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Collocations with FROM in English | PDF

Collocations with "FROM" in English | PDF
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Hello lovely learners, in this lesson, we’ll explore the intriguing realm of “Collocations with ‘From'”—think of it as discovering how words prefer to collaborate with “From” to make communication more colorful and expressive. It’s similar to figuring out how your brain automatically combines words to create meaning. When we say something is “Made from,” we indicate it was created with certain ingredients or resources, such as a sandwich made from fresh vegetables and bread. When we say we’re “Different from” someone, we mean we’re not exactly the same.

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We’ll also look at additional word pairings like “Safe from,” which means something is shielded or protected, and “Recover from,” which refers to the process of recovering after being sick or confronting a struggle. These word combinations serve as sentence-building blocks, allowing us to express ourselves more accurately and engagingly. By the end of this lesson, you will have a better understanding of these word combinations and how to utilize them successfully in regular conversations.

List of Collocations With “FROM”

  • Made from
  • Different from
  • Safe from
  • Absent from
  • Free from
  • Learn from
  • Differentiate from
  • Benefit from
  • Escape from
  • Protect from
  • Hide from
  • Recover from
  • Derived from
  • Exclude from
  • Vary from
  • Suffer from
  • Differ from
  • Escape from
  • Benefit from
  • Hide from
  • Recover from
  • Derived from

Collocations List With “FROM” and Their Examples

Made from
  • The bread is made from whole wheat flour.
  • The sculpture was made from clay.
Different from
  • Her perspective is different from mine.
  • This car is different from the one I used to own.
Safe from
  • The shelter kept them safe from the storm.
  • The antivirus software helps keep your computer safe from malware.
Absent from
  • He was absent from the meeting due to illness.
  • Joy was notably absent from her voice during the call.
Free from
  • The garden was free from weeds.
  • They hoped for a world free from poverty.
Learn from
  • We can learn from our mistakes.
  • Students learn from their teachers.
Differentiate from
  • It’s essential to differentiate an original painting from a replica.
  • Can you differentiate the twins based on their appearances?
Benefit from
  • Many people benefit from regular exercise.
  • Companies can benefit from innovative technologies.
Escape from
  • The prisoners attempted to escape from the jail.
  • We need to escape from the city for a weekend getaway.
Protect from
  • Sunscreen helps protect your skin from harmful UV rays.
  • Vaccines protect children from various diseases.
Hide from
  • The cat likes to hide from the vacuum cleaner.
  • He tried to hide from his responsibilities.
Recover from
  • She needed time to recover from the flu.
  • It can take months to recover from a serious injury.
Derived from
  • The word “biology” is derived from Greek roots.
  • This sauce’s unique flavor is derived from secret spices.
Exclude from
  • Some items were excluded from the sale.
  • She felt excluded from the group.
Vary from
  • Prices can vary from store to store.
  • The weather can vary from day to day.
Suffer from
  • Many people suffer from allergies in the spring.
  • He’s been suffering from a sore throat.
Differ from
  • His opinion differs from mine.
  • The new edition of the book differs significantly from the original.
Escape from
  • The hero managed to escape from the villain’s clutches.
  • We should find a way to escape from the daily routine.
Benefit from
  • Students can benefit from studying regularly.
  • The community will benefit from the new library.
Hide from
  • The children like to hide from their parents during hide-and-seek.
  • She tried to hide from the paparazzi.
Recover from
  • It can take years to recover from a traumatic experience.
  • He’s working hard to recover from his financial setbacks.
Derived from
  • The novel was derived from the author’s personal experiences.
  • This dish’s unique flavor is derived from a secret family recipe.
Exclude from
  • Some students were excluded from the class trip due to behavior issues.
  • The manager decided to exclude him from the team project.

Collocations With “FROM” | Image

Collocations with "FROM" in English | PDF

Collocations with “FROM” in English

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