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Conjunctions For Kids With Example Sentences

Conjunctions For Kids With Example Sentences
Written by Abdul

“In this entertaining lesson for children, you will learn about words that connect other words to make sentences more interesting.” These connecting words function as magical bridges! You’ll look at crucial conjunctions like ‘and,’ ‘but,’ ‘or,’ and others with simple examples. By the end of this session, you’ll understand how to employ these words to construct sentences that both sound and make sense. It’s like learning to be a fantastic wordsmith!”

Conjunctions For Kids With Example Sentences

Conjunctions For Kids

List of Conjunctions For Kids

  • And
  • But
  • Or
  • Because
  • So
  • If
  • When
  • While
  • Since
  • Although
  • Before
  • After
  • Until
  • Unless
  • Like
  • As if
  • Even if
  • In order to
  • So that
  • Just as
  • So as to
  • If…then
  • So…that
  • Provided that
  • As long as
  • No sooner…than
  • Even though
  • In case
  • Than
  • Neither…nor
  • In addition to
  • In contrast
  • Next to
  • During
  • Underneath
  • Beside
  • Across from
  • Between
  • Behind
  • Through
  • Along with
  • In case of
  • On top of
  • Over and above
  • As for
  • With regard to
  • By the time
  • In order that
  • Until now
  • At last
  • As a result
  • In other words
  • Even so

Conjunctions For Kids With Example Sentences


    • I like pizza, and I like ice cream.
    • My dog is big and friendly.


    • I wanted to go outside, but it was raining.
    • She’s tired but happy.


    • Do you want a cookie or a brownie?
    • You can wear red or blue shoes.


    • I ate my vegetables because they’re healthy.
    • The school is closed because of the snow.


    • I finished my homework, so I can play.
    • The sun is hot, so we’ll wear sunscreen.


    • If you eat your dinner, you can have dessert.
    • If it’s cold, wear a coat.


    • When the bell rings, class begins.
    • I’ll call you when I get home.


    • I read a book while waiting for the bus.
    • She sings while doing her chores.


    • Since it’s Saturday, we can sleep in.
    • I’m happy since I got a new toy.


    • Although it’s rainy, we can still play inside.
    • He won the game, although it was tough.


    • Brush your teeth before bed.
    • Finish your work before going out.


    • We’ll go to the park after lunch.
    • After the movie, we can have popcorn.


    • You must wait until it’s your turn.
    • We’ll play until the sun sets.


    • You can’t go outside unless you finish homework.
    • Unless you wear a hat, you’ll get sunburned.


    • She dances like a ballerina.
    • He’s strong like a superhero.

Even if

    • I’ll be your friend even if you make mistakes.
    • Even if it’s late, we can read one more story.

In order to

  • Study in order to learn new things.
  • Eat your veggies in order to be healthy.

So that

    • Bring an umbrella so that you don’t get wet.
    • I cleaned my room so that it was tidy.

Just as

    • Just as the sun rises, the day begins.
    • Just as we arrived, the movie started.


    • I’m full since I ate a big meal.
    • The store is closed since it’s Sunday.

In case

    • Take an extra snack in case you get hungry.
    • I brought a book in case we have to wait.

No sooner…than

    • No sooner did I finish my homework than the bell rang.
    • No sooner did I wake up than I saw the sunrise.

Provided that

    • You can play, provided that you clean your room.
    • We’ll go to the zoo, provided that it’s not too crowded.

As long as

    • You can have a toy, as long as you share it with your brother.
    • You can watch a movie, as long as it’s age-appropriate.

As soon as

    • We’ll leave as soon as the rain stops.
    • As soon as you finish, we can go outside.

Even though

    • Even though it’s dark, she’s not scared.
    • He’s playing outside, even though it’s cold.

As if

    • He’s pretending to be a superhero as if he can fly.
    • She talks to her stuffed animals as if they’re real.

So as to

    • We whisper so as to not wake the baby.
    • He studied hard so as to get a good grade.


    • I like pizza more than burgers.
    • She’s taller than her younger brother.


    • Neither the cat nor the dog wants to go outside.
    • We have neither ice cream nor cake for dessert.

In addition to

    • In addition to my books, I have a toy car.
    • She brought cookies in addition to cupcakes.

In contrast

    • In contrast to the sunny morning, it’s raining now.
    • The cat is quiet, in contrast to the barking dog.

Next to

    • I’ll sit next to my friend in the car.
    • The school is next to the park.


    • I read a book during the long car ride.
    • We ate popcorn during the movie.


    • I found my lost toy underneath the bed.
    • The cat is hiding underneath the table.


  • I placed my backpack beside my desk.
  • The flowers are blooming beside the fence.

Across from

    • The library is across from the park.
    • Our house is across from the big tree.


    • The cookies are between the two plates.
    • We’ll play between breakfast and lunch.


    • The cat is hiding behind the couch.
    • The treehouse is behind the house.


    • We walked through the dark forest.
    • The light shines through the window.

Along with

    • I brought my teddy bear along with me.
    • She’s going to the park along with her friends.

In case of

    • Take an umbrella in case of rain.
    • We have a first-aid kit in case of accidents.

So that

    • We turned on the light so that we could see.
    • She wore gloves so that her hands stayed warm.

In addition

    • In addition to my school bag, I have my lunch.
    • We have juice in addition to milk.

On top of

    • I put my hat on top of the shelf.
    • The cat is on top of the roof.

Over and above

    • Over and above the clouds, the sky is blue.
    • He received a trophy over and above a certificate.

As for

    • As for the weather, it’s sunny today.
    • As for the movie, it was exciting.

With regard to

    • With regard to your question, the answer is yes.
    • With regard to our trip, we’ll leave tomorrow.

By the time

    • By the time I finish my chores, it will be dark.
    • By the time you wake up, I’ll be at school.

In order that

    • She studied hard in order that she could pass the test.
    • We brought extra snacks in order that nobody would go hungry.

Until now

    • I’ve never been to the zoo until now.
    • I didn’t know the answer until now.

At last

    • At last, the ice cream truck arrived.
    • I found my missing sock at last.

As a result

    • I practiced a lot, and as a result, I won the game.
    • She worked hard, and as a result, she got an A.

In other words

    • You need to finish your dinner, in other words, eat it all.
    • We should leave early, in other words, before it gets dark.

Even so

  • It’s raining, but we’ll play outside even so.
  • He’s tired, but he wants to finish the puzzle even so.

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