100 Famous Islamic Baby Names with Meanings

In this article, we are going to explore 100 famous Islamic baby names with meanings. A name is an identification that parents give to their kids. After the birth of a baby, parents should assign a name to their kids, and after 7 days, they need to do ‘Aqeeqah’.

Here, I’m going to share with you the 100 popular baby Islamic names with their meanings. We are giving you a huge list of Islamic names for babies and their meanings. If you didn’t find your name, then you can search for it on this page.

100 Famous Islamic Baby Names

Sr. Name Meaning
1 Mehwish Pretty
2 Alyan Tall And Healthy
3 Laraib Undoubtedly, Certainly
4 Rizwan Complacency
5 Ayesha Name Of The Daughter Of Abu Bakr, And Favorite Wife Of Muhammad (s.a.w), Prosperous
6 Murtaza Most Favorite
7 Nasreen White rose
8 Arsal The one who was sent
9 Inaya In Islam meaning is a concern; solicitude
10 Iqra Early Education, Beginning, Read
11 Kashan A City In Iran
12 Minha Grant
13 Sara Whole
14 Ijaz Miracle, Charisma, Surprise
15 Huma Daughter of King Bahman and mother of Darab


16 Sameer Beneficiary
17 Uswa Example, Sample
18 Zoha Light
19 Shahbaz Handsome young man, brave person
20 Fatima One of the 4 perfect women mentioned in the Qur’an, the daughter of the Holy Prophet
21 Shahzaib The crown of a king, like a king
22 Rameen Successful woman.
23 Abdul Rehman Rehman a servant of
24 Irha Molar Teeth
25 Abdul Hadi Guide, leader
26 Abdullah Servant of god
27 Subhan Allah
28 Muhammad Appreciated, Name of the Last Prophet of Allah (SWT)
29 Azlan Lion
30 Rohan Happiness
31 Bushra Good News, Face
32 Uzma Smart Lady
33 Danish Wittedness, Understanding, Worry, Knowledge
34 Faiza Amused
35 Afnan Short dry twigs chewed and used to clean teeth


36 Muneeb One who turns to the right path, vicegerent
37 Sobia Happy Dress Lady, Dresser
38 Ubaid In Egyptian meaning is faithful.
39 Waseem Beautiful
40 Umer Life, period
41 Farzana Wise, smart
42 Muzammil One of the titles of Prophet Mohammed (S.A.W)
43 Hania Rich, well-to-do, prosperous, happy, in pleasant or easy circumstances
44 Altamash Sardar
45 Abeeha The name of Hazrat Fatima R.A
46 Haroon Head, chief
47 Bilal The Prophet’s Companion
48 Zunaira Flower Of Paradise
49 Haris Farmer, Cultivator
50 Asad Lion
51 Usman Hazrat Usman Ghani
52 Zeeshan Lovable
53 Minahil Fresh Water Spring
54 Anam The mercy of Allah
55 Hamza The Uncle of Holy Prophet (PBUH), Killer of Lions


56 Nabeel Noble man.
57 Atif Kind, affectionate, merciful
58 Lubna A woman with milky white beauty
59 Fatima One of the 4 perfect women mentioned in the Qur’an, the daughter of the Holy Prophet
60 Huzaifa The name of the companion of Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W)
61 Azhar Bright, Enlightened
62 Ayat Mark, sign
63 Zohaib Leader, king
64 Anum The mercy of Allah
65 Samina Precious
66 Uzair The biblical Ezra is the English language equivalent
67 Rubina The red gemstone
68 Amna Peace
69 Zara Humble
70 Hurain Name of Hazrat Fatima
71 Ashir Grateful, thankful
72 Hunain Valley near Makkah where a battle was fought in the time of prophet Muhammad.
73 Hajra To emigrate
74 Adan A City In Yemen
75 Rabia Monks or dervishes who abandon worldly possessions ascetic
76 Hina Henna, Flower
77 Nazia TO BE PROUD
78 Anaya Gift
79 Hassan Name Of The Eldest Son Of Hazrat Ali And Hazrat Fatima, Beautiful, Pious, Best
80 Salman Companion, especially of Prophet Muhammad
81 Zubair In Sindhi, the meaning is a proper name.
82 Laiba Laaibah is the prettiest woman in all the Jannat (heavens). She will be in Jannat al firdous.
83 Faizan Blessings, gifts
84 Rimsha A bunch of flowers, a beautiful
85 Haniya A place to rest; to be happy
86 Fahad Counsellor, a large swift-running spotted animal of the cat family
87 Ahmad Much praised. one of many names of the prophet Muhammad
88 Farhan Happiness
89 Burhan Argument, Reason, Proof
90 Ashar Liveliness
91 Arham The most compassionate or merciful
92 Hira The name of the hill where the Quran was revealed to the prophet
93 Rayan Soft touch, fresh, paradise gate
94 Musfira Glowing face, Bright, White
95 Abubakar In Egyptian meaning is noble.
96 Hanan Forgiving, Kinder
97 Khadija The First Wife Of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW)
98 Sadaf Light
99 Aisha Name Of The Daughter Of Abu Bakr, And Favourite Wife Of Muhammad (s.a.w), Prosperous
100 Sadia Princess

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