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111+ Common English Phrases With Useful Meanings | PDF

111 Most Common English Idioms With Their Meanings | PDF
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Common English Phrases

Learners will delve into the intriguing world of phrases that give the language depth and color in this in-depth course on English idioms. This Lesson is a helpful tool for both native speakers and English learners alike, covering 111 of the most prevalent idioms used in everyday conversation. Each idiom is accompanied by information on its usage and significance, giving students a clear grasp of how to properly use these terms in their Conversation.

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This lesson seeks to improve language competency by providing clear explanations and useful examples. It will enable students to more easily navigate the nuances of the English language while developing a greater understanding of its rich linguistic past. This lesson will help you learn the ins and outs of idiomatic expressions and improve your ability to speak English fluently and naturally, whether you’re a language enthusiast or someone who just wants to get better at it.

What Are Phrases?

The subject and verb necessary for a complete sentence are absent from phrases, which are collections of words that together make up a coherent unit within a sentence. They can be used as nouns, verbs, adjectives, or adverbs and are used to express information or thoughts. “In the morning” (a prepositional phrase), “running fast” (a participial phrase), and “very slowly” (an adverbial phrase) are a few examples. By adding information or changing other elements of speech, phrases make sentences more complex and clear, adding to the language’s depth.

Common Phrases With Useful Meanings

Phrases Meanings
A penny for your thoughts Asking someone what they’re thinking
Actions speak louder than words What you do is more important than what you say
All ears Listening intently
Bite the bullet Face a difficult situation with courage
Break a leg Good luck
Call it a day Finish working on something for the day
Cat got your tongue? Why aren’t you talking?
Caught between a rock and a hard place Facing a difficult decision
Cold feet Feeling nervous or anxious
Cost an arm and a leg Very expensive
Cry over spilled milk Regret something that has already happened
Don’t count your chickens before they hatch Don’t make plans based on uncertain outcomes
Drop in the bucket A very small amount in comparison to what is needed
Easy does it Do something slowly and carefully
Every cloud has a silver lining Even in difficult situations, there is a positive aspect
Fit as a fiddle In good physical condition
Get a taste of your own medicine Experience something you’ve inflicted on others
Give someone the benefit of the doubt Believe someone’s statement without being skeptical
Go the extra mile Put in extra effort
Green with envy Jealous
Hit the nail on the head Describe something precisely
In the same boat In the same difficult situation
It’s a piece of cake It’s very easy
Jump on the bandwagon Join a popular trend or activity
Keep your chin up Stay positive during tough times
Kill two birds with one stone Achieve two goals with one action
Let the cat out of the bag Reveal a secret
Make a long story short Summarize a story or explanation
No pain, no gain You have to work hard to achieve something
On the ball Alert and efficient
Piece of cake Very easy
Pull someone’s leg Tease or joke with someone
Put all your eggs in one basket Invest everything in one thing
Rain on someone’s parade Spoil someone’s plans
Read between the lines Understand the hidden meaning
Raining cats and dogs Heavy rain
See eye to eye Agree with someone
Sitting on the fence Undecided
Take a rain check Decline an offer but suggest it might be accepted later
Take it with a grain of salt Be skeptical of something
The ball is in your court It’s your turn to take action
The early bird catches the worm Being early can lead to success
The last straw The final irritating event that causes a reaction
Time flies Time passes quickly
To kill time Do something to pass the time
Under the weather Feeling unwell
Up in the air Uncertain or undecided
Watch the clock Waiting for something to end
When pigs fly Something that will never happen
You’re pulling my leg You’re joking with me
Your guess is as good as mine I have no idea
111 Most Common English Idioms With Their Meanings | PDF

Common English Phrases With Their Meanings

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