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100 Example Sentences of “When” | When Used in Sentences

100 Example Sentences of "When" | When Used in Sentences
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Learn 100 example sentences of when in English. Here, we will learn 100 English sentences of ‘When’. Learn the entire lesson and enhance your spoken English skills. These sentences are going to strengthen your daily life conversation and communication skills.

When Used in Sentences

The word “when” is one of those versatile linguistic tools that can significantly alter the context and meaning of a sentence. From interrogative uses to establishing temporal relationships, “when” serves as a crucial cornerstone in our communication. Take a look at the below list which contains 100 example sentences ofwhen‘ in English:

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Example Sentences of “When”

  1. When will you be arriving at the party?
  2. I knew the answer when I saw his expression.
  3. Tell me when you’re ready to begin.
  4. He always smiles when he’s nervous.
  5. The children laughed when the clown appeared.
  6. When in doubt, ask for help.
  7. They left the house when it started raining.
  8. It was clear when the fog lifted.
  9. I felt relieved when she apologized.
  10. When the moon rose, the night seemed magical.
  11. He sings beautifully when he’s alone.
  12. I’ll start cooking when you get the groceries.
  13. We’ll go out for dinner when the guests arrive.
  14. The dog barks loudly when the doorbell rings.
  15. She feels ecstatic when she dances.
  16. When it snows, the town becomes enchanting.
  17. He always smiles when he sees her.
  18. The lights dimmed when the performance began.
  19. When the phone rang, she hurried to answer.
  20. When it comes to math, he is a genius.
  21. He panics when he hears thunder.
  22. When the stars come out, the sky looks breathtaking.
  23. The plants flourish when they receive enough sunlight.
  24. She sneezes when she’s around dust.
  25. The team celebrated when they won the championship.
  26. He feels invincible when he wears his lucky charm.
  27. When the train arrives, we’ll board.
  28. The baby sleeps peacefully when it’s quiet.
  29. The mood lightens when she enters the room.
  30. When the clock strikes twelve, the party ends.
  31. The computer crashed when the power went out.
  32. He gets angry when someone interrupts him.
  33. The students cheer when the teacher announces no homework.
  34. When the wind blows, the leaves rustle.
  35. She’ll call you back when she’s free.
  36. When you understand the concept, let me know.
  37. They’ll start the meeting when everyone arrives.
  38. When the movie ended, they discussed their favorite scenes.
  39. The flowers bloom beautifully when spring arrives.
  40. He yawns when he’s bored.
  41. The baby giggles when you tickle her.
  42. When the sun sets, the sky turns fiery.
  43. She gets emotional when she hears that song.
  44. The cat purrs contentedly when you pet it.
  45. They’ll leave when the storm passes.
  46. He craves chocolate when he’s stressed.
  47. When the opportunity arises, seize it.
  48. The river overflows when it rains heavily.
  49. She always smiles when she’s with her friends.
  50. When the door creaked, he looked up.

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  1. The baby cries when he’s hungry.
  2. The town is lively when the festival is on.
  3. He works diligently when he’s motivated.
  4. When the fire alarm rings, evacuate immediately.
  5. The atmosphere relaxes when the music plays.
  6. She becomes determined when she faces a challenge.
  7. The crowd roars when the team scores a goal.
  8. When the temperature drops, he wears a jacket.
  9. The children run around when they’re excited.
  10. He always laughs when he watches that comedy show.
  11. She shivers when the cold breeze touches her skin.
  12. The birds chirp cheerfully when the sun rises.
  13. When the solution is clear, proceed with the plan.
  14. The city sleeps peacefully when the night falls.
  15. He frowns when he’s concentrating.
  16. The room brightens when you turn on the lights.
  17. When the door slammed, she woke up.
  18. The air smells sweet when the flowers bloom.
  19. She daydreams when she’s bored.
  20. When the engine revs, the car speeds up.
  21. He feels nostalgic when he visits his childhood home.
  22. The ice cream melts quickly when it’s hot outside.
  23. They embrace warmly when they meet after a long time.
  24. When the music stops, everyone claps.
  25. She feels anxious when she’s alone in the dark.
  26. The students listen attentively when the teacher speaks.
  27. He feels proud when he achieves his goals.
  28. When the fire started, everyone evacuated immediately.
  29. The sky darkens when the storm approaches.
  30. She blushes when someone compliments her.
  31. He sighs when he’s tired.
  32. The dog wags its tail excitedly when you return home.
  33. When the opportunity knocks, be ready to seize it.
  34. The town celebrates when the holiday season begins.
  35. They hurry when the bus approaches the stop.
  36. She bites her lip when she’s nervous.
  37. The garden looks stunning when the flowers blossom.
  38. When the project was completed, they celebrated.
  39. The room fills with laughter when friends gather.
  40. He hesitates when making important decisions.
  41. The children whisper conspiratorially when the teacher leaves the room.
  42. When the guitar strums, he starts singing.
  43. She feels lost when she doesn’t have a plan.
  44. The crowd falls silent when the performer takes the stage.
  45. He whistles softly when he’s in a good mood.
  46. When the day ends, she reflects on her achievements.
  47. The wind howls ominously when a storm is brewing.
  48. She jumps with joy when she receives good news.
  49. When the flowers wilt, it’s time to plant new ones.
  50. The cat purrs when you stroke its fur gently.

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When Used in Sentences | Images

100 Example Sentences of "When" | When Used in Sentences

100 Example Sentences of “When”

100 Example Sentences of "When" | When Used in Sentences

Example Sentences of When in English

100 Example Sentences of "When" | When Used in Sentences

When Used in Sentences

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