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Coordinating Conjunctions Words With Useful Examples

Coordinating Conjunctions Words With Useful Examples
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What are Coordinating Conjunctions?

Coordinating conjunctions function similarly to the connectors in a bicycle’s gears. Consider your sentence to be a journey, with each word or phrase representing a pedal on your bicycle. Coordinating conjunctions, or “FANBOYS” (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so), are the words that connect these individual pedals, letting your phrase flow smoothly.

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They function in your phrase similarly to traffic signals, informing various components when to go and when to stop, or how they relate to one another. “And” expands on what you’re saying, “but” contrasts it, “or” gives alternatives, “so” explains why, “yet” introduces an unexpected twist, and “nor” denotes neither of two options. These small words help to organize your sentences and connect your ideas, ensuring that your writing flows logically.

Can Sentences Start with a Coordinating Conjunction?

Yes, sentences can begin with a coordinating conjunction, but this is more common in informal writing or to achieve a specific stylistic impact. It’s best to avoid starting sentences with words like “and,” “but,” “or,” “so,” and others in most formal writing because they can make the writing appear less structured.

Consider this: beginning a phrase with a coordinating conjunction is analogous to starting a conversation with “and” or “but.” It’s not incorrect, however, we use it for emphasis or to establish a conversational tone. Even if it is not considered “proper” in formal writing, we often start sentences this way in everyday conversation to connect our thoughts more organically.

Coordinating Conjunction Words With Examples

Conjunctions Examples
and I like coffee, and he prefers tea.
but She wanted to go out, but it was raining.
or You can have cake or ice cream for dessert.
nor Neither the cat nor the dog is in the house.
for She studied hard, for she wanted to succeed.
so It was getting late, so we decided to leave.
yet He was tired, yet he continued to work.
since Since it’s raining, we’ll stay indoors.
because They canceled the picnic because of the storm.
although Although it’s cold, I’ll go for a run.
even though Even though she’s busy, she’ll help you.
while He read a book while waiting for the train.
as She worked as a teacher before becoming an author.
unless You can’t go outside unless you wear a coat.
until I’ll wait here until you return.
after We’ll eat dinner after the movie.
before Please finish your homework before bedtime.
whether I don’t know whether it will rain or snow.
if If you need help, just ask.
as if He acted as if he didn’t care.
as though She looks as though she’s seen a ghost.
so that I turned on the lights so that I could read.
in order to I went to the store in order to buy groceries.
hence He was tired, so he went to bed early.
therefore It rained, therefore the game was canceled.
nevertheless He was tired; nevertheless, he finished the project.
furthermore The book is interesting; furthermore, it’s well-written.
otherwise You must study; otherwise, you’ll fail the exam.
meanwhile She cooked dinner; meanwhile, he watched TV.

FANBOYS Cunjunctions | Picture

Coordinating Conjunctions Words With Useful Examples

Coordinating Conjunctions Words

Coordinating Conjunctions in English

  • and
  • but
  • or
  • nor
  • for
  • so
  • yet
  • although
  • even though
  • while
  • as
  • unless
  • until
  • after
  • before
  • whether
  • if
  • as if
  • as though
  • so that
  • in order to
  • hence
  • therefore
  • nevertheless
  • furthermore
  • otherwise
  • meanwhile
  • nonetheless
  • conversely
  • moreover
  • still
  • then
  • once
  • instead
  • albeit
  • henceforth
  • subsequently
  • equally
  • on the other hand
  • by the way
  • that is
  • as well as
  • to sum up
  • likewise
  • comparatively
  • thus
  • next
  • otherwise
  • equally
  • for instance

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