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Collocations With Come and Go | PDF

Collocations List With COME and GO | PDF
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Hi learners, In today’s lesson, we will learn common collocations with the verbs “Come” and “Go.” Word pairs or groups that commonly appear together in natural language are known as collocations, and comprehending these combinations is essential for fluent and efficient communication. We’ve supplied 20 typical collocations for “come” and “go,” along with examples of how to use them. Download the complete PDF for this lesson from the bottom of this page.

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These phrases range from commonplace statements like “come back” and “go camping” to more sophisticated expressions like “come to terms with” and “go the extra mile.” By being acquainted with these collocations, you will improve your language abilities and be able to communicate your ideas more effectively in a variety of circumstances.

List of Collocations With COME

  • Come back
  • Come over
  • Come up with
  • Come along
  • Come down
  • Come forward
  • Come to terms with
  • Come in handy
  • Come to a decision
  • Come to an agreement
  • Come clean
  • Come in second
  • Come of age
  • Come to a halt
  • Come under scrutiny
  • Come to life
  • Come and go

Collocations With COME and Their Examples

Come back

  • He promised to come back after lunch.
  • Don’t forget to come back home before dark.
  • I hope my lost wallet will come back to me.

Come over

  • Can you come over to my house tonight?
  • I’ll come over and help you with your homework.
  • Why don’t you come over for a cup of tea?

Come up with

  • She always comes up with creative ideas for our projects.
  • It’s challenging to come up with a solution to this problem.
  • Can you come up with a plan for the weekend?

Come along

  • Please come along to the meeting at 2 PM.
  • I hope you’ll come along to the party on Saturday.
  • The project is coming along nicely.

Come down

  • The rain is coming down really hard.
  • Prices have come down since last year.
  • I’m afraid I might come down with the flu.

Come forward

  • If you have any information, please come forward.
  • She finally came forward with the truth.
  • We need someone to come forward and take charge.

Come to terms with

  • It took him a long time to come to terms with his loss.
  • She needs to come to terms with her past mistakes.
  • Coming to terms with change can be difficult.

Come in handy

  • This flashlight will come in handy during the power outage.
  • Having some extra cash can always come in handy.
  • His experience in marketing will come in handy for the project.

Come to a decision

  • We need to come to a decision on this matter soon.
  • After hours of discussion, they finally came to a decision.
  • Can you come to a decision by tomorrow?

Come to an agreement

  • It’s important for both parties to come to an agreement.
  • Negotiations were tough, but we managed to come to an agreement.
  • Let’s try to come to an agreement on the terms.

Come clean

  • Clean about his involvement in the situation.
  • It’s best to come clean and admit your mistakes.
  • She decided to come clean with her family about her plans.

Come in second

  • Despite her efforts, she came in second place.
  • He was disappointed that he came in second in the race.
  • The underdog team surprisingly came in second.

Come of age

  • She will come of age next year and can vote.
  • The movie is about a young man coming of age.
  • Coming-of-age ceremonies are celebrated in many cultures.

Come to mind

  • Your name didn’t come to mind when we were discussing candidates.
  • A few ideas come to mind for our next project.
  • When I think of Italy, beautiful landscapes come to mind.

Come to a halt

  • The car suddenly came to a halt at the red light.
  • The construction work came to a halt due to bad weather.
  • The music abruptly came to a halt.

Come under scrutiny

  • The company’s financial practices have come under scrutiny.
  • Politicians often come under scrutiny during election campaigns.
  • After the scandal, the organization came under intense scrutiny.

Come to life

  • The garden comes to life in spring with blooming flowers.
  • The characters in the story seem to come to life.
  • The party really came to life when the music started.

Come to an understanding

  • We need to come to an understanding about our responsibilities.
  • After a long discussion, they finally came to an understanding.
  • Can we come to an understanding of the rules?

Come and go

  • People come and go in our lives.
  • The feeling of nostalgia comes and goes.
  • Success in business can come and go quickly.

Come to a compromise

  • In any relationship, you must be willing to come to a compromise.
  • Both sides need to come to a compromise to resolve the dispute.
  • Can we sit down and try to come to a compromise?

List of Collocations With GO

  • Go abroad
  • Go camping
  • Go online
  • Go jogging
  • Go missing
  • Go crazy
  • Go dark
  • Go wrong
  • Go swimming
  • Go green
  • Go silent
  • Go viral
  • Go ahead
  • Go gray
  • Go hungry
  • Go bankrupt
  • Go public
  • Go the distance
  • Go undercover
  • Go in circles

Collocations With GO and Their Examples

Go abroad

  • Many students dream of going abroad for their studies.
  • They plan to go abroad for a vacation next summer.
  • Going abroad can be an enriching experience.

Go camping:

  • We love to go camping in the mountains.
  • Let’s go camping near the lake this weekend.
  • Going camping is a great way to disconnect from technology.

Go online

  • You can go online and order the products.
  • I need to go online to check my emails.
  • Going online has become a part of daily life for many people.

Go jogging

  • I go jogging every morning to stay fit.
  • They decided to go jogging together in the park.
  • Going jogging in the fresh air is invigorating.

Go missing

  • The keys seem to have gone missing again.
  • The cat has gone missing; we need to find it.
  • Valuable documents went missing during the move.

Go crazy

  • The crowd went crazy when their team scored a goal.
  • When they announced the sale, shoppers went crazy.
  • The kids went crazy with excitement at the amusement park.

Go dark

  • The room went dark as the power went out.
  • The screen on my phone suddenly went dark.
  • The sky began to go dark as the sunset.

Go wrong

  • Something always seems to go wrong on Mondays.
  • If you follow the instructions carefully, nothing should go wrong.
  • The project went wrong due to a lack of communication.

Go swimming

  • Let’s go swimming at the beach this weekend.
  • I like to go swimming in the pool after work.
  • Going swimming in the lake is refreshing in the summer.

Go green

  • Many people are making efforts to go green and reduce waste.
  • The company’s initiative is to go green by using eco-friendly materials.
  • Going green can have a positive impact on the environment.

Go silent

  • The room went silent when the speaker began.
  • The class went silent as the teacher entered.
  • The phone call suddenly went silent.

Go viral

  • The video of the cute puppy dancing went viral on social media.
  • The campaign’s hashtag started to go viral.
  • Content that is relatable can quickly go viral.

Go ahead

  • Feel free to go ahead and start the presentation.
  • You can go ahead and order your food.
  • Go ahead, I’m listening to what you have to say.

Go gray

  • His hair started to go gray as he got older.
  • Many people go gray in their 40s or 50s.
  • She decided to let her hair go gray naturally.

Go hungry

  • It’s hard to concentrate when you go hungry.
  • Nobody should go hungry in this city.
  • Some children in underprivileged areas often go hungry.

Go bankrupt

  • The company had to go bankrupt due to financial troubles.
  • Many businesses go bankrupt within the first few years.
  • They’re trying to find ways to avoid going bankrupt.

Go public

  • The tech startup plans to go public next year.
  • Going public can provide access to more capital.
  • The decision to go public is a significant one for the company.

Go the distance

  • They are determined to go the distance in the marathon.
  • To succeed, you must be willing to go the distance.
  • Going the distance requires dedication and perseverance.

Go undercover

  • The detective had to go undercover to solve the case.
  • Going undercover is often necessary in espionage.
  • She decided to go undercover as a journalist.

Go in circles

  • We seem to go in circles when discussing this issue.
  • Going in circles won’t lead us to a solution.
  • Let’s avoid going in circles and make a decision.

Collocations With Come | Image

Collocations List With COME and GO | PDF

Collocations List With COME

Collocations With Go | Image

Collocations List With COME and GO | PDF

Collocations List With GO

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