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49 English Collocations With BREAK

49 English Collocations With BREAK
Written by Abdul

In this lesson, we’ll look at 49 important English collocations that use the word “BREAK.” Collocations are natural word pairs often used in English, and learning them may help you improve your language abilities significantly. From common words like “break a habit” to colloquial ones like “break the ice,” we’ll cover a wide range of situations. You’ll learn how to apply these collocations in informal and formal contexts through examples and interactive activities. This lesson aims to provide students with a valuable collection of vocabulary that will help them express themselves more smoothly and naturally in English.

49 English Collocations With BREAK

Collocations With BREAK

Collocations With The Word BREAK

  • Break a record
  • Break a habit
  • Break the news
  • Break a promise
  • Break the ice
  • Break a leg
  • Break the cycle
  • Break the bank
  • Break the rules
  • Break free
  • Break the silence
  • Break the mold
  • Break ground
  • Break the news gently
  • Break the monotony
  • Break a sweat
  • Break the cycle of poverty
  • Break the deadlock
  • Break the news to someone
  • Break the tension
  • Break a habit of procrastination
  • Break the code
  • Break a tie
  • Break the news gently to someone
  • Break the tension
  • Break a habit of procrastination
  • Break the code
  • Break the deadlock in negotiations
  • Break the news gently to the family
  • Break a tie in sports
  • Break a code of silence
  • Break the mold in fashion
  • Break a spell
  • Break the news of a promotion
  • Break the silence on an issue
  • Break the mold of traditional thinking
  • Break the news to a friend
  • Break the deadlock in a game
  • Break the silence on mental health
  • Break the mold of traditional education
  • Break the news of an engagement
  • Break a contract
  • Break the silence on climate change
  • Break the monotony with a hobby
  • Break the news of a relocation
  • Break the silence on workplace issues
  • Break the mold in technology

Collocations With “Break” With Examples

Learn common collocations with “Break” with useful example sentences

Break a record

  • She aims to break a record in the upcoming race.
  • The athlete broke a record with an incredible jump.

Break a habit

  • It’s challenging to break a habit with determination.
  • He successfully broke his smoking habit after years of struggle.

Break the news

  • It’s never easy to break the news of a loss to someone.
  • She hesitated to break the news about the project’s failure.

Break a promise

  • It’s important not to break a promise of trust.
  • He regretted breaking his promise to attend the event.

Break the ice

  • A joke can help break the ice in tense situations.
  • Sharing personal stories can break the ice at social events.

Break a leg

  • Before the performance, the actors wish to break a leg.
  • She told her friend to go onstage and break a leg.

Break the cycle

  • It’s crucial to break the cycle of negative thinking.
  • The therapist helped him break the cycle of self-destructive behavior.

Break the bank

  • Buying that luxury car would break the bank.
  • We opted for a cheaper vacation to avoid breaking the bank.

Break the rules

  • Sometimes, it’s necessary to break the rules for the greater good.
  • He decided to break the rules and innovate in the industry.

Break free

  • It took years for her to break free from an unhealthy relationship.
  • The activists fought to help people break free from poverty.

Break the silence

  • The survivor bravely decided to break the silence on abuse.
  • The campaign aims to break the silence surrounding mental health.

Break the mold

  • Innovative thinkers often aim to break the mold in their industries.
  • The artist wanted to break the mold with her unique style.

Break ground

  • The construction crew will break ground on the new project next week.
  • The ceremony marks the moment they break ground for the new building.

Break the news gently

  • When delivering bad news, it’s important to break the news gently.
  • The doctor knew how to break the news gently to the patient’s family.

Break the monotony

  • Taking short breaks can help break the monotony of office work.
  • She introduced fun activities to break the monotony of the routine.

Break a sweat

  • To stay fit, you need to break a sweat during your workouts.
  • It’s essential to break a sweat for the exercise to be effective.

Break the cycle of poverty

  • Education is key to breaking the cycle of poverty.
  • Community programs aim to help families break the cycle of poverty.

Break the deadlock

  • The negotiations were difficult, but they managed to break the deadlock.
  • The mediator played a crucial role in breaking the deadlock.

Break the news to someone

  • I need to find the right time to break the news to my parents.
  • Breaking the news to a friend about a betrayal can be tough.

Break the tension

  • A well-timed joke can break the tension in a stressful meeting.
  • He tried to break the tension with a lighthearted comment.

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