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Common Collocations With CAN’T and Examples | Download PDF

25 Useful Collocations With CAN’T and Examples | Download PDF
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Collocations With CAN’T! Hi lovely learners, in this lesson you will learn 25 collocations with CAN’T with meanings. You can download complete PDF Book for this lesson from the bottom of this page.

Collocations With CAN’T

Word groups that naturally appear together in the English language are known as collocations. When “can’t” is used to convey impossible or inability, this is a frequent collocation. Here is a fuller explanation emphasising different “can’t” collocations.

“Can’t” is a versatile word that frequently appears alongside other words to show restrictions or impossibilities and to convey particular meanings. These connections shed light on a variety of life experiences, capacities, and limitations.

These phrases show how the word “can’t” can be used in a variety of contexts and how it can be combined with other words to evoke particular meanings, restrictions, or feelings. Your English language abilities can be improved by knowing and utilising these collocations, which can improve the naturalness and fluency of your conversation.

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25 Useful Collocations With CAN’T and Examples | Download PDF

Useful Collocations With CAN’T and Examples

Can’t Wait  – I can’t wait to see you again!
Can’t Believe – I can’t believe he won the lottery.
Can’t Help –  I can’t help but laugh at his jokes.
Can’t Afford – I can’t afford to buy a new car right now.
Can’t Stand – I can’t stand the smell of cigarette smoke.
Can’t Find – I can’t find my keys anywhere.
Can’t Bear – I can’t bear to watch horror movies.
Can’t Sleep – I can’t sleep on a couch forever.
Can’t Resist – I can’t resist eating chocolate.
Can’t Hear – I can’t hear you. Can you speak louder?
Can’t Imagine – I can’t imagine life without my family.
Can’t Speak – I can read English, but I can’t speak it.
Can’t Explain – I can’t explain why I feel this way.
Can’t See – I can’t see without my glasses.
Can’t Forgive – I can’t forgive him for betraying my trust.
Can’t Control – He can’t control his anger.
Can’t Escape – You cannot escape the bears that way.
Can’t Break – The chain is so strong that I can’t break it.
Can’t Hold – She can’t hold her water.
Can’t Access – I can’t access my email account.
Can’t Decide – I can’t decide which dress to wear.
Can’t Win – I feel like I can’t win.

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