child.
  • She was overjoyed at the news of her best friend’s wedding.

Awful at

  • She’s awful at singing; her voice is completely off-key.
  • He’s awful at time management; he’s always running late.

Bad at

  • I’m bad at math, so I struggle with complex calculations.
  • She’s bad at keeping secrets; she always ends up revealing them.

Brilliant at

  • He’s brilliant at solving complex puzzles in record time.
  • She’s brilliant at playing the piano; her performances are always captivating.

Clever at

  • Sarah is clever at finding innovative solutions to problems.
  • He’s clever at making witty jokes that keep everyone entertained.

Disappointed at

  • They were disappointed at the cancellation of the concert they were looking forward to attending.
  • She was disappointed at her low test scores despite studying hard.

Good at

  • He’s good at playing basketball; he rarely misses a shot.
  • She’s good at public speaking and can captivate any audience.

Successful at

  • He has been successful at building a thriving business from scratch.
  • She’s been successful at maintaining a healthy work-life balance throughout her career.

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