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Correlative Conjunctions with Useful Examples

Correlative Conjunctions with Useful Examples
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When studying English, it’s quite beneficial to understand the concept of “Correlative Conjunctions.” These are special words that appear in pairs and serve to connect two items in a Sentence. For instance, “both…and” or “either…or.” They help sentences sound balanced and unambiguous by demonstrating the relationship between two concepts or options.

I know it appears complicated, but don’t worry; it’s not that difficult to grasp. This section will explain how correlative conjunctions function. Learning this will allow you to write more detailed sentences and increase your comprehension of English grammar.

What is a Correlative Conjunction?

A correlative conjunction is a pair of conjunctions that operate together in a sentence to connect and emphasize similar words or phrases. Words in this category include “both…and,” “either…or,” “neither…nor,” and “not only…but also.” They contribute to sentence balance and clarity by demonstrating the link between two concepts or options.

There are many different pairs of correlative conjunctions

  • Both…and
  • Either…or
  • Neither…nor
  • Not only…but also
  • Whether…or
  • Not…but
  • As…as
  • Such…that

Correlative Conjunctions and Examples


  • She enjoys both reading and writing.


  • You can have either cake or ice cream for dessert.


  • Neither the car nor the bike is available.

Not only…but also

  • He is not only tall but also strong.


  • I’m unsure whether to watch a movie or read a book tonight.


  • She is not rude but misunderstood.


  • She is as talented as she is hardworking.


  • It was such a rainy day that we stayed indoors.


  • Scarcely had I left when it started raining.

No sooner…than

  • No sooner had he spoken than she burst into tears.

The more…the more

  • The more you practice, the more confident you become.

As many…as

  • We have as many apples as oranges.

Just as…so

  • Just as she arrived, he left.


  • There is no city such as New York.

Whether…or not

  • I will attend the party, whether or not it rains.

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Correlative Conjunctions with Useful Examples

Correlative Conjunctions with Useful Examples

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