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Awaken In A Sentence | Usage of Awaken in Sentences

Awaken In A Sentence | Usage of Awaken in Sentences
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Let’s try some easy sentences using the word awaken. It’s not just about waking up! Today, we’ll practice using it in different ways. We’ll use the present tense, like “awakens,” and also “awakened” and “awakening.”. We’ll also learn how to say it correctly.

Awaken in a sentence

Here are 10 sentences using the word “awaken.” Read them and say them aloud to improve your understanding of this verb.

  • Every morning, the sun’s rays awaken the sleepy town.
  • Her stirring speech will surely awaken the crowd’s passion.
  • The scent of rain begins to awaken memories of spring.
  • The first bite of spicy food is all it takes to awaken your taste buds.
  • Soft whispers in the theater are enough to awaken curiosity.
  • The artist hopes his work will awaken a sense of wonder.
  • Distant thunderstorms awaken the calm of the early night.
  • The crisis will awaken the need for decisive action.
  • A touch of love is sufficient to awaken the heart.
  • The melodic bird song at dawn serves to awaken the world.

Awakened in a sentence

Here are 10 sentences using the word “awakened.”

  • The aroma of coffee awakened my senses early in the morning, as it always does!
  • News of the promotion awakened ambition within Sally.
  • A gentle nudge from the cat awakened me from my afternoon nap.
  • Mike’s first trip abroad, to France, awakened a passion for travel.
  • The loud bell awakened all the students during the fire drill at school.
  • The cold ocean breeze awakened his spirit as he walked along the beach.
  • An inspiring speech by the CEO awakened a sense of purpose in the employees.
  • The sight of blooming cherry blossoms in the park awakened joy in the visitors to Japan!
  • A random act of kindness at the grocery store awakened Sarah’s faith in humanity.
  • The taste of a fresh apple pie awakened childhood memories with her grandmother.

Awakening in a sentence

Here are 10 sentences using the word “awakening.”

  • The cultural awakening of the 1960s had a profound impact on art, music, and society as a whole.
  • Reading the novel was an awakening for Gemma, changing her perspective on life.
  • The early morning awakening of nature is the best time for a peaceful walk.
  • His trip to the Himalayas was not just a journey but an awakening to the splendors of the natural world.
  • The political awakening in the region led to widespread calls for democracy and freedom.
  • After years of routine, the sudden change in her career was like a fresh awakening.
  • The spiritual awakening within him spurred a newfound commitment to helping others.
  • The national tragedy was an awakening for the country, uniting its people in solidarity.
  • For many, the first sip of coffee is more than a habit; it’s a daily awakening.
  • The earthquake was a rude awakening for the city, highlighting the need for better emergency preparedness.

How to Pronounce “Awaken”

Awaken is pronounced as uh-wāk-ən, and it comprises three distinct sounds:

  1. The initial sound is ‘uh’ as in ‘up’.
  2. The middle sound is ‘wāk’, where the ‘ā’ represents a long ‘a’ sound as in ‘way’.
  3. The final sound is ‘ən’, with a soft ‘n’ sound where the ‘e’ represents a schwa (/ə/), which is similar to a quick and soft ‘uh’ sound.

To pronounce it correctly, stress the second syllable: uh-WĀK-ən.

What does awaken mean? Awaken meaning

Awaken is a verb that often signifies the act of coming out of sleep. It carries various connotations and uses far beyond its most literal meaning! Let’s check them out now.

Metaphorical Uses of Awaken

Awaken can also be used metaphorically to describe becoming aware of something, as if from a metaphorical sleep. For example:

  • Realization: “The documentary served to awaken the public to the realities of climate change,” suggests that the documentary raised awareness about climate change.
  • Emotions: “The music seemed to awaken a sense of nostalgia in him,” implies that the music brought forth an emotional response that was previously dormant.
  • Renewal or Revival: “The spring flowers awaken a sense of joy after the long winter,” meaning they bring back a feeling that had been absent.

Awaken in a sentence: a handy verb to know!

I hope you had fun trying out “awaken” in sentences with me today! We also talked about how to say it right and its different forms, like “awakened” and “awakening.”. Before we finish up, let’s quickly remember why we’re learning about this word, so it sticks in our minds better!

Awaken is a verb with multiple meanings.

  • Literally, it means to cease sleeping.
  • Metaphorically, it describes the process of becoming aware or enlightened.
  • It can evoke emotions, provoke a reaction, or cause a change.
  • It signifies a revival or renewal of interest, emotion, or thought.

Usage of Awaken in Sentences | Images

Awaken In A Sentence | Usage of Awaken in Sentences

Awaken In A Sentence

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