A to Z Opposite Words in English | Antonyms Words

A to Z Opposite Words

Here we will learn A to Z English words with their opposite meaning words. Opposite words are also known as Antonyms words in the English language. Here, we will discuss some of the 200+ A to Z English words with their antonyms words.

What are Opposite Words?

Opposite words or antonyms are pairs of words that mean the opposite of each other.

For Example:

Words like “hot” and “cold,” “up” and “down,” “big” and “small,” or “fast” and “slow” are opposite words.

A to Z Opposite Words

Take a look at the below table that contains 200 A to Z English words with their Opposites:

Word Opposite
Above Below
Absent Present
Abundant Scarce
Accept Reject
Accurate Inaccurate
Add Subtract
Admit Deny
Adult Child
After Before
Against For
Agree Disagree
Alive Dead
All None
Always Never
Ancient Modern
Angel Devil
Angry Calm
Answer Question
Apart Together
Appear Disappear
Arrive Depart
Artificial Natural
Ascend Descend
Attack Defend
Autumn Spring
Awake Asleep
Bad Good
Back Front
Backward Forward
Begin End
Behind In front of
Big Small
Bitter Sweet
Black White
Blunt Sharp
Brave Cowardly
Bright Dim
Buy Sell
Capture Release
Careful Careless
Cheap Expensive
Clean Dirty
Clear Unclear
Clockwise Counterclockwise
Close Open
Cold Hot
Comedy Tragedy
Come Go
Comfort Discomfort
Comedy Tragedy
Cool Warm
Courage Fear
Crazy Sane
Create Destroy
Cry Laugh
Dangerous Safe
Dark Light
Day Night
Dead Alive
Deep Shallow
Defeat Victory
Demand Supply
Dense Sparse
Depart Arrive
Descend Ascend
Destroy Create
Difficult Easy
Dirty Clean
Disappear Appear
Dull Bright
East West
Easy Difficult
Empty Full
End Begin
Enemy Friend
Enter Exit
Even Odd
Ever Never
Excite Calm
Expand Contract
Export Import
Expose Conceal
External Internal
Fail Succeed
Fake Real
Fall Rise
False True
Far Near
Fast Slow
Fat Thin
Father Mother
Few Many
Find Lose
Finish Start
First Last
Float Sink
Follow Lead
Forgive Blame
Forward Backward
Free Imprison
Fresh Stale
Friend Enemy
Full Empty
Future Past
Gentle Rough
Give Take
Glad Sad
Glass Plastic
Global Local
Gloom Brightness
Go Come
Good Bad
Graceful Clumsy
Grand Petty
Great Small
Grow Shrink
Guilty Innocent
Happy Sad
Hate Love
Healthy Unhealthy
Heaven Hell
Heavy Light
High Low
Honest Dishonest
Horizontal Vertical
Hot Cold
Huge Tiny
Humid Dry
Husband Wife
Identify Misidentify
Idle Active
Ignore Notice
Ill Well
Import Export
In Out
Increase Decrease
Individual Group
Inside Outside
Intelligent Stupid
Interior Exterior
Join Separate
Joy Sorrow
Junior Senior
Just Unjust
Keep Release
Kind Cruel
Knowledge Ignorance
Land Sea
Large Small
Last First
Late Early
Laugh Cry
Law Crime
Lazy Industrious
Lead Follow
Left Right
Less More
Light Heavy
Like Dislike
Limited Unlimited
Listen Speak
Little Big
Live Die
Lock Unlock
Long Short
Lose Win
Loud Quiet
Love Hate
Low High
Male Female
Many Few
Married Single
Master Servant
Maximum Minimum
Me You
Melt Freeze
Men Women
Merry Sad
Middle Side
Minor Major
Miss Hit
Modern Ancient
Momentary Eternal
Moral Immoral
Mountain Valley
Narrow Wide
Near Far
Negative Positive
Never Always
New Old
Night Day
No Yes
Noise Silence
None All
Normal Abnormal
North South
Nothing Everything
Now Then
Obey Defy
Objective Subjective
Odd Even
Off On
Old New
Open Closed
Optimist Pessimist
Out In
Over Under
Pain Pleasure
Parent Child
Part Whole
Past Future
Patient Impatient
Peace War
Permanent Temporary
Poor Rich
Possible Impossible
Pour Sip
Power Weakness
Positive Negative
Post Pre
Poverty Wealth
Precede Follow
Predict Retrospect
Presence Absence
Pride Humility
Private Public
Product Consumer
Profit Loss
Progress Regress
Push Pull
Quiet Loud
Raise Lower
Rare Common
Real Fake
Reality Fantasy
Rebuild Destroy
Receive Send
Recede Advance
Reduce Increase
Refuse Accept
Regard Disregard
Regular Irregular
Reject Accept
Remember Forget
Remove Insert
Renew Deteriorate
Repel Attract
Rest Work
Right Wrong
Rise Fall
Rough Smooth
Safe Dangerous
Same Different
Satisfy Dissatisfy
Save Spend
Scatter Collect
Scatter Gather
Scream Whisper
Search Ignore
Send Receive
Senior Junior
Separate Join
Serious Funny
Shallow Deep
Sharp Dull
Short Long
Shrink Expand
Shy Bold
Sick Healthy
Simple Complex
Single Married
Sink Float
Succeed Fail
Small Big
Smooth Rough
Sober Drunk
Soft Hard
Son Daughter
Sour Sweet
Spicy Mild
Spread Gather
Spring Autumn
Start Finish
Stay Leave
Stop Go
Strong Weak
Success Failure
Summer Winter
Superior Inferior
Sweet Bitter
Tall Short
Teach Learn
Temporary Permanent
Terrible Wonderful
Thick Thin
Tight Loose
Time Space
Tiny Huge
Top Bottom
Transparent Opaque
True False
Trust Distrust
Under Over
Unhappy Happy
Union Division
Up Down
Useful Useless
Visible Invisible
War Peace
Warm Cold
Wealth Poverty
Wet Dry
White Black
Whole Part
Wide Narrow
Wife Husband
Win Lose
Wise Foolish
With Without
Woman Man
Wonder Comprehend
Yes No
Young Old
Zero Nonzero

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A to Z Opposite Words in English | Antonyms Words
A to Z Opposite Words in English

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