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Hospital and Medical Vocabulary Words in English

Hospital and Medical Vocabulary Words in English
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Hospital and Medical Vocabulary! We will study a wide variety of English Hospital and Medical Vocabulary words in this lesson. We will explore the vocabulary required for efficient communication in healthcare settings, covering everything from fundamental Phrases like “Doctor,” “Nurse,” and “Patient” to more technical ones like “Diagnosis,” “Treatment,” and “Prescription.”

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This lesson will give you a firm foundation in the language of medicine, enabling you to navigate and participate confidently in conversations about healthcare and hospitals, whether you’re a medical professional looking to expand your vocabulary or simply looking to better understand medical terminology.

Hospital and Medical Vocabulary Words in English

Hospital and Medical Vocabulary

Hospital Vocabulary Words with Images

01. Hospital Gown
02. Hospital Receptionist
03. Call button
04. Surgery
05. Diagnosis
06. Plaster
07. Midwife
08. Hospital Bed
09. Doctor’s Office
10. Patient
11. Injection
12. Thermometer
13. Stethoscope
14. Stitches
15. Operating Room
16. Operation
17. Prescription
18. Checkup
19. Outpatient
20. Appointment
21. Waiting Room
22. Walker
23. Stretcher
24. Medical Record
25. Blood Pressure Monitor
26. Magnifier
27. Gloves
28. Pill / Tablet
29. Surgical Mask
30. Scalpel
31. Needle
32. Braces
33. Inhaler
34. Antiseptic
35. Eye Chart
36. First aid kit
37. Blood Bag
39. Cotton Wool
40. Cotton Swab
41. Adhesive Bandage
42. Adhesive Tape
43. Oxygen Mask
44. Ambulance
45. Clinic
46. Wheelchair
47. Bandage
48. Nurse
49. Medicine
50. Doctor
51. Crutches
52. Signboard
53. General Ward
54. Emergency Ward
55. Burn Ward
56. Operation Theatre (OT)
57. Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
58. Outpatient Department (OPD)

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