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Collocations With Come, Do, Have and Take

Collocations With Come, Do, Have and Take | List of Collocations
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“In this article, we explore a wide range of unusual Collocations for four essential verbs: ‘Come,’ ‘Do,’ ‘Have,’ and ‘Take.’ Being proficient in these word combinations gives our expressions more depth and clarity because language is such a flexible tool. certain collocations provide a detailed knowledge of how certain verbs function in context, from routine tasks to more complicated situations.

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This tool is your entry point to broadening your linguistic horizons, whether you’re an English student looking to improve your language abilities or an experienced communicator looking to deepen your Vocabulary. Discover and use these well-picked Collocations to express your thoughts and ideas with more grace and clarity.

Collocations With Come, Do, Have and Take | List of Collocations

List of Collocations

Collocations With Come Collocations With Do
Come home Do your homework
Come forward Do a favor
Come to terms Do an experiment
Come to a decision Do a job
Come to an agreement Do research
Come to a realization Do your best
Come to a conclusion Do a puzzle
Come to a compromise Do yoga
Come to a standstill Do a project
Come into view Do a presentation
Come to light Do a favor for someone
Come in handy Do housework
Come out of nowhere Do an analysis
Come full circle Do a survey
Come under fire Do a painting
Come down with (an illness) Do the cooking
Come alive Do an assessment
Come clean Do a backflip
Come to a screeching halt Do a jigsaw puzzle
Come to the rescue Do the dishes
Collocations With Have Collocations With TakeĀ 
Have breakfast Take a break
Have a conversation Take a picture
Have a party Take a nap
Have a meeting Take a chance
Have a relationship Take a walk
Have a pet Take a shower
Have a snack Take a seat
Have a baby Take a vacation
Have a job Take a deep breath
Have a dream Take notes
Have a drink Take a risk
Have a laugh Take a detour
Have a meal Take a moment
Have a problem Take a stand
Have a good time Take a pill
Have a shower Take a hike
Have a crush Take a taxi
Have a car Take a guess
Have a headache Take a trip
Have a cold Take a liking to (someone or something)

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