Use These Alternative Words Instead Of Very | Download PDF

Use These Alternative Words Instead Of Very | Download PDF
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Alternative Words Instead Of Very! Learn 60+ instead of Very in English. In this lesson, you are going to explore the new words that you can use instead of Very during conversation in English. These 60+ Alternatives of Very are going to strengthen your English Vocabulary. So, let’s get started on today’s lesson that’s going to help you increase your knowledge about English Vocabulary.


Hello learners, I think the word Very is quite old. So, in today’s lesson, I will share with you the 60+ Alternative words that you can use instead of Very.

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Very Shiny Gleaming
Very Short Brief
Very Serious Grave
Very Sad Sorrowful
Very Rich Wealthy
Very Deep Profound
Very Confused Perplexed
Very Dirty Filthy
Very Cute Adorable
Very Detailed Meticulous
Very Easy Effortless
Very Difficult Arduous
Very Empty Desolate
Very Excited Thrilled
Very Depressed Despondent
Very Fat Obese
Very Hot Sweltering
Very Glad Overjoyed
Very Friendly Amiable
Very Special Exceptional
Usage in Sentences:
  • Her diamond ring was very shiny; it was gleaming.
  • The summary was very short; it was brief.
  • His expression was very serious; it was grave.
  • The movie’s ending was very sad; it was sorrowful.
  • Their mansion was very rich; it was wealthy.
  • The philosopher’s thoughts were very deep; they were profound.
  • Solving the puzzle left her very confused; she was perplexed.
  • The alley was very dirty; it was filthy.
  • The kitten was very cute; it was adorable.
  • The artwork was very detailed; it was meticulous.
  • The test was very easy; it was effortless.
  • Climbing the mountain was very difficult; it was arduous.
  • The house felt very empty; it was desolate.
  • Winning the game made him very excited; he was thrilled.
  • Failing the exam made her very depressed; she was despondent.
  • The elephant was very fat; it was obese.
  • The desert was very hot; it was sweltering.
  • Receiving good news made them very glad; they were overjoyed.
  • The host was very friendly; he was amiable.
  • Their bond was very special; it was exceptional.
Use These Alternative Words Instead Of Very | Download PDF

Use These Alternative Words Instead Of Very

Very Hard Difficult
Very Funny Hilarious
Very Happy Ecstatic
Very Sure Certain
Very Tasty Delicious
Very Beautiful Gorgeous
 Very Old Fashioned Archaic
Very Nervous Apprehensive
Very Old Ancient
Very Poor Destitute
Very Pretty Beautiful
Very Smart Intelligent
Very Perfect Flawless
Very Necessary Essential
Very Noisy Deafening
Very Bright Luminous
Very Long Term Enduring
Very Boring Dull
Very Angry Furious
Very Quick Rapid
Usage in Sentences:
  • Calculus can be very hard to understand.
  • The comedian’s jokes were very funny; they were hilarious.
  • Winning the lottery made him very happy; he was ecstatic.
  • After extensive research, she was very sure. She was certain.
  • The chef’s signature dish was very tasty; it was delicious.
  • The sunset over the ocean was very beautiful; it was gorgeous.
  • Some traditions are very old-fashioned; they’re archaic.
  • Before her presentation, she felt very nervous; she was apprehensive.
  • The ruins of the castle were very old; they were ancient.
  • Despite working hard, he remained very poor; he was destitute.
  • The flower in the garden was very pretty; it was beautiful.
  • She was very smart; she was intelligent.
  • The painting was very perfect; it was flawless.
  • Water is very necessary for survival; it’s essential.
  • The construction site was very noisy; it was deafening.
  • The stars in the night sky were very bright; they were luminous.
  • Their friendship was very long-term; it was enduring.
  • The lecture was very boring; it was dull.
  • After the argument, he was very angry; he was furious.
  • The cheetah’s sprint was very quick; it was rapid.
Use These Alternative Words Instead Of Very | Download PDF

Use These Alternative Words Instead Of Very

Very Busy Swamped
Very Clean Spotless
Very Calm Serene
Very Colorful Vibrant
Very Careful Cautious
Very Tall Towering
Very Bad Awful
Very Talented Gifted
Very Expensive Costly
Very Frightening Terrifying
Very Exciting Exhilarating
Very Simple Basic
Very Important Crucial
Very Weak Frail
Very Thirsty Parched
Very Clear Obvious
Very Large Huge
Very Skinny Skeletal
Very Cold Freezing
Very Interesting Captivating
Usage in Sentences:
  • She’s very busy with work and family; she feels swamped.
  • After the thorough cleaning, the house is very clean; it’s spotless.
  • Sitting by the tranquil lake makes her feel very calm; it’s serene.
  • The market is full of very colorful fruits and vegetables; it’s vibrant.
  • He’s very careful when handling fragile items; he’s cautious.
  • The skyscraper is very tall; it’s towering over the city.
  • The movie was very bad; it was awful.
  • The young artist is very talented; she’s gifted.
  • The antique watch is very expensive; it’s costly.
  • The haunted house is very frightening; it’s terrifying.
  • The roller coaster ride is very exciting; it’s exhilarating.
  • The instructions are very simple; they’re basic.
  • Saving lives is very important; it’s crucial work.
  • After the illness, he’s very weak; he’s frail.
  • After the workout, he’s very thirsty; he’s parched.
  • The instructions are very clear; they’re obvious.
  • The whale is very large; it’s huge.
  • Despite eating a lot, she remains very skinny; she’s skeletal.
  • The winter weather is very cold; it’s freezing.
  • The mystery novel is very interesting; it’s captivating.
Use These Alternative Words Instead Of Very | Download PDF

Use These Alternative Words Instead Of Very Download PDF

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