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Animals and their Homes | Animal House Name List in English

Animals and their Homes | Animal House Name List in English
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Have you ever thought that we have houses to live in and that they are known by different names? Similarly, animals have different houses to live in, and they are also called by names.

In this lesson, we will learn A-Z animal names and their house names. Learning animal names and their house names in English with the help of pictures is going to be very interesting. Here is the complete list of animal names:

Animals and their Homes

Here you will read the name of an animal that you have never read anywhere. We have written the names of these animals along with their houses.

Animals Name Their Homes Name
Ant Soil, underground tunnels
Anteater Forests, grasslands, savannas
Alligator Swamps, marshes, rivers, lakes
Alpaca Mountains, grasslands, farms
Anaconda Tropical rainforests, swamps
Baboon Savannahs, forests, cliffs
Badger Grasslands, woodlands, scrublands
Bat Caves, forests, urban areas
Bear Forests, mountains, tundra
Beaver Rivers, streams, ponds, wetlands
Bison Grasslands, prairies, forests
Boar Forests, woodlands
Buffalo Grasslands, savannas
Butterfly Gardens, meadows, forests
Camel Deserts, steppes, grasslands
Cat Domesticated, urban, rural
Cheetah Grasslands, savannas
Chimpanzee Tropical rainforests, woodlands
Cougar Mountains, forests
Cow Farms, pastures, grasslands
Coyote Grasslands, forests, deserts
Crab Oceans, seas, freshwater habitats
Crocodile Rivers, lakes, marshes, swamps
Deer Forests, grasslands, woodlands
Dolphin Oceans, seas, coastal areas
Donkey Grasslands, deserts, mountains
Dove Urban areas, woodlands, farmlands
Duck Lakes, ponds, marshes, rivers
Eagle Mountains, cliffs, forests
Elephant Savannahs, forests, grasslands

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Animals Name Their Homes Name
Elk Forests, grasslands, mountains
Emu Grasslands, savannas
Falcon Cliffs, mountains, deserts
Ferret Grasslands, forests, scrublands
Flamingo Lakes, lagoons, coastal areas
Fox Forests, grasslands, urban areas
Frog Wetlands, ponds, forests
Gazelle Grasslands, savannas, deserts
Gecko Deserts, tropical forests, urban areas
Giraffe Savannahs, grasslands
Gorilla Tropical rainforests
Grasshopper Grasslands, meadows, gardens
Hamster Grasslands, deserts, urban areas
Hedgehog Woodlands, gardens, grasslands
Heron Marshes, wetlands, rivers
Hippopotamus Rivers, lakes, swamps
Horse Grasslands, pastures, farms
Hyena Savannahs, deserts, forests
Iguana Rainforests, deserts, scrublands
Impala Savannahs, grasslands
Jackal Savannahs, deserts, woodlands
Jaguar Rainforests, swamps, grasslands
Jellyfish Oceans, seas, coastal areas
Kangaroo Grasslands, deserts, forests
Koala Eucalyptus forests
Komodo Dragon Islands, savannas, forests
Lemur Rainforests, forests, scrublands
Leopard Forests, savannas, mountains
Lion Savannahs, grasslands
Llama Mountains, grasslands, farms
Lobster Oceans, seas, coastal areas
Macaw Rainforests, tropical forests
Manatee Rivers, estuaries, coastal areas
Meerkat Deserts, grasslands, scrublands
Monkey Rainforests, forests, savannas
Moose Forests, swamps, tundra
Mouse Fields, forests, urban areas
Newt Ponds, streams, forests
Nightingale Woodlands, gardens, parks
Octopus Oceans, seas, coral reefs
Orangutan Tropical rainforests
Ostrich Savannahs, grasslands
Otter Rivers, streams, lakes
Owl Forests, woodlands, urban areas
Ox Farms, pastures, grasslands
Panda Bamboo forests
Panther Rainforests, swamps, forests
Parrot Rainforests, woodlands, savannas
Peacock Forests, grasslands, gardens
Pelican Coastal areas, lakes, rivers
Penguin Antarctic, sub-Antarctic regions
Pig Farms, pastures, forests
Pigeon Urban areas, cliffs, forests
Porcupine Forests, grasslands, deserts

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Animals Name Their Home Name
Quail Grasslands, shrublands
Quokka Islands, forests, scrublands
Rabbit Grasslands, forests, meadows
Raccoon Forests, urban areas, wetlands
Rat Urban areas, fields, forests
Rhinoceros Grasslands, savannas, forests
Salamander Forests, wetlands, streams
Sea Lion Coastal areas, rocky shores
Seahorse Oceans, seas, coral reefs
Shark Oceans, seas, coastal areas
Sheep Farms, pastures, grasslands
Skunk Forests, grasslands, urban areas
Sloth Tropical rainforests
Snail Gardens, forests, fields
Snake Forests, grasslands, deserts
Spider Forests, grasslands, gardens
Squirrel Forests, woodlands, urban areas
Stingray Oceans, seas, coastal areas
Tiger Forests, grasslands, mangroves
Toucan Rainforests, woodlands
Turkey Forests, grasslands, farms
Turtle Oceans, seas, freshwater habitats
Uakari Rainforests, forests, swamps
Uguisu Forests, gardens, parks
Vulture Mountains, cliffs, savannas
Wallaby Forests, grasslands, scrublands
Walrus Arctic, subarctic regions, ice floes
Wasp Gardens, forests, fields
Weasel Forests, grasslands, tundra
Whale Oceans, seas, coastal areas
Wolf Forests, grasslands, tundra
Wolverine Forests, tundra, mountains
Woodpecker Forests, woodlands, parks
Worm Soil, compost piles, gardens
Xenops Tropical rainforests
Yak Mountains, plateaus, grasslands
Zebra Savannahs, grasslands, plains
Zebu Grasslands, savannas, plains
Zonkey Domesticated, zoos
Zorilla Grasslands, scrublands, woodlands

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Animals and their Homes

Animals and their Homes | Animal House Name List in English

Animals and their Homes

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