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6000 Useful Sentences for Daily Use (Part 7) | Download PDF

6000 Useful Sentences for Daily Use (Part 7) | Download PDF
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In this article, we are going to learn 6000 Useful Sentences for Daily Use (Part 7) and this is the final part of our daily use English sentences series. Part 6 in our recent article covered. Learning and practicing these 6,000 daily-use sentences is a must for regular conversations. Use these sentences on a regular basis to improve your speaking skills.

To make it easier for you with what you’re doing, we have given 6000 daily use sentences in English for everyday use. You’ll enjoy learning and applying them in your everyday conversations. You could employ these sentences in your everyday conversations. Simply continue reading, scroll down, click the PDF Button, and save these sentences to a system for use later.

Complete Series of Our Daily Use English Sentences:

Useful Sentences for Daily Use _1

  • He is a hard worker.
  • They are as brave as lions.
  • Wishing you a happy new year.
  • To feel drowsy.
  • They enjoy reading books.
  • Father didn’t offer any assistance.
  • Hooray! We emerged victorious.
  • Bravo! Well done.
  • The vote count is progressing rapidly.
  • I emerged victorious over you.
  • I wrote a letter to Alex.
  • I saw Emily.
  • I always read in bed before sleeping.
  • It’s me.
  • He has two sons.
  • She can speak English fluently.
  • He is known by various names.
  • She is very proud of herself.
  • He is currently on duty.
  • He performs his duty diligently.
  • He likes to benefit himself.
  • He failed to keep his promise.
  • He rides his bicycle to work.
  • He loves his country like his father.
  • He is currently in his office.
  • It’s so tough that I can’t break it.
  • The note was written in red ink.
  • The mangoes were distributed by me.
  • It was witnessed firsthand.
  • He was seen crossing the street.
  • It was probably left on the train.
  • He was helped to fall asleep.
  • Congratulations on his success were given.
  • It has been read about in several books.
  • The exam was taken.
  • A pleasant dream was had.
  • Toys were bought for the children.
  • A huge profit was made.
  • The ticket had already been bought.
  • A chat with you for a bit is desired.
6000 Useful Sentences for Daily Use (Part 7) | Download PDF

Useful Sentences for Daily Use

Useful Sentences for Daily Use _2

  • A meeting is planned for tomorrow.
  • Gratitude is expressed for the help.
  • A long and healthy life is wished for.
  • Assistance is offered.
  • A fondness for him is felt.
  • Complete fed up is felt.
  • A polite response was given.
  • Travel was done by road.
  • A book was purchased for Tahir.
  • Farhan was informed.
  • The worker was paid hourly.
  • The servant was instructed to fetch a chair.
  • The plane’s takeoff was witnessed.
  • He intends to learn English.
  • He is pursuing higher education.
  • They hold a prestigious position.
  • She arrived in a large vehicle.
  • They rely on one another.
  • They have affection for each other.
  • She is peering through an opening.
  • They share similar thoughts.
  • He is in search of employment.
  • He accidentally fell into a pit.
  • They have been writing for a week.
  • He will depart within a week.
  • He is trustworthy.
  • She went to the market.
  • He was struck by lightning.
  • He appears immature.
  • She continuously speaks softly.
  • May their fortunes be destroyed!
  • He is a complete idiot.
  • He is esteemed as significant.
  • She is an influential figure.
  • She is chattering away.
  • He is on his deathbed.
  • He resides in the city of Karachi.
  • This bottle is filled with a cold beverage.
  • He is extremely wealthy.
  • She has a slender physique.
6000 Useful Sentences for Daily Use (Part 7) | Download PDF

6000 Useful Sentences for Daily Use

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