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99 Daily Use Vocabulary Words in English | Download PDF

99 Daily Use Vocabulary Words in English | Download PDF
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Daily used English Words: Hi dear learners, in today’s lesson we will learn the most commonly used English Vocabulary words. Regular use of Words from the English language is the fundamental linguistic building block that makes it possible to communicate effectively in daily situations. These words cover a wide range of everyday expressions that make communication clear and succinct and promote productive interactions in spoken and written environments. These words are the foundation of our language, allowing us to easily communicate our thoughts, ask questions, experience and express our emotions, and convey information.

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These words, which range from basic nouns like “house” and “food” to verbs like “eat” and “work,” as well as adjectives like “happy” and “tired,” enable people to go about their daily lives, participate in conversations, and form meaningful connections with others. Understanding these phrases is crucial for clear communication and a first step towards

List of 99 Daily Used English Words

Adorable Abroad
Towards Handsome
Fragile Proud
Behind Elsewhere
Charming Beautiful
Warmly Yearly
Jolly Better
Selfish Downstairs
Wholly Anywhere
Aggressive Easy
Outside Tough
Friendly Fully
Upstairs Calm
Brave Almost
Jealous Extremely
Nearby Excited
Bad Entirely
Stupid Healthy
Dark Fairly
Indoor Weekly
Helpful Busy
In Enormously
Fair Enough
Out Nice
Just Yesterday
99 Daily Use Vocabulary Words in English | Download PDF

Daily Use Vocabulary Words in English

Rich Silly
Ultimately Too
Fine Anger
Very Completely
Barely Naughty
Gorgeous Monthly
Deeply Alive
Quite Wonderfully
Cheerful Funny
Today Tonight
Clean Careful
Tomorrow Good
Later Poor
Alert Never
Already Difficult
Hungry Usually
Sometimes Seldom
Occasionally Now
Attractive Innocent
Choose Wisely
Open Claim
Often Rarely
Foolish Cruel
Than Soon
Compare Despite

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