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A to Z Abbreviations List in English with Examples

A to Z Abbreviations List in English with Examples
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A to Z Abbreviations: Hello, great students! Are you ready to learn all about English abbreviations from A to Z? Abbreviations are like word shortcuts that make speaking and writing much simpler. In this lesson, we’ll take a fantastic tour across the alphabet, looking at frequent abbreviations from A to Z. I’ll show you real-life instances to make it very apparent. By the end, you’ll have learned a ton of useful shortcuts and how to use them in a variety of scenarios. So, let’s join in, have fun, and become abbreviation masters!

Abbreviation Definition & Meaning

Meaning: An abbreviation is an abbreviated version of a word or phrase. It is formed by taking the first letters or a few letters of each word in a lengthier statement. The goal of employing abbreviations is to save time, space, and effort in communicating.

Definition: An abbreviation is a linguistic construct that removes some portions of a word or phrase and uses the remaining pieces to represent the complete form. Abbreviations can be either initialisms (where each letter is spoken separately, such as “NASA”) or acronyms (where the initial letters are pronounced as a single word, such as “NASA” or “UNICEF”).

A to Z Abbreviations with Meanings

General Abbreviations in English

Abbreviations Word in Full
A.D. Anno Domini (in the year of our Lord)
a.m. ante meridiem (before soon)
ans. answer
Apr. April
Ass.  Assn. Association
Asst. Assistant
Aug. August
Ave. Avenue
B.B. Boy Brigade
B.C. Before Christ
bldg. building
C.C. cubic centimeter
cm. centimeter
c/o care of
C.O.D. cash on delivery
ct. cent
Dec. December
dept. department
do. ditto (the same)
doz. dozen
e.g., example gratia (for example)
etc. et cetera (and so forth)
Feb. February
ft. foot, feet
fur. furlong
g. gram/gramme
gal. gallon
G.H. General Hospital
Govt. Government
H.C.F Highest Common Factor
h.p. horsepower
i.e., id Est (that is)
in. inch
I.O.U I owe you
ital. italic
Jan. January
kg. kilogram
km. kilometer
km/h kilometers per hour
km. p.l kilometers per liter
I or L liter
lab. laboratory
L.C.M. Lowest Common Multiple
Ltd. Limited
m. meter
Mar. March
ml. milliliter
mm. millimeter
m.p.g. miles per gallon
m.p.h. mile per hour.
Mr. Mister
Mrs. Mistress
N.B. nota bene (note well)
No. number
Oct. October
O.G. S On Government Service
O.K.. All correct; agreed
p.a. per annum
pd. paid
per cent. per centum (by the hundred)
pik. pikul
p.m. post meridian (afternoon)
P.O. Post Office Order.
pp. Pages
P.S. postscript (written after)
P.T.O. please turn over
qr. quarter
Rd. Road
R.S.V. P respondez s’il vous plait (please reply)
Sat. Saturday
sec. second
Sept. September
Sq. Square
Sr. Senior
St. Street
T.B. Tuberculosis
Thurs. Thursday
Tues. Tuesday
T.V. television
V. versus (against)
V.I.P. very important person
viz. videlicet (namely)
Wed. Wednesday
wt. weight
Xmas Christmas

General Abbreviations with Examples

  • A.D. is commonly used to denote historical timelines.
  • Many events occur in the morning, referred to as a.m.
  • Providing a clear and concise response is called an.
  • Apr. is a spring month with blooming flowers.
  • Joining a group? Look for the abbreviation Assn.
  • An assistant, often abbreviated as Asst., helps with tasks.
  • Aug. is the month when summer is in full swing.
  • Street names often have the abbreviation Ave. for Avenue.
  • The abbreviation B.C. denotes time before the Common Era.
  • Construction sites use the term bldg. for buildings.
  • Carbon Copy, abbreviated as C.C., duplicates documents for distribution.
  • Measurements are often given in centimeters, represented as cm.
  • When receiving mail, the abbreviation c/o indicates care of.
  • Online shopping may involve the term C.O.D. for payment.
  • Gemstones are measured in carats, abbreviated as ct.
  • Celebrate holidays like Christmas in Dec.
  • University divisions or subjects are known as dept.
  • Do. is a short form of “ditto,” meaning the same.
  • When buying items in bulk, quantities are given in doz.
  • Provide examples using the abbreviation e.g., for clarity.
  • Lists often end with etc. to indicate more items.
  • Feb. is the shortest month, with 28 or 29 days.
  • Room dimensions may be measured in feet, abbreviated ft.
  • Fur. is a common abbreviation for fur garments.
  • The metric unit for mass is represented by g.
  • Liquid quantities are measured in gallons, abbreviated gal.
  • G.H. is an abbreviation for Guest House accommodations.
  • Govt. is a shortened form for government institutions.
  • The highest common factor is often abbreviated as H.C.F.
  • Engine power is measured in horsepower, denoted as h.p.
  • Clarify statements with the Latin abbreviation i.e., meaning “that is.”
  • Dimensions are often provided in inches, indicated as in.
  • I.O.U. is a written acknowledgment of a debt.
  • Emphasize text with the use of the abbreviation ital.
  • The first month of the year is abbreviated as Jan.
  • Mass is measured in kilograms, abbreviated as kg.
  • Distances are often measured in kilometers, represented as km.
  • Speed is measured in kilometers per hour, abbreviated km/h.
  • Fuel efficiency is measured in kilometers per liter, abbreviated km. p.l.
  • Use the letter I or L to distinguish Roman numerals.
A to Z Abbreviations List in English with Examples

Abbreviations in English

Organization Abbreviations:

Abbreviations Word in Full
A.A.A. Amateur Athletic Association
ASEAN Association of South-East Asian Nations
B.B.C. British Broadcasting Corporation
B.C. British Council,
B.R.C.S. British Red Cross Society
C.I.D. Criminal Investigation Department
C.Y.M.A. Catholic Young Men’s Association
E.T.V. Education Television
G.P.O. General Post Office
I.L. O International Laboure Organizations
L.C.C. London Chamber of Commerce
N.A.A.F. I Navy, Army, and Air Force Institute
PATA Pacific Area Travel Association
P.D.F. People’s Defense Force
P.S.C. Public Service Commission
P.T.S. Police Training School
P.W.D. Public Works Departments
R.A.F. Royal Air Force
R.N. Royal Navy
R.S.M. Royal Schools of Music
R.S.P.C.A. Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
SEATO South-East Asia Treaty Organization
S.J.A.B. St. John’s Ambulance Brigade
U.N.O. United Nations Organization
U.N.E.S.C.O. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
U.S.I.S. United States Information Service
W.H.O. World Health Organization
Y.M.C.A. Young Men’s Christian Association.
Y.W.C.A. Young Women’s Christian Association

Organization Abbreviations with Examples

  • A.A.A. provides roadside assistance and helps with vehicle breakdowns.
  • Countries in ASEAN work together to promote regional stability and growth.
  • People rely on the B.B.C. for accurate and timely news updates.
  • Historical events are often categorized as either B.C. or A.D.
  • B.R.C.S. offers humanitarian aid during disasters and supports health services.
  • The C.I.D. investigates and solves criminal cases within a country.
  • C.Y.M.A. watches company finances to ensure financial stability and growth.
  • Many enjoy entertainment through various channels on television like E.T.V.
  • G.P.O. manages official government publications, ensuring proper distribution.
  • International organizations like I.L.O. focus on workers’ rights globally.
  • L.C.C. oversees local government and services in specific areas.
  • N.A.A.F. I promote physical fitness and healthy lifestyles among individuals.
  • PATA encourages tourism, fostering cooperation among Asia-Pacific destinations.
  • Educational materials are often shared in P.D.F. format for accessibility.
  • P.S.C. conducts exams for civil service positions to ensure qualified personnel.
  • P.T.S. helps students achieve academic success through tutoring and support.
  • P.W.D. ensures public infrastructure is accessible and well-maintained.
  • The R.A.F. plays a crucial role in defending a country’s airspace.
  • R.N. stands for Registered Nurse, a vital healthcare profession.
  • R.S.M. is a military rank, indicating high responsibility and leadership.
  • R.S.P.C.A. works to prevent cruelty and protect animals in society.
  • SEATO aimed to prevent the spread of communism in Southeast Asia.
  • S.J.A.B. provides first aid and support during emergencies and disasters.
  • U.N.O. fosters international cooperation to address global challenges and conflicts.
  • U.N.E.S.C.O. promotes education, science, and culture for global peace.
  • U.S.I.S. promotes American values and culture through international relations.
  • W.H.O. coordinates global health efforts and addresses public health issues.
  • Y.M.C.A. offers community programs, emphasizing youth development and well-being.
  • Y.W.C.A. focuses on empowering women and promoting social justice.
A to Z Abbreviations List in English with Examples

Common Abbreviations in English

Titles and Degrees Acronyms:

Abbreviations Word in Full
A.O. Administrative Officer
A.S.P. Assistant Superintendent of Police
B.A. Bachelor of Arts
B.Sc. Bachelor of Science
Capt. Captain
C.O. Commanding Officer
Col. Colonel
Cpl. Corporal
Dr. Doctor
H.M. His/ Her Majesty
H.R.H. His/ Her Royal Highness
J.P. Justice of the Peace
Lieut. Lieutenant
M.A Master of Arts
M.D. Doctor of Medicine
M.P. Member of Parliament.
O.C. Officer-in-Charge/Officer Commanding
Pres. President
P.M. Prime Minister
Rev. Reverend
Sgt. Sergeant

Titles & Degrees Acronyms with Examples

  • A.O. ensures fair play in the sports competition.
  • An A.S.P. assists in maintaining law and order.
  • She earned a B.A. degree in English literature.
  • He completed a B.Sc. program in computer science.
  • The ship’s commander is addressed as Capt.
  • C.O. leads and manages a military unit efficiently.
  • Col. oversees and commands a regiment in the army.
  • A Cpl. is a non-commissioned officer in the military.
  • Dr. Smith is a respected medical professional in town.
  • The school principal is referred to as H.M.
  • H.R.H. is a title for a royal highness.
  • J.P. is an honorary position in legal matters.
  • Lieut. is a military rank below a captain.
  • She earned her M.A. in psychology last year.
  • M.D. indicates a person is a medical doctor.
  • An elected official is known as an M.P.
  • The O.C. is in charge of a specific operation.
  • The nation’s leader is often addressed as Pres.
  • The head of the government is called the P.M.
  • Rev. is an honorific for a clergy member.
  • Sgt. is a non-commissioned officer in the military.
A to Z Abbreviations List in English with Examples

A to Z Abbreviation List

Abbreviations for Countries:

Abbreviations Word in Full
H.K. Hong Kong
N.Z. New Zealand
U.K. United Kingdom
U.S.A. United States of America
U.A.E. United Arab Emirates

Abbreviations for Countries with Examples

  • H.K. is a bustling city known for its skyscrapers.
  • We toured the stunning landscapes of N.Z. last summer.
  • The U.K. comprises England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.
  • People in the U.S.A. celebrate Independence Day on July 4th.
  • Dubai, in the U.A.E., is famous for its modern architecture.

Abbreviations for Airlines:

Abbreviations Word in Full
B.A. British Airways
G.I.A. Garuda Indonesian Airways
J.A.L. Japan Air Lines
M.A.S. Malaysian Airline System
P.A.A. Pan American Airways
S.I.A. Singapore Airlines
P.I.A. Pakistan International Airline

Airlines Abbreviations with Examples

  • She earned a B.A. in psychology last year.
  • The sparkling diamond was certified by G.I.A.
  • We booked our flight with J.A.L. for Tokyo.
  • M.A.S. was the national airline of Malaysia.
  • P.A.A. used to be a major international carrier.
  • S.I.A. is known for its excellent in-flight service.
  • We chose P.I.A. for our trip to Islamabad.
A to Z Abbreviations List in English with Examples

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