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Household Items Vocabulary

Household Items Vocabulary
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Hi dear learners in this lesson you are going to learn about household items names in English with useful images. Household items Vocabulary. We frequently fail to notice the hidden wonders of our own household products because of the everyday rush and bustle. These items are more than just functional; they also include tales, innovations, and occasionally even a hint of grace. In this blog post, we set out on a quest to explore the fascinating world of commonplace objects that are frequently overlooked. If you want a complete PDF Book for this lesson the go to the bottom of this page.

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Our homes are collections of the past, the present, and the future that are concealed in commonplace items. Let’s keep in mind to pause and appreciate the stories that our household goods discreetly reveal as we go about our everyday activities. These things aren’t simply tools; they’re also windows into the human experience, each with a particular story that’s just waiting to be learned. Take a moment to be in awe of the intricate narratives they hold the next time you pick up a porcelain mug, look at an old key, or light some incense. It’s a world of wonder that’s right there in front of you.

Household Items Vocabulary

Household Items Name With Images

Coffee maker
Electric fan
Light bulb
Rice cooker
Electric guitar
Water purifier
Kitchen hood
Clothes dryer
Bachelor griller
Vacuum cleaner
Water cooker
Crock pot
Evaporative cooler
Pressure cooker
Air conditioner
Electric drill
Hot pot
Washing machine
Clothes iron

Household Items Vocabulary

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