Feminine and Masculine Words in English With Urdu Meanings

Feminine & Masculine Words in English With Urdu Meanings PDF
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Learn common Feminine and Masculine words in English with Urdu meanings. The list of masculine and feminine words in this section is divided into many categories. To give you enough nouns with gender terms, we have two tables. You can download complete PDF Book for these words from the bottom of this page.

Feminine & Masculine

The terms “feminine” and “masculine” are frequently used to refer to specific features, qualities, actions, and roles that are generally associated with women and men, respectively. Despite the fact that these ideas are sometimes viewed as being binary and polar opposites, it’s crucial to remember that gender is a complicated and diverse component of human identity that varies widely from person to person. Nurturing, empathy, sensitivity, and emotional expressiveness have historically been considered to be feminine traits. Women are frequently expected to provide for their families and communities by acting as caregivers, sympathetic listeners, and emotional pillars. Softness, grace, and fluidity are further qualities frequently connected to feminine clothing, conduct, and communication. Male attributes, on the other hand, have been linked to traits like power, independence, assertiveness, and competitiveness. Men are frequently expected to act as guardians, providers, and leaders, with an emphasis on success and the display of dominance and control. Boldness, rigidity, and hostility are frequently linked to masculine fashion, conduct, and communication. It’s crucial to remember that these conventional gender norms and expectations aren’t always ingrained or commonplace. They are influenced by cultural and social influences and can be very varied between cultures and eras. Additionally, many people identify as non-binary, genderqueer, or genderfluid, which do not cleanly fit into these binary categories. In the end, femininity and masculinity are complicated and multifaceted ideas that should be understood in the context of a larger debate about gender and identity. Instead of rigidly upholding gender stereotypes and expectations, we should work to build a more tolerant and inclusive culture that values diversity and encourages people to express themselves in ways that feel true to who they really are.

Feminine & Masculine Words

Feminine مؤنث Masculine مذ کر
Authoress مصنفہ Author مصنف
Baroness جاگیر دار عورت Baron جاگیر دار
Countess امیر عورت Count امیر
Giantess جننی Giant جن
Jewees یہودن Jew یہودی
Poetess شاعرہ Poet شاعر
Actress اداکارہ Actor اداکار
Tailoress درزن Tailor درزی
Negress حبشن Negro حبشی
Tigress شیرنی Tiger شیر
Mistress مالکن Master مالک
Administratrix ناظمہ Administrator ناظم
Czarina ملکہ روس Czar مرد روس
Dona معزز عورت Don معزز شخص
Executrix خاتون تعمیل کنندہ Executor مرد تعمیل کنندہ
Feminine & Masculine Words in English With Urdu Meanings PDF

Feminine & Masculine Words in English With Urdu Meanings

Feminine مؤنث Masculine مذ کر
Sultana سلطانہ Sultan سلطان
Duchess نو ابن Duke نواب
Sister بہن Brother بھائی
Mother ماں Father باپ
Filly بچھیا Colt بچھڑا
Goose مرغابی Gander ہنس
Vixen لومڑی Fox لومڑ
Cow گائے Bull بیل
Witch جادو گر عورت Wizard جادوگر مرد
Mare گھوڑی Horse گھوڑا
Maid servant نوکرانی Man servant نوکر
Lass لڑکی Lad لڑکا
Lady محترمہ Lord محترم
Miss مس Master ماسٹر
Mrs. مسز Mr. مسٹر
Feminine & Masculine Words in English With Urdu Meanings PDF

Feminine & Masculine Words in English With Urdu Meanings

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