70+ Daily Sentences Used in School | Download PDF

“Daily Sentences Used in School” offers a thorough selection of typical Words and Idioms regularly used in educational settings, making it an invaluable tool for instructors and students alike. This carefully picked collection acts as a useful tool for encouraging good classroom communication and fostering more seamless interactions between teachers and students.

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These everyday Sentences give students the linguistic abilities required for success in the educational environment, covering a wide range of topics from classroom directions to intellectual conversations. This tool helps people to handle school life with confidence and competency in spoken and written language, whether it’s mastering the art of asking questions, expressing thoughts, or providing and receiving criticism. “Daily Sentences Used in School” is a crucial tool for building language proficiency and a positive learning environment for everyone.

Daily Sentences Used in School

Sentences Context
Good morning! Greeting in the morning.
How are you today? Asking about someone’s well-being.
Please take your seats. Getting ready for a lesson.
Let’s begin the class. Starting a lesson.
Raise your hand. To answer or ask a question.
Can I go to the restroom? Asking for permission.
I don’t understand. Seeking clarification.
May I borrow a pencil? Requesting a school supply.
What’s for lunch today? Inquiring about the menu.
Homework is due tomorrow. Reminding about assignments.
It’s time for recess. Announcing a break.
I need a hall pass. Requesting permission to leave the classroom.
The bell is about to ring. Signifying the end of a class.
Did you do your homework? Asking about completion of assignments.
I left my textbook at home. Explaining a situation.
Can I have extra help? Seeking assistance from the teacher.
Please be quiet. Maintaining classroom discipline.
I finished my work. Completing a task.
Where is my locker? Searching for personal belongings.
Lunchtime is over. Ending the lunch break.
Who won the game? Discussing extracurricular activities.
I forgot my lunch. Explaining a lunchtime predicament.
The test is tomorrow. Announcing an upcoming test.
70+ Daily Sentences Used in School | Download PDF
Daily Sentences Used in School | Download PDF
Sentences Context
What’s on the agenda? Asking about the day’s schedule.
I need a permission slip. Requesting a form for an event.
Can I use the computer? Requesting computer access.
Our team won the match. Celebrating a sports victory.
The assembly starts soon. Preparing for a school assembly.
Did you study for the quiz? Inquiring about preparation.
I have an appointment. Explaining an absence.
Where is the library? Asking for directions.
Can I borrow a calculator? Requesting a classroom tool.
We have a field trip today. Exciting news about an outing.
The principal is coming. Preparing for an important visit.
Can I sit here? Requesting a seat.
I need help with my project. Seeking assistance with schoolwork.
The class is canceled. Unexpected change in plans.
Who’s the substitute? Inquiring about a new teacher.
I have a doctor’s note. Explaining a health-related absence.
Our team needs more players. Organizing a sports activity.
Can I join your group? Requesting to work together.
We have a school dance. Announcing a social event.
I’m running for class president. Sharing student government news.
We have a snow day! Celebrating a weather-related break.
Can I use your textbook? Borrowing study materials.
The bus is late. Reporting transportation delay.
Our class is going on a trip. Exciting news about an excursion.
What’s the assignment? Asking about homework or tasks.
I have a question. Seeking clarification or information.
Please pass the chalk. Requesting classroom materials.
The fire drill is today. Preparing for a safety drill.
I need to call my parents. Requesting permission to use the phone.
It’s my birthday! Sharing a special occasion.
We’re having a bake sale. Announcing a fundraising event.
I’m the class treasurer. Sharing a student government role.
The science fair is next week. Announcing a school event.
Can I borrow your notes? Requesting study materials.
We have a school play. Announcing a creative performance.
I’m on the debate team. Sharing involvement in extracurriculars.
We’re practicing for the concert. Preparing for a musical performance.
The school newspaper is out. Sharing school news.
Can I see the nurse? Requesting medical assistance.
I’m the class representative. Sharing a student government role.
We have a talent show. Announcing a creative event.
I lost my ID card. Reporting a lost item.
We’re hosting a fundraiser. Announcing a school fundraising event.
Can I borrow your ruler? Requesting classroom supplies.
I’m on the soccer team. Sharing involvement in sports.
We’re having a book fair. Announcing a literary event.
I have a parent-teacher meeting. Explaining an appointment.
The school year is ending. Discussing the academic calendar.
Can I use the gym? Requesting access to the gym.
I’m the class president. Sharing a student government role.
We’re having a science experiment. Announcing a classroom activity.
I forgot my lunch money. Explaining a lunchtime situation.
The school dance is tomorrow. Announcing a social event.
Can I borrow your eraser? Requesting classroom supplies.
I’m on the basketball team. Sharing involvement in sports.
We’re having a spelling bee. Announcing an academic competition.
I have a dentist appointment. Explaining an absence.
The school yearbook is ready. Sharing school publication news.
70+ Daily Sentences Used in School | Download PDF
Daily Sentences Used in School

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