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Basic Conjunctions in English With Examples | PDF

Basic Conjunctions in English With Examples
Written by Abdul

Basic conjunctions are small words that assist us in connecting concepts in sentences. They’re like word glue! Words such as “and,” “but,” “or,” “because,” and “so” are examples of useful connectors. They are used to demonstrate links between words or phrases in our sentences. For example, “I like pizza, and my friend likes burgers” uses the conjunction “and” to connect two related ideas. Download the complete PDF Book for this lesson from the bottom of this page.

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Conjunctions are crucial because they help us express ourselves more effectively by making our sentences clearer. Our writing and speech would be like a puzzle with missing pieces, making it difficult for others to comprehend what we were trying to communicate. As a result, learning and employing basic conjunctions is critical for effective communication.

List of Basic Conjunctions

  • and
  • but
  • or
  • nor
  • yet
  • so
  • for
  • because
  • although
  • while
  • since
  • as
  • after
  • before
  • unless
  • if
  • until
  • even though
  • provided that
  • in case
  • whether
  • while
  • as long as
  • so that
  • so that
  • even if
  • only if
  • in as much as
  • on the other hand
  • whereas
  • whether or not
  • despite
  • conversely
  • nonetheless
  • nevertheless
  • alternatively
  • however
  • otherwise
  • therefore
  • thus
  • hence
  • consequently
  • as a result
  • in conclusion
  • in summary
  • in short
  • in brief
  • to sum up
  • as a matter of fact
  • to tell the truth
  • on the whole
  • all in all
  • for example
  • such as
  • like
  • including
  • notably
  • namely
  • for instance
  • in particular
  • especially
  • specifically
  • for one thing
  • in fact
  • indeed
  • surely
  • certainly
  • undoubtedly
  • unquestionably
  • without a doubt
  • no doubt
  • naturally
  • naturally
  • needless to say
  • of course
  • to be sure
  • granted
  • as expected
  • as anticipated
  • as predicted
  • as usual
  • typically
  • as a rule
  • by all means
  • certainly
  • definitely
  • for sure
  • naturally
  • no doubt
  • obviously
  • of course
  • surely
  • undeniably
  • undoubtedly
  • without question

Basic Conjunctions With Useful Examples

Conjunctions Example Sentences
and I like pizza, and she likes burgers.
but He is tired, but he wants to go to the gym.
or Do you want tea or coffee?
nor Neither Tom nor Sarah will attend the meeting.
yet It’s raining, yet they went for a walk.
so It’s getting late, so we should leave soon.
for She studied hard, for she wanted to excel.
because They canceled the event because of the rain.
although Although it rained, the picnic was fun.
while Read a book while waiting for your turn.
since I’ve known him since kindergarten.
as He sang as he played the guitar.
after We’ll have dinner after the movie.
before Finish your homework before watching TV.
unless You can’t enter unless you have a ticket.
if If it snows, we’ll go sledding.
until Wait here until I come back.
even though Even though it’s cold, she’s wearing shorts.
provided that You can borrow my car, provided that you refuel it.
in case Take an umbrella in case it rains.
whether I don’t know whether he’ll come.
while While I was cooking, the phone rang.
as long as You can stay as long as you want.
so that I’ll clean the house so that it looks nice.
so that She studied hard so that she could pass the exam.
even if I’ll go even if it rains.
only if You can come to the party only if you bring snacks.
in as much as I like pizza as much as I like burgers.
on the other hand I prefer tea; on the other hand, he prefers coffee.
whereas He likes cats, whereas she prefers dogs.
whether or not Whether or not you go, I’ll have fun.
despite Despite the rain, they had a great time.
conversely She’s very tall; conversely, he’s quite short.
nonetheless It was raining; nonetheless, they went for a walk.
nevertheless He was tired; nevertheless, he finished his work.
alternatively You can take the bus, alternatively, you can walk.
however It’s expensive; however, it’s worth it.
otherwise Study hard; otherwise, you won’t pass.
therefore She studied hard; therefore, she passed.
thus He worked hard, and thus he succeeded.
hence The store is closed; hence, we can’t buy anything.
consequently He missed the train; consequently, he was late.
as a result They practiced a lot; as a result, they won the game.
in conclusion In conclusion, I believe we should take action.
in summary In summary, it was a great vacation.
in short In short, we need more time to finish the project.
in brief In brief, the proposal was rejected.
to sum up To sum up, the key points are clear.
as a matter of fact It was his idea.
to tell the truth To tell the truth, I don’t like chocolate.
on the whole On the whole, it was a good experience.
all in all All in all, it was a successful event.
for example I love outdoor activities, for example, hiking.
such as We offer various flavors, such as chocolate and vanilla.
like She dances like a professional.
including The package includes a gift.
notably He achieved notably high scores.
namely There are three options, namely A, B, and C.
for instance There are many sports; for instance, soccer and tennis.
in particular In particular, I enjoyed the dessert.
especially I’m allergic to nuts, especially peanuts.
specifically The instructions are specifically for beginners.
for one thing For one thing, it’s too expensive.
on the other hand I want to go; on the other hand, I’m tired.
in fact It’s a very common problem.
indeed It was indeed a beautiful sunset.
surely You’ll surely enjoy the movie.
certainly He certainly knows how to cook.
undoubtedly She is undoubtedly talented.
unquestionably His dedication is unquestionably impressive.
without a doubt Without a doubt, it’s the best option.
no doubt There’s no doubt he’ll win the race.
naturally She naturally excels in math.
naturally Naturally, we expected them to be there.
needless to say Needless to say, she was excited.
of course Of course, you can borrow my pen.
to be sure To be sure, I’ll double-check the details.
granted Granted, it’s a difficult task.
as expected As expected, he arrived late.
as anticipated The results were as anticipated.
as predicted As predicted, it started raining.
as usual He’s late, as usual.
typically Typically, the store closes at 9 p.m.
as a rule As a rule, I don’t eat fast food.
by all means By all means, go ahead and try it.
certainly Certainly, I’ll help you with your project.
definitely He’s going to the party.
for sure For sure, she’ll be there.
naturally Naturally, he was upset about the news.
no doubt No doubt, it will be a great experience.
obviously She didn’t understand the instructions.
of course Of course, you can join us.
surely Surely, you understand the importance of this task.
undeniably The evidence is undeniably strong.
undoubtedly He is undoubtedly the best player on the team.
without question Without question, he is an expert in the field.

Basic Conjunctions | Picture

Basic Conjunctions in English With Examples

Basic Conjunctions in English

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