50+ Daily Used English Words With Sentences | PDF

Words With Sentences

“Today’s in Our Lesson, “Daily Used English Words with Sentences,” we’ve compiled a list of common words and expressions to aid students in developing the language skills necessary for successful communication. This Lesson acts as a helpful manual by introducing frequently used Vocabulary in a variety of circumstances through Sentences that illustrate their definitions and proper usage. Download the complete PDF Book from the bottom of this page.

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This lesson is an invaluable tool to improve your English ability, whether you’re a novice looking to increase your Vocabulary or an experienced speaker looking to polish your language abilities. Explore this thorough manual to learn the terminology you will use in everyday situations, such as in casual discussions and business correspondence, so you can communicate clearly and confidently.

Daily Used Words With Sentences

Ascend We ascended the mountain easily.
Indeed The child was indeed very tired.
Hypocrite He is a hypocrite.
Sincere Are you sincere?
Elevate He was elevated last year.
Smooth She used hair gel to smooth out her hair.
Fool Don’t be a fool.
Thus He did not work hard, thus he was fired.
Deduction This deduction is not in fact true.
Mud Children like to play in the mud.
Absorb The earth absorbs the sun’s rays.
Additional Do you have plans for additional education?
Flu He has gotten the flu.
Acquire He acquired the habit of smoking.
Diligent In the end, the diligent person succeeds.
Anticipate We anticipate success.
Accompany I would like you to accompany me.
Behind We will stay behind.
Intention She acted with good intentions.
Aggressive He is so aggressive that others avoid him.
Aside I think it’s time for me to step aside.
Barrier We must work hard to break down social barriers.
Aim I aim to be a writer.
Beyond It is beyond my power.
Blow The wind is blowing.
50+ Daily Used English Words With Sentences | PDF
Daily Used English Words With Sentences | PDF
Expose The media exposed the politicians.
Ignore You can ignore them if you want.
Combine He combined two ideas into one.
Grab He could not grab the train.
Injury The injury hurt, but it wasn’t serious.
Heel Her shoe has high heels.
Deny Don’t deny it.
intimidate The principal tried to intimidate the students.
Intense The president is under intense pressure to resign.
Eventually They were eventually rescued by the helicopter.
Obvious One thing became obvious.
Glance Do not glance left and right.
Consequence Every action has its consequences.
Heritage They are proud of their heritage.
Capable He is capable of teaching French.
Controversy The controversial decision sparked heated debates.
Brief Keep it brief.
Giant Shakespeare is a giant among writers.
Bottom Read the bottom of the page.
Concerned I am concerned.
Borrow Can I borrow this pen?
Convince We will convince him.
Bowl Do you have a bigger bowl?
Contemporary He studies contemporary literature.
Lend I will lend you my car.
50+ Daily Used English Words With Sentences | PDF
Words With Sentences

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