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English Word About Used in Sentences | Example Sentences

English Word About Used in Sentences | Example Sentences
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Learn 100 example sentences of the English word About. Here, we will learn the English word ‘About’ used in 100 sentences.

The term ‘about’ may not seem like much at first, but its value as a versatile word in the English language cannot be stressed. ‘About’ comes into play in various circumstances, enhancing our communication, from discussing subjects and showing broad locations to expressing feelings and worries.

‘About’ Used in Sentences

Here are 100 example sentences with the word “about”:

  1. What is she about?
  2. I’m thinking about it.
  3. He’s all about business.
  4. Let’s talk about it.
  5. I care about you.
  6. Tell me about it.
  7. Don’t worry about me.
  8. What’s that about?
  9. It’s all about timing.
  10. How about now?
  11. Let’s forget about it.
  12. I’m serious about this.
  13. She’s passionate about art.
  14. It’s not just about you.
  15. Can we do something about it?
  16. I’m not sure about that.
  17. We need to think about this.
  18. She’s excited about the trip.
  19. I’m talking about tomorrow.
  20. How about some tea?
  21. They’re crazy about each other.
  22. Let’s think about this carefully.
  23. We can talk about it later.
  24. I’m confused about the instructions.
  25. I’m not happy about it.
  26. I’m worried about him.
  27. She’s knowledgeable about history.
  28. I’m curious about the outcome.
  29. Don’t forget about our plan.
  30. He’s enthusiastic about sports.
  31. What’s so special about it?
  32. She’s worried about the results.
  33. Let’s be clear about the rules.
  34. I’m not sure about his decision.
  35. I’m not joking about this.
  36. I’m thinking deeply about it.
  37. Let’s forget all about it.
  38. How about some cake?
  39. They’re talking about the project.
  40. I’m thrilled about the opportunity.
  41. I’m still thinking about it.
  42. I’m not happy about the news.
  43. They’re confused about the situation.
  44. Let’s not argue about it.
  45. I’m sorry about the misunderstanding.
  46. I’m passionate about music.
  47. How about a movie?
  48. She’s adamant about her decision.
  49. Let’s be practical about this.
  50. I’m emotional about the situation.
  51. I’m not sure about the details.
  52. I’m confused about the requirements.
  53. I’m upset about the accident.
  54. What’s great about it?
  55. Let’s talk seriously about the issue.
  56. I’m not worried about it.
  57. He’s specific about the instructions.
  58. Let’s not forget about the deadline.
  59. How about some coffee?
  60. She’s possessive about her belongings.
  61. I’m enthusiastic about the project.
  62. Let’s be careful about the risks.
  63. I’m concerned about the future.
  64. What’s exciting about it?
  65. Let’s not worry about it.
  66. She’s selective about her friends.
  67. I’m apprehensive about the meeting.
  68. Let’s talk openly about the issue.
  69. I’m nervous about the presentation.
  70. What’s amazing about it?
  71. I’m serious about my goals.
  72. Let’s talk frankly about the matter.
  73. She’s adamant about her opinions.
  74. I’m cautious about the decision.
  75. Let’s not be judgmental about it.
  76. I’m excited about the event.
  77. How about a walk?
  78. She’s meticulous about the details.
  79. Let’s be precise about the numbers.
  80. I’m confident about the outcome.
  81. I’m concerned about the environment.
  82. Let’s be passionate about our work.
  83. She’s anxious about the result.
  84. What’s interesting about it?
  85. Let’s be honest about the situation.
  86. I’m clear about my intentions.
  87. She’s fussy about her appearance.
  88. Let’s not argue about it anymore.
  89. I’m enthusiastic about the idea.
  90. Let’s be realistic about the challenges.
  91. I’m optimistic about the future.
  92. Let’s not be careless about it.
  93. She’s skeptical about the plan.
  94. I’m excited about the opportunity.
  95. Let’s not worry excessively about it.
  96. I’m eager about the outcome.
  97. She’s particular about her diet.
  98. Let’s be thoughtful about the consequences.
  99. I’m worried about the consequences.
  100. Let’s not be complacent about it.

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Example Sentences of ‘About’ | Images

English Word About Used in Sentences | Example Sentences

English Word About Used in Sentences

English Word About Used in Sentences | Example Sentences

English Word About Example Sentences

English Word About Used in Sentences | Example Sentences

Example Sentences of About

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